Over the period of 15 years, UK’s much loved genealogy magazine ‘Your Family History’ magazine (also known as “Your Family Tree”) well and truly cemented itself as one of the best UK genealogy magazines around. However sadly despite that, back in 2018 it went the way of so many print magazines, and ceased production, with Issue 192 (March 2018) being the last.

I was a huge fan of this magazine right from the very first issue, and read them from cover-to-cover, so I can verify that every issue was a brilliant read, and was packed with useful information on how to get the most out of your research.

Now we have been given a large collection of these magazines to find good homes for. As there’s too many for one list we’re listing them in batches.

We’ve already listed Issues 1-50 CLICK HERE, and 51-100 CLICK HERE to see which of these issues are still available, and below are the issues 100 to 163 (minus a few that were missing from this collection).

The Your Family History magazines sold for $15.95/per issue in Australia, but we’re clearing them for $9.50 per issue (which includes freight within Australia). There’s one copy of each only, so get in quick.

To order please email inquiries@gould.com.au, or phone us on (08) 8263 2055.


Issue 101 (Spring 2011) SOLD
Inside PRONI; The definitive guide to marriage records; Blast from the past; Occupations: Domestic workers; Footballing forbear; Family History Detective: Telephone directories; Get started with Scottish records; Start a family history blog; Cornwall research routes; Decoding dialects; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Collusion or naivety?

Issue 102 (April 2011) SOLD
All the news from WDYTYA? Live 2011; Trace your noble roots; Love and war; Occupations: Mine workers; Bonnie Prince Charlie; Family history detective: DNA developments; Royal weddings through the ages; Get started with long lost relatives; Criminal records online; Cumbria research routes; Skeleton in the Cupboard: A drunken debacle.

Issue 103 (May 2011)
101 Money saving tips; Land lifeline; Occupations: Railway workers; Prison to prosperity; Family history detective: Illegitimacy records; Image from the past: What’s the format?; Get started with poor law records; Bankruptcy records online; Sussex research routes; Victorian curiosities; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Pub raid!

Issue 104 (June 2011) SOLD
Trace Irish Ancestors; My own Jekyll and Hyde; Occupations: Fishing Families; An ancestral American tale; Family history detective: Beyond the census; Find property tax records; Berkshire research routes; Trooping the colour; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Finding a felon father.

Issue 105 (July 2011) SOLD
150 years of military records; Engineering ancestor on the Scottish railways; Doctor on call; Preserving the past; Family history detective: Farming stock; Get started with Police records; Find family in the Raj; Glamorgan research routes; Early Australians: the epic voyage of the First Feet and those who settled Down Under; Skeleton in the cupboard: A secret family.

Issue 106 (August 2011)
Copies of photos made from carbon; Inside the British Newspaper Library; The National Archives; Mystery American; Occupations: Industrial factory workers; Bounty mutineer; Kirk session records; Get started with trades union records; Protect your digital photos; Explore Google Earth; Surrey research routes; The Navy’s press gang; Skeleton in the cupboard: He took his life before trial.

Issue 107 (September 2011) SOLD
Voyage into a seafaring past; visit the National Maritime Museum; Records of childhood; Sisters reunited in America; Occupations: Brewery workers; Records before the census and civil registration; A taste of his own medicine; Get started with researching overseas births; Research wills and probate records; Wiltshire research routes; Digging for victory: How your forebears became self-sufficient; A bandit and a murderer.

Issue 108 (October 2011) SOLD
Behind the scenes of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’; 500 Years of free online records; Reforming and resisting; Occupations: Postal workers; Struck down with scarlet fever; Parish graves; Get started with researching your female line; Research overseas marriages online; Scottish Borders research routes; Old wives’ cures; Skeleton in the cupboard: A real family soap opera!

Issue 109 (November 2011) SOLD
Records of the Great war; Lost at the Somme; /Occupations: Shipbuilders; Saving his wife; Apprenticeship records; Highland Clearances: How to find those Scottish family members forced into migration; Inside the parish chest; Welsh records online; Somerset research routes; Home benefits; Skeleton in the cupboard: A child sent to prison.

