New Australian TV Show Reunites Long-Lost Relatives

Australian family history buffs are going to get their genealogy fix when a new tv program goes to air.

Apart from the Australian edition of Who Do You Think You Are? and the various UK and US family history related shows that we get … there is new Australian TV documentary series coming that aims to help find long lost relatives, and they are currently looking for participants.

If you are desperate to trace a lost family member and have been searching with no success, they would like to hear from you – and perhaps they can help you (at no cost to you).

The press release states …

“We understand that this is a very emotional quest and we will always be very sensitive to seekers who respond to us.

The programme will follow the stories of people who have, for one reason or another, experienced long term separation from members of their family and are seeking to be reunited with them.

The aim of the programme is to help people who are struggling to find enough information to move closer to a reunion.  The programme hopes to track down lost relatives and follow the stories from the search through to the reunion.”

Please note this request relates to the assistance of the location of family members ONLY.  If you are searching for someone who is not a family member, please do not complete the form.

For details on who is eligible to apply, together with the submission form, please click here.


42 thoughts on “New Australian TV Show Reunites Long-Lost Relatives

  1. Nancy McNaughton says:

    Tracing Grandmothers arrival in Western Australia, approx 1895

  2. Amazingly the gentleman on the left in your published photo is a dead ringer of my late father, George Riley, I shared the photo on genealogy my ancestors came to Australia with a photo of my Dad and other members were also amazed. Do I have a new , previously unknown relative ? . I would appreciate some feedback and am happy to forward the photo with my Dad next to the man in your photo.
    The likeness is truly uncanny.

  3. Hi Tony, the photo I used came from a stock photo website. You can find it here (, but you’ll see that this website allows individuals to sumit photos. So maybe they are a relative afterall? Stranger things have happened!

  4. Michael bethel says:

    My father Andrew brown Reid died in a truck accident near Moree around 1968. When the will was read my mother who had 6 children by him but was separated was surprised when another woman was there at the reading. He apparently also had a defacto wife and three children and neither knew of the other. They never spoke again but I know I have at least 5 half brothers or sisters somewhere. I would love to find them.

  5. The “Click Here” link is not working please advise where one could apply

  6. Kerrie the link is – though when you lick on it it will say it’s “untrusted” and ask you do you really want to go there. Just click through, and you’ll get to the application page.

  7. I’d like to start by wishing you and your family a Happy New Year! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell you my story.

    This is my story. I came to Melbourne in early 1961 at the age of 20. Toward the end of the year I attended a dance in Prahran, where I had formerly lived. I believe the hall was called Roseland. I met a woman with whom I had a very short relationship which ended at her request to not see me any more. She also told me she was pregnant and was going back to her husband. I did not know she was married. I pleaded with her to meet me one more time to discuss what she planned to do and she agreed to meet me at her friend’s house. When I arrived, her husband answered the door and took me to her room where she was resting due to morning sickness. The visit was short and she convinced me that she intended to have an abortion, which I felt favorably about because of the responsibility. That was the last time I saw her. I moved to Sydney and about 18 months later I moved back to Melbourne. As I was walking in the street in Parhran, I saw her with a baby carriage. My heart stopped, but after looking in the carriage, I saw it was full of groceries which was also wishful thinking on my part.

    About 15 years ago I was playing tennis with some friends. One of the friend’s last name was Grieco, so I asked him if he was of Greek descent. He told me that for 45 years he didn’t know his real father and since meeting him had been able to build a very loving and close relationship. At that moment my thoughts went back to the incident in Melbourne and I began having questions. Why would this woman use a baby carriage to carry her groceries? Most people I have shared this story with come to the same conclusion as I have, that she had a baby and most likely it would have been mine. I have tried to inquire through different channels how to locate this woman but it is very difficult as I don’t have any names. What I know is that she would be around 80 years old, originally from England and she was married to a doctor from the Fiji islands, who would be around 85 years old. The baby would have been born around the end of 1962.

