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Introducing “GenealogyDOTCoach”

genealogydotcoach-1 A brand new genealogy service was launched yesterday, and it fills a “critical gap” that is in the genealogy industry. We’ve all hit that brickwall somewhere along the line, and simply don’t know where to look next. So while many give up and go on to another branch, some may choose the option of hiring […] Continue reading →

Gould Genealogy Website: Then and Now

Vector ripped paper - background for new items (red) “Brand new website!” that’s what you’re greeted with when you go to now. That’s right, we’ve finally updated our website. We know it’s been needed for a while, but it’s not been an easy task finding something that can cater to our website’s needs. Anyway we have one. It’s up. And it’s bright and […] Continue reading →

100 Million Dutch Records Added to Ancestry

Netherlands - Dutch windmills For those with Dutch roots here’s some major, huge news for you. The Netherlands Centre for Family History holds an enormous collection of records which has only previously been accessible within the Netherlands. Thanks for an agreement with Ancestry, everyone worldwide will have access to over 100  million Dutch records from their own home. The […] Continue reading →

Gould Genealogy’s “Giant Directories Sale”

directories - Melbourne Sands & McDougall 600 Directories are a key source of information for researchers, be it family history, local history or social history. Street directories, business and trade directories, agricultural directories, motoring directories, medical directories, even telephone directories and a newspaper one… every one of these is a possible research tool. You can find not only names, but addresses and […] Continue reading →