Issue 110 (December 2011)
From film to files – the digitisation revolution; Mourning or marriage; London’s ancestry treasures; The ties that bind; Occupations: Print workers; My feuding family; Spinsters; The Spanish flu pandemic; Birth certificates; 16th-century records; Dublin research routes; The beginnings of the working men’s club; Skeleton in the cupboard: A crime of passion?

Issue 111 (January 2012) SOLD
Your family’s working life; Taking on the Boers; The early censuses (1901-1831); Soldier fights for his principles; The Bubonic plague; The Nonconformists and what you can discover from their records; Find American records online; Kent research route; Skeleton n the cupboard: The Irish womaniser.

Issue 112 (February 2012) SOLD
Bishopsgate Institute; Famous snapper: date photos by the photographer who took it; Beyond the census; A true survivor; Occupations: Road transport workers; The Fun Factory; Name changes – how to find the records relating to them; Get started with genealogy before 1800; Ulster research route; Caring communities? Learn about FANS (Friends and Neighbours); Skeleton in the cupboard: In and out of the asylum.

Issue 113 (March 2012)
1911 Census is now complete; Top 10 resources for research before 1837; On the trail of brave ancestors, Occupations: Medical ancestors; Battling on; House records; Child migrants and evacuees from WW2; Britain’s sporting clubs; Get started with Local Archives; Looking online for Wills and probate records; Northumberland research routes; Skeleton in the cupboard: Secrets and a snuff smuggler.

Issue 114 (Spring 2012)
Find Thames watermen; Genealogy cruises; Births, marriages and deaths; Golden Years; Occupations: Bankers and moneylenders; Treasure in Egypt; Find Quaker records; Lost at Sea; Get started with Scottish kirk records; Looking at old maps and plans; Isle of Man research routes; Names: the surname Smith; World War II Bletchley Park codebreakers; Skeleton in the cupboard: Law, order & fantasy fiction.

Issue 115 (April 2012)
Genealogy on your mobile; Get more from the census; Determination pays dividends; Occupations: Theatrical workers; King for a day; The Salvation Army and their records; The Potato Famine; Get started with Forename research; Names: Taylor; Gwynedd research routes; Skeleton in the cupboard: How Michael met his maker; Historical fiction.

Issue 116 (May 2012) SOLD
Medieval immigration; Find military deaths; Postboy to Mayor; Occupations: Street finders (lives of mudlarks, bone grubbers and sewer hunters); Nursing: a noble profession; Medieval genealogy; Orphans and adoptions; Get started with restoring old photographs; Find free parish records; Edinburgh research routes; 1942: Turning the tide; Names: Jones; Skeleton in the cupboard: The hidden cost of conflict.

Issue 117 (June 2012) SOLD
War Hero in My Family; Canadian research; 20th Century records; Mining for information; Occupations: Firefighters; Moonlit flit – fact of fiction; Irish census substitutes; Find records of those transported to Australia and the US; Get started with photo analysis; Lancashire research routes; Looking online at FamilySearch; Coronation Britain; Surname: Brown; Skeleton in the cupboard: Falling fowl of the law.

Issue 118 (July 2012)
Discover Vital Records; Inside The Genealogist; Track down your family; Todger’s tale of heroism; Occupations: Clergymen; Whaler in the family?; Family history detective: Rate books; Murdered; Get started with first steps in family history; Deciphering old handwriting; Gloucestershire research routes; Mercenaries and brigades; Names: Davies; Skeleton in the cupboard: Following father’s footsteps.

Issue 119 (August 2012)
Sporting treasure trove; Break down brick walls; Master of many trades; Occupations: Stonemasons; Surfing and swimming; Marriage licences and banns; Professional researchers; Preserve family recordings; Battle of Primosole Bridge; Looking online at Catholic Records; Suffolk research routes; The 1948 Olympics; Names: Evans; Skeleton in the cupboard: Three weddings and 20 kids.