    My question to you is, would you know of some organization or publication or TV show that would be interested in investigating the story? I think it is a very human story and would prove interesting to many. My interest is only from a human perspective. I have always been idealistic and a little naïve. For me it is the right thing to do, to provide the opportunity for this person, if they are interested, to meet his or her real father.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas of your own to pursue this matter.

    I am also attaching some photos of myself over the years as personal references. There are photos of me when I lived in Melbourne. I was a delegate to the 1992 Democratic Convention in NYC and had the opportunity to meet various prominent politicians. Some photos taken with them are attached. There is a photo of a group of actors, which includes me, who participated in a production of “The Frogs” in Atlanta.

    Best Regards,

  8. Are you interesting of helping me?
    Thank you.

  9. Hi Panos, You’ll need to get in touch with the TV show. They are the ones to determine if they’re interested or not. The link to contact them is in the post.

  10. My wife’s fathers’ brothers and sisters (McCarthy’s) left Kilnaclasha, Skibbereen Co. Cork, Ireland for Australia while he headed to New York. It was in the during the 1930’s and ’40’s.

    She has been searching for them with no success. We live in New York. My father in law and his older sister Mary were the only ones to come to the U.S. There are no family members left in Ireland from the McCarthy side.

  11. My Husband is now 90yrs of Age & I am 88yrs Old–we wanted to give our FIVE Young School Children a better future by Emmigrating to Australia in 1964. My Husband was offered employment by BHP prior to our Immigration.
    This Company Sponsored us out to a Tradesmen’s Job in their Whyalla Steel Mill which included a rented house.
    Not many employment opportunites available for women in Whyalla S.A. Being Necessary for myself & Four Daughters almost due to leave School. In 1968 my Husband applied for a Job at his Trade with Australian Iron & Steel in Western Australia. Housing wasn’t readily available there. Husband travelled over himself to start this Job & also search for Rented Housing. After 6-months of seperation we were able to join him in Western Australia. All of us managing to find employment & a House to Rent in Safety Bay. Children were forming their own relationships by this time. Causing our Family to separate into Various Australian States–Eldest moved over to Victoria as an Air Hostess with Ansett. Second eldest re-joined her Boyfriend in Whyalla S.A.-Our Son started Working for Australian Iron & steel in W.A. Second youngest Daughter started her Teacher’s Training course. Our Youngest Daughter then got employment with Medibank in Fremantle. while I myself started working with Western Mining in Kwinana W.A. We attempted to keep our Family Members always in touch by responding to ‘ANY’ of their needs for Baby-sitting purposes when required. A Very Expensive excercise with Long distance Travelling in Australia.
    Over these RECENT years struggles arose with our family members, which was causing myself GREAT Distress & Illness–making it necessary for our RETURN to Scotland. (in 2007)
    Where your Help & Kindness would be of GREAT service to both of us–are those facts where we haven’t any communication at all with THREE of our Adult Family Memebers–not even their addresses.
    This has devastated both of us over the recent years as the Two Daughters who are in regular communication with us Live in Different states of Australia & reluctant to become involved with these Disputes within our Large Family.
    Thank you for any Future Interest, I remain Yours Faithfully Mrs Mary Barnes

  12. My mother booted out my father in 1954, when he was 39 and I was five. My late sister and I saw him only a few times after that. In March, 1963, at the age of 48, he toppled from the balcony of a St Kilda hotel down onto the bar below, and died. My late mother phoned me at boarding school the next day to tell me. I was 13 and in year eight. She also told me in that phone call that my father had remarried and had fathered another son. I would love to find my half brother, who was born between 1957 and 1963, possibly in Adelaide but also possibly in Melbourne. I have my father’s full name and dates of his birth and death. I have visited his gravesite just once.

