Over the period of 15 years, UK’s much loved genealogy magazine ‘Your Family History’ magazine (also known as “Your Family Tree”) well and truly cemented itself as one of the best UK genealogy magazines around. However sadly despite that, back in 2018 it went the way of so many print magazines, and ceased production, with Issue 192 (March 2018) being the last.

If you're after some good reading, we have a collection of England's 'Your Family History' magazine to find good homes for.

I was a huge fan from issue 1, and read these from cover-to-cover, so I can verify that every issue was a brilliant read, and was packed with useful information on how to get the most out of your research.

Now we have been given a large collection of these magazines to find good homes for. As there’s too many for one list (with all the contents), we’re starting with issues 1-50.

The Your Family Tree magazines sold for $15.95/per issue in Australia, but we’re clearing them for $9.50 per issue (which includes freight within Australia). There’s one copy of each only, so get in quick.

To order please email inquiries@gould.com.au, or phone us on (08) 8263 2055.


Issue 1 (June 2003) SOLD
Trace your Irish roots; The landlord of Jamaica Inn; The knitter who went to war; The mahogany walking stick; Preserve your old documents; Getting started in genealogy; Using the 1901 Census online; Genes Connected; Merchant seamen.

Issue 2 (August 2003) SOLD
Coalmining ancestors; Getting the best from the IGI; Where to research: London; Create a family book using Family Tree Maker; Trace your Scottish ancestors; Using coroner’s reports; Land of her forefathers; Murdered by poachers; The Kelly family website.

Issue 3 (October 2003) SOLD
Upstairs downstairs: life of domestic servants; Using the parish records; Q&A special: Ask an expert; Share your family tree; Get organised; Using wills and probate records; Trace your Indian ancestors; My Great Aunt’s suicide pact; Every picture tells a story; The Vayros of Wensleydale.

Issue 4 (November 2003)
Handheld computers; Find your long lost relatives; Date your old photos; Life in the canals; Guide to abbreviations and acronyms; Tracing American roots; passports and visas; The Faraghers’ voyage of discovery; He robbed the Bank of England; Williams: a common name.

Issue 5 (December 2003) SOLD
Using your scanner; Tracing those who served; Lost in the mists of time?; Life as a postal worker; Trace your German ancestors; Using Poor Law records in family history research; The bareknuckle boxing champion; The sea is in my blood; How I published my family history.

Issue 6 (Christmas 2003)
Interpret your old photographs; Set up an online newsletter; Gravestone, how to understand them; Life in the police force; An introduction to Record Offices; Tracing your Jewish roots; Tracing your Canadian ancestry; All at sea: The Shetland captains; Finding Mary, a Titanic survivor; The Gethin family reunion.

Issue 7 (January 2004) SOLD
What’s in a name? Understanding surname origins and meanings; GEDCOM explained; DNA and genealogy; Farming families; A beginner’s guide to The National Archives (TNA); Tracing your French ancestors; Researching Quarter Session papers; Am I descended from William the Conqueror?; The old thatched house; Hot air balloons and bed warmers.

Issue 8 (February 2004) SOLD
Capturing moments with a digital camera; Heraldry; Find a war grave; Using old family letters and cards; The seven pitfalls of family history research; New Zealand connections; A nation of Shopkeepers; Slazenger: Founders of a firm; My Greathead one-name study; Anne Fraser’s baby and the kirk sessions.

Issue 9 (March 2004) SOLD
From printed page to editable text; Scanning and digitizing printed records; On the buses; Using old newspapers in your research; Commonwealth War Graves Commission; Tracing your Italian ancestors; Write and publish your family history; Meeting the Laird; The enthusiastic scribe; Where there’s a will … ; Researching at your local reference library.

Issue 10 (April 2004) SOLD
Join an internet newsgroup; Royal Navy records; How to clean and preserve gravestones; Trace your Welsh ancestors; ScotlandsPeople; Life in the domestic woollen industry; The Seven Daughters of Eve; My Hudson Bay fur trade ancestors; Family history changed my life; Finding Gordon’s mother; Do you have blue blood?