Issue 120 (Sep 2012)
Finding a grave; Canadian war hero; Occupations: Women war workers; Buried at sea; Death duty records; Mining accidents; Wills and probate; Organise your research online; Battle of Mons 1914; Eastern European ancestors; Connaught research route; Interior designs; Names: Wilson; Skeleton in the cupboard: A vial of poison for a rat.

Issue 121 (October 2012)
Genealogy for free; Our revolutionary hero; Occupations: Parish officials; Family life on the farm; Uncover bigamists; Irish sorrow; Get started with coats of arms and heraldry; Discover Victorian London; Battle of Arnhem 1944; Track down criminal kin; Find family in Tyne & Wear; On the railway tracks; Names: Thomas; Skeleton in the cupboard: A tale of two brothers.

Issue 122 (November 2012) SOLD
Dad’s Army digitised; Trace your WWI heroes; Too close for comfort; Research routes: Nottinghamshire; Aunty Belle’s WWII diary; Gold rush; Get started with school records; Find ancestors who migrated; Family Bibles and books; Occupations: Blacksmiths; Battle of Britain 1940; Trace births overseas; The Pendle witch trials; Names: Roberts; Skeleton in the cupboard: The clothes on their back.

Issue 123 (December 2012) SOLD
Grow your family tree; A matter of fact; Devon research route; Fire and water; Military service in the Empire; Get started with monumental inscriptions; Hidden genealogical gems; Google your ancestors; Occupations: Publicans; The last day of World War I; Courts and Quarter Sessions; Votes for Women; Names: Johnson; Skeleton in the cupboard: An apoplectic apprentice.

Issue 124 (January 2013) SOLD
Births, marriages & deaths; Transatlantic family tree; Powys research route; A series of unfortunate events; Researching in Canada; Get started with workhouse records; Write up your family history; Occupations: Cobblers and shoemakers; Battle of the Bulge, 1945; Slavery records; The Christmas truce; Names: Lewis; Skeleton in the cupboard: How Thomas ruined his family.

Issue 125 (February 2013) SOLD
The complete guide to family history; Cambridgeshire research route; Rags to riches and back again; Beyond the world wars; Discover farm workers; Irish censuses and substitutes; Family history on your mobile; Occupations: Teachers in your tree; World War I in the air; High Street records; A brief history of New Year; Names: Walker; Skeleton in the cupboard: Doing his duty…

Issue 126 (March 2013) SOLD
Trace your ancestors back to 1066; Crime and punishment; Research routes: Worcestershire; My ancestor, the cattle plague tzar; Lost overseas: Australasia; Find court records; Occupations: Bakers; Operation Veritable 1945; Victorian healthcare; Going further with Ship registration documents; Names: Robinson; Skeleton in the Cupboard: She attacked with an axe.

Issue 127 (Spring 2013)
300 years of military records; Sailing close to the wind; Research routes: Scottish Highlands; An elephant never forgets; Lost overseas: Imperial Africa; Occupations: Joiners and carpenters; The London Regiment; Life behind bars; Going further with Medieval tax records; Names: Wood; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Lost at sea – or not?

Issue 128 (April 2013) SOLD
DNA for family historians; Working together for the common good; Research routes: Munster; “We had promised to look after them”; Nomadic labourers: Navvies; Take a battlefield tour; Build your family tree; Find photographers; The Royal Navy in Gallipoli; Manorial records; Austerity and horsemeat; Names: White; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Foul play or misfortune?

Issue 129 (May 2013)
The top 10 free resources; Gettysburg: A family affair; Research routes: The Channel Islands; Treading the boards; Lost: Villages; Get started with Electoral registers; Occupations: Tanners and taxidermists; Battle of Monte Cassino 1944; Going further with Police museums; Commemorating the dead; Names: Watson; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Strangled for a shirt.

Issue 141 (April 2014)
Go further back in time; Gas, gas, quick boys!; Research routes: Dundee; Fifty one flights; Hire an expert; FamilySearch; Clean up your tree; Occupations: Confectioners; WW1 Unit war diaries; The forgotten theatres of war; Going further with Clubs and societies records; Names: Hughes; Skeleton in the Cupboard: A tale of two Jacobs.