  13. Stephen Ross says:

    cold you help me find my older sister who i have never met she wa born at the YASS HOSPITAL nsw 1953 mum said her name when adopted out was HELEN BUSH and my mum was June Elanor BUSH my mother has passed away in feb 2016 and i would dearly like to meet my sister before i die

  14. Tracey tebbutt says:

    Please could you help me find the Man I think is my father . I’m at a dead end
    As I found the man named on my birth certificate had a DNA which proved it was not him , 49 year of searching I now need help . My search is in Scotland as I immigrated here 10 years ago
    I have been very persistent , please help me !!

  15. My name is Noel Brian I was born 1/12/1969
    I was born in Wellington New Zealand to Diana Grimes formally Brian
    Diana was born in England and they moved to Tasmania maybe when she was a baby
    She came from Tasmania were she had a daughter my half sister
    We worked out that she would be around 48 to 50
    From what I know she my have had my sister in Melbourne or Sydney
    She had an fling with a older man
    If you can help please email me
    Thanks Noel

  16. What indigenous stolen generations

  17. Brian Jeffreys says:

    Hi I am trying to help my mother in law find her son she gave up in 1944 she had him 2 weeks after turning 16 and had to give him up she believes he was adopted by a dr she has the fathers name and other details she had him in England but moved to Australia 45 years ago she is now 77 and would love to find him or just to know how he turned out while she still can, we would love ur help or suggestions on how we could improve our chances of finding him she later had 4 more sons and they’d like to meet him too,

  18. Justine webb says:

    I was born in Canada and adopted by an amazing Australian family
    My biological mother is I believe French Canadian and around 65 my father is a north American Indian and around 67
    They were a couple but tii young 15 and 17
    I was put into a foster family and adopted around 9mths old
    We returned to Australia in 1970
    I would do anything to meet them and have my families full support
    If you can help I would be grateful

  19. Ann Blunden says:

    Ann Blunden

    My name was Vickie Marie Smith and I was born at Bethesda Home for Unmarried Mothers at 58 Talford Street, Rockhampton on the 22nd August 1956. My mother Iris Lucy Smith gave me up for adoption as she was 18 and unmarried to my father whose name was Noel Guilliary (not sure of the spelling).
    I am now 59 years of age and have Multiple Sclerosis. I am disabled and cannot move any of my limbs but still do as much as I can fo myself. I would dearly love to meet any family I have out there, I was wondering whether you could help me?

  20. jewelanne petrie says:

    hi my name is jewelanne petrie an would love for my mum to be able to met her dad mum was born at maclean base hospital o n the 15th December 1945 her fathers name is leo John skerry an her mothers name is dawn cavell skerry not sure whether mums dad is alive still or even to be able to met some family member of my mums dad

  21. Leslie Wendyll Godfrey
    My mother has not seen her sister since she was 5 years old. She is now 85. Their parent were Bruce and Phyllis Kinnane. Phyllis maiden name is Thom. It was in Sydney. They were both put in different Orphanages.

  22. Jodie-ann Devlin says:

    I was born on the 22nd of July 1968,at St Margarets Hospital.Sydney. I was called Nicole Lisa Berry by my mother Suzanne Berry and given up for adoption. i believe I have an older sister who was also given up about 2 years prior Leanne, and was put into foster care, I would love to meet Leanne or Suzanne. My father Tony? Nosgaurd was from Denmark? Just to see where my looks come from and meet a sister would be amazing!

  23. Rachel Kimpton (anne) says:

    My name is Rachel Kimpton, I didn’t get to say goodbye too my nanny(Beryl )who recently died,my father Phillip Maxwell Kimpton won’t tell me we’re my aunty Wendy we’ll I’m not sure why but. Maybe putting me up for adoption was really hard for my mum too. I live in braybrook my mobile 0413495843+ I’m dying of Lupus cancer, I understand its really hard for my dad he’s gone through so much but with my mum and dad telling my whole entire no good I. Homeless on drugs its not true I wish I didn’t have to spend Every Birthday+Christmas on my own. No one calls me I wish I could just feel a cuddle all I know is lakes entrance maybe Gisborne please. Call me I miss my aunty Wend . More than life she was the only mother I cruelly had Find me Little. Girl. Lost

  24. Jane Roberts says:

    I have just watched an episode of your show. I found it beautifully moving and interesting….more than I had expected. It is heartwarming to see these people reunited.
    Could you let me know the source of your DNA testing that revealed a breakdown of the young man, Trevor’s ancestry. I would be interested in doing my own. Thankyou

  25. Savannah Walker says:

    My name is Savannah Walker. I was adopted and would love to find my mum. I don’t know alot about my birth but what I do know is : I was born on the 18th January 1974 at Manning River district Hospital in Taree. I was adopted from the childrens home in Bondi when I was 3 months old. My mother was only 15.

