Title: Sharing Your Family History Online: A Guide for Family Historians
Author: Chris Paton
Media: paperback, 144 pages
Year: 2021
ISBN: 9781526780294
Item Code: PNS376
Price: AUD$44.95
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For many enthusiasts pursuing their family history research, the online world offers a seemingly endless archive of digitised materials to help us answer the questions posed by our ancestors. In addition to hosting records, however, the internet also offers a unique platform on which we can host our research and lure in prospective cousins from around the world, to help build up a larger shared ancestral story.

In ‘Sharing Your Family History Online’, well-known genealogist and best-selling author, Chris Paton explores the many ways in which we can present our research and encourage collaboration online. He will detail the many organisations and social media applications that can permit co-operation, describe the software platforms on which we can collate our stories, and illustrate the many ways in which we can publish our stories online.

Along the way, Chris also explores how we can make our research work further for us, by drawing in experts and distant cousins from around the world to help us break our ancestral brick walls, not just through sharing stories, but by accessing uniquely held documentation by family members around the world, including our very own shared DNA.

This is a practical guide to family history collaboration. It includes chapters on the use of social media, blogs, virtual meetings and webinars, collaborative websites, crowdsourcing projects, software packages, DNA testing and preserving and sharing your research and more! It is also packed with case studies and tips to help you get the best in your ancestry endeavours.

So what are you waiting for? Get busy and make the most of the internet, to not only research your family history, but also the share it as well.

1. Researching Your Family History
– Who, what, when?
– Archives
– Family history societies
– Genealogy vendors
– Genealogy magazines
– Learning resources
– Good record keeping
– Privacy and data protection
– Copyright and ownership
– Terms and conditions
– Digital estate
– Online etiquette
2. Communication and Social Media
– Contacting relatives
– Email
– Discussion forums
– Social media platforms
– Image sharing
 – Blogs
 – Feed readers
– Virtual meetings and webinars
 3. Collaboration and Crowdsourcing
– Collaborative platforms
– Cloud sharing
– Crowdsourcing Projects
– Wiki projects
4. Recording Your Family History
– Software packages
– Online programmes
– Collaborative family trees
5. DNA: it’s in the blood
– DNA tests
– Testing platforms
– Exporting results to other platforms
6. Sharing and preserving stories
– Conveying the message
– Creative writing
– Sharing your stories
– Audio visual
– FamilySearch memories
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