Issue 142 (May 2014)
Find your family’s hidden secrets; Deaf but not dumb; Shropshire Research Rotes; Tracing Frank’s war; Be wary of mistakes; Irish Ancestors 1912-22; Occupations: Pottery workers; WWI: Graves and death records; Going further: What’s in squarsons’ diaries?; The Germans in World War I; Names: Edwards; Skeleton in the cupboard: My incorrigible and worthless ancestor.

Issue 143 (June 2014)
Quick and easy research results; To Bradford and back; Cheshire research routes; Ancestor on the Titanic; Get started with Workhouses and institutions; Uncover Australian records; Map your family’s lives; Occupations: Barbers; Prisoners of War; Going further with Business & Bankruptcy records; The five battles of Ypres; Names: Marshall; Skeleton in the cupboard: Sentenced to 20 years in chains.

Issue 144 (July 2014)
Find your family for FREE; A woman of mystery; Ayrshire research routes; The children born on the pavement; Merchant navy photos; Pass on your research; Occupations: Judges and lawyers; WWI: How to use lists and rolls; Understanding tithe records; Aces high: WWI in the air; Names: Hill; Skeleton in the cupboard: The Somme hero with a violent past.

Issue 145 (August 2014)
Lost and found: Trace your elusive ancestors; Death in the Canadian wilderness; Herefordshire research routes; The Dublin Lockout; Get started with Divorce Records; Looking online for Irish Censuses; Occupations: Millers; Records of the WWI wounded; Going further with Industrial schools records; Conscientious objectors – those against conscription; Names: Morris; Skeleton in the cupboard: Cardiff’s most notorious character.

Issue 146 (September 2014)
Trace your female line; Survivor with a mission; Isle of Wight research routes; Last Passage to India; Finding Foundlings; Family History Around the Home; Occupations: Dentists; Women during World War I; Going further with Enclosure records; The Royal Navy’s war; Names: Scott; Skeleton in the cupboard: Clocking up the companions.

Issue 147 (October 2014) SOLD
Find Celtic forbears; Research routes: County Durham; Boy soldier of WWI; National service: duty or holiday; Uncover illegitimacy; Occupations: Brickworkers; World War I photography; Go further with Catholic recusant records; Create stories on your iPad; The start of World War I; Names: Phillips; Skeleton in the cupboard: Crime of passion divided family.

Issue 148 (Autumn 2014) SOLD
How to map out lives; Royal connections; Research routes for North London; My ancestor starved herself to death; Get started with Cremation records; Occupations: Wheelwrights; Find those who served twice; Go further with Coroner’s records; The Red Cross in world War I; Names: Hall; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Yet more woe for Della.

Issue 149 (November 2014) SOLD
Make use of your record office; Lancashire hotpot and Yorkshire puddings; Edinburgh research routes; Memoirs of a bobby; Lost children of the British Empire; Occupations: Washerwomen and laundresses; Go further with Records of the Anglican clergy; Names: Ward; The Hundred Days offensive; Skeleton in the cupboard: A family full of trouble.

Issue 150 (December 2014)
150 of the best hints and tips; Manchester research routes; We will remember them (WWI); Growing up during war time; How to find Quaker family; Look online for civil registration records; First Battle of Ypres; Go further with Militia records; Infant mortality; Names: Atkinson; Skeleton in the cupboard: A dead daughter in a coal pit; Occupations: Christmas traders; Imperial War Museum.

Issue 151 (January 2014) SOLD
600 years of records; A Huguenot heritage; Birmingham research routes; Seafarers, songwriters and fishmongers; Ancestors in the dock: find records of your family on both sides of the law; Occupations: Journalists; The Battle of the Ardennes; Go further with Scottish and Irish Land Records; Diet, food and health; Names: Sanderson; Skeleton in the cupboard: Wife sale, neglect and the workhouse; Preserve records digitally; Look online for Court records.