Issue 11 (May 2004) SOLD
Q&A: Your Problems Solved; 50 Family Tree Software Tips; School records; Life as a nurse; Trace your South African roots; Website guide: NationalArchivist.com; The master of Dorcas; My Irish rebel ancestor; How I put my family history online.

Issue 12 (June 2004) SOLD
Military medals; The 10 best records you’ve never heard of; Hiring a researcher; Life as a customs and excise officer; Tracing Dutch ancestors; Shocking fatality at the Gunpowder mill; My father has four ‘wives’; Publishing our book.

Issue 13 (July 2004) SOLD
Research with a laptop; Mystery, mariners and mountains; When Mr Rouger met the Queen; The ghost of a seaman; My Muscogee Indian grandfather; Crime and punishment; Advise on Deciphering old handwriting; Life on the railways; Tracing Polish ancestors; List at sea?.

Issue 14 (August 2004) SOLD
People finder; Footballers’ lives; Northern Ireland ancestors; Trade directories; “Am I the last Pimbury in Britain?”; The inventor’s final resting place; Ordinary life in Cornwall, 1718; Using parish registers; Using Family History Online; Life as a publican

Issue 15 (September 2004) SOLD
Where there’s a will …; Turn old book into digital text; Serfs on the Manor; Maps and plans; Adoption and your family tree; How to use the GENUKI website; A mysterious legacy; An accidental shooting?; Smugglers in the lace trade.

Issue 16 (October 2004) SOLD
Kill off your ancestors; “I’m related to William Shakespeare”; Was your ancestor a framework knitter?; Family History Centres; Australian ancestors; Make a family history slideshow; How to use Google; A highwayman Down Under; King Zog’s faithful bodyguard.

Issue 17 (November 2004) SOLD
30 Expert tips; Censuses and certificates; “He fought to the very end, manning a barricade as their leader .. “; Ships passenger lists; Teachers in your tree?; Witches, idiots, imbeciles and lunatics; Genes Reunited; Hanged in Australia; My ancestor at the birth of Communism; A Twickenham robbery.

Issue 18 (December 2004) SOLD
Disappearing surnames; “He was before the magistrate for throwing a cabbage”; The records they left … ; Metal mining ancestors; Create your story for TV and the web; How to trace foreign forbears; How to use Origins.net; Brothers in Arms: A WWI story; Shakespeare’s tempest; The Manleys of North Devon; A ghost in the picture; Family bibles.

Issue 19 (Christmas 2004) SOLD
Research your surname; Who do you think you are?; UK Kirk Sessions; Butchers in the family; Using the International Genealogical Index; How to trace your Spanish roots; Christmas gadgets; Surnames: Vincent, King, Write, and McDonnell; A guide to Lincolnshire.

Issue 20 (January 2005)
The five best websites; Online trade directories; Write it down, pass it on; Harbour and river workers; Patent records; A guide to Belfast; Surnames: Hall, Simpkin, Dance, and Benson; Court martial in Caenpore; The case of the Yorkshire witch; Searching for a forest, I found our tree; Isle of Man.

Issue 21 (February 2005) SOLD
How to use BMDIndex; Marriage Records; Divorce; Indian army records; Sixth cousin, thrice removed?; Computer jargon buster; A-Z of Family History Societies; Gunned down in his own pub; Out Footnote in history; The wigmaker’s dung heap; An informal wedding?; Iron and steel workers.

Issue 22 (March 2005) SOLD
33 Brickwall solutions; Britain’s cotton workers revealed; How to find old manor records on the internet; A&A 5 pages!!; A-Z of Family History Societies; Surnames: Battersby, Joy, Humphries, and Wheeler; A guide to Durham; Home front records; Birth certificates explained in full; Dugald’s violin; Letters from the Front; Returning the Duck-Ledger family bible.

Issue 23 (April 2005) SOLD
Marriage certificates: everything you need to know about them; Trace your Danish roots; Scanning old photos; Exploring the Domesday Book; Life in the gun trade; I’m related to Mickey Mouse; 17,000 relatives and ancestors; Anne and a Royal ménage à trois; 1861 Census; A guide to Wiltshire; Surnames: Bastable, Bennett; Darbyshire and McClelland.