  26. Linda Wells says:

    I watched the show Wed13 April about a lady called Patricia who originally came from Warrnambool Victoria and had just been reunited with her daughter after having to give her up. Patricia was sent to a home for unwed mothers. I was sent to same home a few years later and I live in Warrnambool now. If Patricia was open to this I would love to be a kindred spirit and share our close experience around this home and about our memories there. How can I get a message to her? LINDA

  27. Barbara Pendrey says:

    I also watched the episode on 13th April 2016. I would like to congratulate Patricia Campbell on sharing her story with Australia. I also went to the same home in North Fitzroy.. We parked in front of it a couple years ago, my mind wandered through the door to the dining room, the lounge and that office on the right where the matron made decisions and papers had to be signed. It was my job to clean the brass. I live in Tasmania and was sent to the home in 1965 from Tasmania. I would love some contact with any girls who went to the home. I feel it would be a healing experience for my self and others. Barbara Pendrey

  28. kaye La Burniy says:

    Hi I was wandering if there was any chance of someone helping me my name is Kaye I was and still am searching for my grandfather these are the things I know his name was Leslie Arthur Murphy born in 1909 in August was born in Ryde in NSW , his mother was Louisa Carr and father was Jeremiah Murphy he had a sister and some brothers ,sister’s name was Gladys murphy married to Allan Ingold they had 2 daughters , ( the daughters names were Helen and Leila ) The brothers were Frank ,Walter , Albert and Glenn there was no contact after 1950 which remains a mystery to us he was extremely close to his children but my grandmother ( Clari Grace Marr ) and grandfather divorced . I do realize Grandfather would be not around anymore but would seriously love to know my grandfather’s final resting place . He also worked for the government printing office in Sydney as his official job was a letterpress machinist.

    Thank you so much for your time , Kaye

  29. Trish Piltz says:

    My name is Trish and I am looking for my father Osman Mustafa who came here from Cyprus in the 1950s and lived in a flat above a shop in Richmond Vic. I was adopted out at the age of 17 months when my birth mother died. I have been able to find my brothers and sisters as they were raised by other family members. What is complicating matters is the fact that their father was not my father as my mother left for a while and was living with another man. She was reunited with her husband when she died and he was bringing me up. I have been able to obtain my original birth certificate but her husband is recorded as being my father but he is not. My mothers name was Charlotte Yip nee Lees. I thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
    Yours Trish

  30. Tegan Jones says:

    Hi, I am writing to you in hopes to find my nana. All I know is her name Emily Roberts she was married to Gilbert Francis Ward. She left my mum and other children when my mum was 2.

    My mum has tried everything to try and find her but it all comes to a dead end. Mum thinks she could have ended up in America but has no way to know even my nana’s sister Saydie, doesn’t know where she is.

    It would mean a lot to me and I definitely know my mum would too if you could help find her. Just so mum can have some closure. My mum is now 67 and was born as Patricia Anne Ward. Oh it would be amazing to help my mum. She is such an awesome mum.

    I know there’s a lot of these requests. I just hope you can help us. Thank you for taking the time to read this especially anyone that helps 🙂

  31. Jody wyld says:

    Hi was just wondering if there is an application to fill out as im looking for my brother

  32. David McAdam says:

    My name is David but my birth mother named me John Micheal Silver and my mothers name was Judith Silver I was born in June 27 1973 at McBride’s hospital at Medindie Adelaide South Australia where I still live.

