If you love history, archaeology and virtual reality, you’re going to LOVE this new video podcast that has just launched … Virtual Historians.

This is a collaboration between David Allen Lambert and Terri O’Connell who both have a passion for history, not to mention family history. But apart from that, they also love learning more about the history that you don’t find in the record books. The interesting stories and tid-bits that make it more intriguing.

So with the launch of their new video podcast, they aim to not just take you to places by “listening” to it, but also “visually”, by showing you history, and speaking to guests along the way.

David says …

Virtual Historians is a new way of looking at American or world history. We’re going to bring it to you in a different way, forensically looking at things with archaeology, looking at things with a different set of eyes. Virtual history is a different way of approaching history in a world where we don’t get to travel as much as we like to bring you places and meet people that are bringing history in a whole different way.

We’re really excited to bring this and I hope you stay tuned for our exciting Virtual Historian travels that we’re going to take you on each month.

Their first episode was released a couple of days ago, and in it they speak to Shannon Combs-Bennett who talks about the history and archaeological dig at Shuter’s HIll, in Alexandria, Virginia, USA. As I’m in Australia, I have no knowledge of the area or families involved in this story, but did find it interesting, and thought it was great that Shannon included photos, maps and more to illustrate the story she told. Shannon sure knows her history on the topic. So as I mentioned before, if you have a general love of history, be sure to follow along for future episodes. Click here for more on the Shuter’s Hill story.

They are aiming to release a new video podcast every two weeks, but hope to make it weekly in the future. And they say if you have any stories that you would like to share with them, they would love to hear from you.

To keep up with the latest episodes and happenings, be sure to follow their socials:
Website www.virtualhistorians.com
YouTube channel click here