Issue 24 (May 2005) SOLD
UK death certificates for beginners; The Irish potato famine; The pig that almost started a war; My ancestors was a gardener; Find and use electoral rolls; A guide to Cheshire; Surnames: Braithwaite, Lanyon, Watkins and Williams; Tracing the Danish bricks; I’m related to my student; How to trace a birth.

Issue 25 (June 2005) SOLD
I’m related to Henry VIII; Parish registers for beginners; Guide and use Guild records; Why aren’t they on the census?; How I traced my Japanese roots; Behind the scenes at the General Record Office (GRO); Find potter ancestors; Researching Herefordshire; Surnames: Partridge, Paton, Taylor and Welch.

Issue 26 (July 2005) SOLD
How to find a grave; Hard times: workhouse records; The Welsh royal blood flows through my veins; Nick Barratt on the case; Wills for beginners; Rural craftsmen; Researching Leeds; Surnames; Bradley, Knott, Jones and Tydeman; FreeBMD; Stepping into the limelight.

Issue 27 (August 2005)
Discover your family’s WWII heroes; research checklist for beginners; Glamorgan region guide; Scottish occupational records; My link to Trafalgar; Researching Clergy ancestors; The search for the accent; Canada’s Home Children. Includes a large fold-out chart.

Issue 28 (September 2005) SOLD
Transported to Australia; Political parties and their records; Understanding the census for beginners; the Yeomanry movement; Researching Surrey; Surnames: Hughes, Kilburn, Lane, and Shaw; The bones of Margaret of York;

Issue 29 (October 2005) SOLD
Quaker records; Nick Barratt’s 100 family history tops; Agricultural labourers; My great grandfather won the FA Cup with Manchester United; How to preserve your old documents; County Cork regional guide; Surnames: Hardisty; Willie, Wilson, and Yarrow; Did my ancestor meet Oliver Cromwell?

Issue 30 (November 2005) SOLD
A lawyer outside the law; The quest to find a Virginia grave; Huguenot roots; The Family Records Centre; Family history e-zines; Finding lost cousins online; Milliners; Trafalgar and Royal Navy ancestors; Researching Nottinghamshire; Surnames: Boswell; Brown; Darville and Hopwood.

Issue 31 (December 2005)
TNA for beginners; Medical records; Remembering the fallen: Real life heroes from WWII; Lost at sea in WWII; Military-Genealogy.com; Regional guide to Oxfordshire; Surnames: Bosworth, Davies, Falliford and Jardine; 1851 Census online; Victorian undertakers.

Issue 32 (Christmas 2005)
Missing a 1901 ancestor?; Company records; Genes Reunited; Regional guide to Edinburgh; Surnames: Cook, Johnson, Johnston, and Stubbs. Across the sea to Lisbon Falls; Don’t believe a word of it; Family history at Christmas; British Soldiers in the Canadian Army.

Issue 33 (January 2006) SOLD
My house used to be a lunatic asylum; Kylie Minogue’s Welsh ancestors; Solve your family history mysteries; Trade Union records; Channel Islands ancestors; British glassmakers; Genealogy blogging; Regional guide: Sheffield; Surnames: Blythe, Oliver; Thomas and Wootton.

Issue 34 (February 2006)
Finding and using death records; Using online maps; Eloping ancestors; The beginner’s glossary; I got my great uncle the WWI commemoration he deserved; Regional guide: Warwickshire; Surname histories: Malpas, Roberts; Strahan and Waugh; The Bishop of Belize; Working in the breweries.

Issue 35 (March 2006) SOLD
Looking for your London roots?; The National Burial Index; Irish poor law records; Dating old photos; Free online: Birth, Marriage and Death records; Regional guide: Derbyshire; Surname histories: Bentley, Meynell, Parker and Robinson; An accidental poisoning; a submariner’s war; Boer War records; The booksellers and the book trade.

Issue 36 (April 2006) SOLD
Illegitimacy, adoption and divorce; Confectioners; Scottish relatives?; Regional guide: Hertfordshire; Surname histories: Collins, Goodwin, Lewis and Mewer; Stabbed, slandered and looking for justice; Writing a who’s who of medieval Colchester; Mourning etiquette; Temperance records.

