There’s no doubt that 2020 has been an exceedingly difficult year, but throughout it family history became an important outlet for people, giving them something to do during lockdon, and and helping them remain connected to their loved ones. During this time the MyHeritage team continued to work hard by developing website new features, adding more historical records online, and giving back to the community.

During 2020 MyHeritage did a fantastic job of keeping people involved by offering free online sessions each week including Webinars, Facebook Lives, and Instagram Lives. This enabled MyHeritage users from around the world to learn about family history and DNA testing from a wide variety of industry experts and MyHeritage staff. Apart from that they have added oodles of new content to the MyHeritage Knowledge Base site, so if you haven’t been there recetly, check it out. There’s lots to help you there. But I’ll let the number speak for themselves …

Despite lockdown, it was a huge year for MyHeritage and their users.

From the millions of new trees that have been created to the millions who’ve taken a test, and the millions of photos that have been enhanced with their new tools, and the billions of records they’ve added online, and the genetic groups they recently launched … it’s been all go at MyHeritage.

There’s so much more that MyHeritage was involved in throughout 2020 including the building of a coronavirus testing lab (one of the largest in the world) which was up-and-running within a matter of weeks, employs 200 people, and to date has already tested over 2 million people, and has helped save hundreds of lives over the past few months.

For a month-by-month run down of the happenings at MyHeritage throughout 2020, have a read through their 2020: MyHeritage Year in Review post.

And if 2020 proved anything, it is that MyHeritage isn’t afraid of a challenge … so expect more from them in 2021.