For Australian history lovers and genealogy buffs you’ll be pleased to hear that Issue 12 of Traces magazine is out now.

As with each issue, this one is packed with pages of high quality history and genealogy-related articles.

This issues cover story takes a quirky and fascinating look at the Victorian Railway’s obsession with raisins. In another article you’ll get a glimpse at the life of a Nautical School Ship student, while Dr Peter Hobbins reveals war heritage in a suburban park in Sydney.

Roy Maloy explores what was perhaps the most unique gang in Australian history, the “Crutchy Push”, and I have to say it certainly was most unique indeed!

Dr Matthew Allen writes an article on Samuel Marsden and anachronism. Known to some as a moral and saintly evangelical pioneer, but to others he became known as the ‘Flogging Parson’, greedy and hypocritical. You’ll also find Part 2 of the story of Paul Brickhill, bestselling author and POW hero. There is an article on the fatal clash of the Sydney-Kormoran battle in 1941. While Amanda Wong writes about the women of the Cascades Female Factory in Tasmania.

Traces reader has written an article on using DNA with genealogy, and what a roller-coaster ride is has taken her on. And there’s an article on telling your ancestors story and how to bring them to life in words. Jane Smith shares her research which unravels mysteries relating to bushranger, Captain Starlight.

So as always, there’s plenty of great reading!!

So if you love Australian history and/or genealogy, do yourself a favour, and grab a copy of Traces.

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