This week Legacy Family Tree Webinars has reached an incredible milestone. They hit the BIG 1500. That’s right. They now have over 1500 webinars in their online library … all available for you to watch, from home, when you choose.

Having started just over 10 years ago, the Legacy Family Tree Webinars team have educated thousands of people around the world every week with their regular schedule of talks.

There are literally hundreds of topics which cover pretty much every aspect of genealogy, including help on how to organise your genealogy data, how to interpret your DNA results, how to find your immigrant ancestors, and how to use the Genealogy Proof Standard, reading handwriting, the law, using software, as well as country specific topics including the US, the UK, Europe, Canada, Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand and so many more.

Today, they announced that in celebration of reaching the milestone of 1500 webinars, they are offering Legacy Family Tree Webinar memberships for just US$25, which is 50% discount off the usual price.

So for that you get one full year of anytime access to all 1500+ presentations, as well as over 5000 pages of hand-outs, and you’ll have access to all the new webinars that will be released during the coming year.

And if you are (or have in the past) subscribed to Legacy Family Tree Webinars, you know how good they are, and the amazing value a subscription is. Where else can you get access to such an enormous collection of quality presentations, with each one costing you less than $0.02? Nowhere!!

So take advantage of the big discount and CLICK HERE to subscribe now.

This is such an easy way to learn from so many of the world’s best genealogy presenters. Viewers call Legacy Family Tree Webinars the “best resource for knowledge on genealogy and DNA anywhere!” and I have to agree.

TS&Cs: Offer valid for new memberships only, and expires on 25 April 2021, 11:59PM.