Issue 37 (May 2006) SOLD
The best on the web; Prison records; brassworkers. Beginners FAQs; Regional guide to Bath and Bristol; Surname histories: Caesar, Haverson, Harrison and Kidd; A WWI Bomber crash; A meeting of genealogists;

Issue 38 (June 2006) SOLD
Census searching for beginners; The 1841 Census online; Local census records; Overseas censuses; Family business; Regional guide to Cumberland; Surname histories: Sanderson. Stagles, Wickes, and Worrall; Tracking the Suffolk giants; Claiming grandpa’s war medals;

Issue 39 (July 2006) SOLD
Overseas births; Britain’s best archives; Factory workers; Interviewing relatives; Regional guide: Suffolk; Surname histories: Crawley, Crowley, Hough and Love; The POWs story; The Abbotsbury Cottage; Around the World: The Shetland and Orkney Irelands.

Issue 40 (August 2006) SOLD
Why are they missing? Religious records; Expert advice; Trapped in Brussels: He died of stress hiding from the Germans; Britain’s best archives Part 2; Regional guide Connaught; Surname histories: Adolph; Cob; MacDougall, and Ross; Washing the dirty linen; Enclosure awards; Whalers.

Issue 41 (September 2006) SOLD
Get to know your ancestors; Irish church records; Heraldic records; Regional guide to Bedfordshire; Surname histories: Allen, Blair, Burns and Ormerod; Tracing my female line; The Senghenydd explosion; Back to school; The Heralds’ visitations; Did they go to Africa?

Issue 42 (October 2006)
Tracing my Hungarian roots; My Grandfather’s WWI story; Aliens in the family?; Regional guide: Cambridgeshire; Using personal diaries; Surname histories: Bowmer, Fitzmaurice, Hird and MacLeod; Genealogy on your PC.

Issue 43 (Autumn 2006) SOLD
Records of the poor; Passenger lists online; DNA and family trees; Tracing firefighters; Get started online – free!; Her gruesome axe murder went unsolved; Regional guide: Lancashire; Surname histories: Black, Britton, Buggins, Stradling; A legacy lost; Upper Canada links.

Issue 44 (November 2006) SOLD
Getting started with military research; Army records; Royal Navy records; RAF records; Women at War; Regional guide: Aberdeenshire; Surname histories: Costello, Mahoney, Walters, and Westwood; The Mystery of the Artic cave; My search for a WWI hero.

Issue 45 (December 2006) SOLD
How to research your surname; Christmas in 1906; Musical ancestors; Marriage licences; Scottish roots?; Guide to West Yorkshire; Surname histories: Bolton, Cresswell, McCullough, and Whiston; How I went house history hunting; Dead wrong about John.

Issue 46 (January 2007) SOLD
Before 1837: records before civil registration; Irish roots?; Folk songs and ballads, more than just entertainment; Stonemasons; Regional guide: Sussex; Surname histories: Devereux, Henry, Higgins and Stephen; Researching a Scilly grave; Double murder in Victorian Bath.

Issue 47 (February 2007) SOLD
101 Census tips, Midwives, The Bawdy Courts, 1911 early!; What’s in your local archives; County guide to Shopshire; Surname histories for Constantine, Hyde, MacNulty and Wiseman; Will your data last?; Last of pugilists; Black gold and red Indians.

Issue 48 (March 2007)
Barber ancestors, and how to trace them; What’s in the parish chest?; Digital audio; The sailor’s friend; From Bobby to Boer War soldier; Your local library; Regional guide to Berkshire; Surname histories: Ball, Callard, Plant and Roche; Bigamy, investigating deceitful husbands and wives; Free British census records.

Issue 49 (April 2007) SOLD
Causes of death; Life in the laundry; Scottish registers online; Share you old photos online; Regional guide to Northumberland; Surname histories: Frost, Lloyd, Miles and Rose; The Ghostly footsteps; From Petticoat Lane to Fleet Prison; Welsh roots?; Customs and excise records.

Issue 50 (May 2007) SOLD
Did they sail? How to track down your travelling ancestors; The 7 Golden rules; Printers; London maps; Regional guide to Middlesex; Surname histories: Burke, MacDowell, People and Potter; Using old phone books; A black sheep in a black wig; Out family’s Sikh War Soldier; Create your own family newsletter.