    What I know is my mother came out here from Canada to study in NSW she was or Baptist religion and was aged 25 I also know my father was Scottish, but don’t know his name. I would love to find my Mother and any siblings and to find it would mean a lot to me and bit of validation too.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and anyone that could help.


  33. Daniel Hilton Pattison says:

    My name is Daniel Pattison I was born with the surname Packer looking for my father Jerry Packer I hear he lives in Montreal Canada I just want to meet him maybe get to know him I’m now 43 years old my Mother is Charmaine Dunstan originally can you please help me my father would be about 81 year’s old if he is still alive thank you for any help you can give me

  34. Brian Bailey says:

    Im trying to find my birth mother , Lana Williamson , aged around 73 now, last seen 1961, maybe from Canberra?. birth father was Colin Turner aged around 75 now, from Perth?

  35. Sergio Bellosguardo says:

    My ex fiancee and I have planned to get married and raise a family here in Uk in 2014. She is Australian but she has an UK passport also. Last September 2014 she was pregnant of our first baby then in November 2014 she told me she was going to Australia for a month to her mum but she never came back to me she blocked me on her phone and she not answer my emails.
    In June 2015 my ex fiancee contacted me by email telling me that my son was borne in Joondalup Hospital Perth W. Australia and told me that she was living with her long term boyfriend. I have ask her to give me a copy of my son birth certificate but she won’t give me one in fact I discover that she didn’t put my name as my son real father and the hospital told me that my son has my ex girlfriend boyfriend surname I also descover that she got married to her boyfriend.
    I was devastated and still I am devastated as she blocked me again and she stop sending me photos if my son.
    Please can anyone help me to find my son he is only 1 year old he deserve to have my love and me to visit him when I want ?

    Please can you hep ?

    i am trying to find my son Zep but his mom won’t tell me where my son is ? she is denying me to know him, to visit him, to pay child support… please help me ? my life is pain x

    Sergio Bellosguardo

  36. A amazing story and history deserves it’s own programme documentary please help a the UK see his family in Australia last seen as a teenager when was bought to UK his family, lost contact and moved back to Australia.

  37. I am that man, not only my sister and her family have I lost but my own children who still live there and have not seen for over 25years. I don’t know how to sort all of this out and have tried everything to make something happen so they can see me one last time and in the case of my sons foe the first time but can never see any outcome. I need to see them before I die and wish that you can help with all of the issues involved. Including the prisonment in Sydney of my father for the biggest sentence an a abuser has ever received for such offences in history. 37 years. Explaining this in a message will not give you a full and honest view of this whole story. Thank you for your time and plead for your help. John Paul Woodward My Beloved sister Lynn Arrowsmith

  38. Diane Elkins says:

    I am Diane Elkins, born Diane Isabell Smith from Bowraville N.S.W. I AM LOOKING FOR MY BROTHER. His name is ALAN EDWARD SMITH. We are 63 and 62 years old.There was a family rift that I WASN’T INVOLVED IN. It is 40 years now and I HAVN’T SEEN MY BROTHER. PLEASE, HELP ME FIND HIM BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Thanks for your time, Diane Elkins.

  39. Rebekah Norman says:

    My Name is Rebekah Norman, my dad is Kevin John Norman, His father was Jack (John) Norman and his mother Shirley Norman. Shirley left Jack and remarried and we were told had 2 daughters. Dad is unwell. I am unsure if he would like to meet or hear about his mother and sister’s but myself and my 3 sisters all would (at some point). Shirley might be around 90. I have never met her. From memory her last known married name began with B, her maiden name was possibly Walker. Dad is from Oakleigh in Victoria.

  40. Looking for my dad Sean Allen he worked with the Mount Isa CIty Council and

  41. marissa hughes says:

    i wish i had known about this. myself, the family tracing service with salvos and a private investigator were unable to help me find y father (deceased David Hughes) biological grandmother , on birth ceryt Joan Margaret O’Callaghan. who lefy 1957 in Victoria

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