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Inspiring Genealogy Blogs – June 2018

This time we have articles on: preserving letters, photos and the family bible, inheriting photos, Australia’s convict women, beginning genealogy, name collecting, tips for oral history, and what information are missing out on. There’s also reminiscence therapy, sources, why you should take photos with a camera (not a phone), and whole heap more …

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Inspiring Genealogy Blogs – May 2018

In this edition of Inspiring Genealogy Blogs we cover: getting DNA from old letters, ethics (yes again!), original copies of records, archives and museums, the GDPR,  digitising your old photos, contacting genetic relatives, the value of reexamining every record you have, climate change, and more …

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Mother’s Day DNA Sales

Sunday the 13th of May, is Mother’s Day, and this year give your mum something totally unexpected. Something unique. Something that is not only for her, but for the generations to come as well. Give her the gift of discovery and help your mum unlock her unique family history with a DNA kit.

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