Issue 152 (February 2015) SOLD
Do you have Royal blood?; Success and philanthropy; Ulster research routes; Scandal of the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street; Records at your local church; Preserving family archives; Occupations: Booksellers; Perils of the sea; Battle of Rorke’s Drift; Go further with Vaccination records; Names: Stewart; Skeleton in the cupboard: My relative murdered his wife and child.

Issue 153 (March 2015) SOLD
The complete census guide; Searching for Harry; Staffordshire research route; The Hunt for the Hunters; Look online for Asylum Records; Occupations: Carriers; The Battle of Majuba; Go further with Banking Records; Fighting for our rights; Names: Allen; Skeleton in the cupboard: The secret baby boy.

Issue 154 (Spring 2015)
Marriage Records; In search of a better life; Research routes for West Yorkshire; The road to St Yves; Records of your rural ancestors; Look online for prison records; Occupations: Divers; The retaking of Mandalay; Go further with Civil War records; Honouring the dead; Names: Cook; Hidden Histories: The Honeymoon.

Issue 155 (April 2015)
Childhood records; Gallipoli connection; Research rotes for Glasgow; A passage to India; Spot a bigamist; Effective search techniques; Occupations: Lighthouse keepers; The Landing at Anzac Cove; Go further with Trade Union ancestors; Names: Bennett; Hidden Histories: Small pox.

Issue 156 (May 2015)
Newspaper research; Assassins and Clan Chiefs; Research routes for Surrey; Taming the Wild West; Get started with Election records; Look online for Census substitutes; Occupations: straw workers; The hunt for the Bismark; Going further with Rate Books; The making of America; Names: Parker; Skeleton in the cupboard: Murder in half moon yard.

Issue 157 (June 2015) SOLD
Medieval records; The the pipes play on; Research rotes for Lincolnshire; A forgotten hero of Waterloo; The poor of the Parish; Uncover your Jewish ancestors; Occupations: Pest controllers; The showdown at Plassey, 1757; Go further with Masonic Forbears; Less labour, more leisure; Names: Murphy; Hidden Histories: The medieval archer, the ScotlandsPeople Centre.

Issue 158 (July 2015) SOLD
50 Brick wall busting hints and tips; The Sheffield socialist; Gwent research routes; A transported ancestor; Occupations: Cinema workers; The Battle of Talavera; Go further with Manorial records; Last orders; Names: Simpson; Hidden Histories: Ancestors in the air.

Issue 159 (August 2015)
20th Century records; Captain Clark’s trench; Hertfordshire research routes; A will as long as a novel; Get started with Guild records; Look online for Burial records; Occupations: Toymakers; The invasion of Sicily; Go further with Land Tax records; Welfare before the Welfare State; Names: Fox; Hidden Histories: Well dressing.

Issue 160 (September 2015)
Exploring specialist archives; Woman of the waterways; Cornwall research routes; The man-midwife; Get started with the Salvation Army; Look online for Irish Land Records; Occupations: Town Criers; Soldiers and Suffragettes; The Battle of the Plains of Abraham; Go further with Criminal petitions; The Mop Fair; Names: Gray; Hidden Histories: Harvest Festival.

Issue 161 (October 2015) SOLD
Migration: how to find them; The forgotten women of WW2; Research routes of Yorkshire Dales; A clockwork success; Irish Catholic Registers; Occupations: Bookmakers; The Battle of Trafalgar; Go further with Railway workers; Tabloids and Tittle-tattle; Names: Rose; Hidden Histories: Beating the Bounds.

Issue 162 (November 2015)
300 years of fashion; A Nonconformist family; Norfolk research routes; Absent without leave; Get started with Scottish court records; Occupations: Ostlers; The Battle of Preston; Welsh nonconformism; The fallen woman; Names: Hunt; Hidden Histories: Mischief Night.

Issue 163 (December 2015) SOLD
The 1939 Register: Your in-depth guide; Dangerous lives in South America; Liverpool research routes; Lost in France; Get started with Nursing records; Copyright and Patent Records; Behind Bars; Occupations: Foundry workers; the Battle of Sidi Barrani; Go further with Electoral Records; Names: Shaw; Hidden Histories: Fire Festivals.