Over the period of 15 years, UK’s much loved genealogy magazine ‘Your Family History’ magazine (also known as “Your Family Tree”) well and truly cemented itself as one of the best UK genealogy magazines around. However sadly despite that, back in 2018 it went the way of so many print magazines, and ceased production, with Issue 192 (March 2018) being the last.

I was a huge fan of this magazine right from the very first issue, and read them from cover-to-cover, so I can verify that every issue was a brilliant read, and was packed with useful information on how to get the most out of your research.

Now we have been given a large collection of these magazines to find good homes for. As there’s too many for one list we’re listing them in batches.

We’ve already listed Issues 1-50, CLICK HERE to see which of these issues are still available, and below are Issues 51-100.

The Your Family History magazines sold for $15.95/per issue in Australia, but we’re clearing them for $9.50 per issue (which includes freight within Australia). There’s one copy of each only, so get in quick.

To order please email inquiries@gould.com.au, or phone us on (08) 8263 2055.


Issue 51 (Spring 2007) SOLD
How a pint a day kept cholera at bay; Myths and meatballs; Monumental inscriptions online; Google your ancestors; 100 best websites; Regional guide to Devon; Arrivals in foreign ports; Free records on Ancestry.co.uk; Surname histories: Brion, Cheeseman, McCoy and Pendlebury/Pendleton.

Issue 52 (June 2007)
Expand your research with newspapers; His ship crashed on the shore of a pirate island; Load of old cobblers; Look up your local Society; A Masonic connection; Grandfather’s diary; Regional guide to Westmorland; Surname histories: Everett, Stone, Salmon, Whatmouth.

Issue 53 (July 2007) SOLD
Access all Areas: The National Archives; Finding family treasures; Regional guide to Buckinghamshire; Find a WWI hero online; The spirit photographer: the ghost of his dead niece appeared in the photo; Dockworkers; Tax records; A religious gene?; Surname histories: Crow, Hunt, Field, Vickery.

Issue 54 (August 2007) SOLD
Your photo mysteries solved; Family history for children; He died at sea and the government covered it up; Discover your ‘fishy’ forebears: fisherfolk; Scottish parish records; Regional guide to Monmouthshire; Surname histories: Elston, Penton, Suckling, Toulman; A new life abroad.

Issue 55 (September 2007)
Who Do You Think You Are? Exclusive; Map out your family history; Farriers and blacksmiths; Organise your family research; Fire insurance documents; The teenage Casanova: He fathered two bastard sons before he was twenty!; Regional guide to West Sussex; Surname histories: Surtees, Kistle, Gibbons, Beaumont; The remarkable Doctor Henderson.

Issue 56 (October 2007) SOLD  
Clues from the grave: Nick Barratt’s essential guide to finding and using monumental inscriptions; Trace your family’s genes: DNA testing; Findmypast; Regional guide to Ulster; Immigration records; My ancestors was killed by Irish rebels; Researching brickworkers; Surname histories: Quigg/Twigg, Jermyn, Wigglesworth, Worth.

Issue 57 (November 2007) SOLD  
100 research tips; Assize Court records; Track down street sellers; They never forgot their fallen brother; Regional guide to Coventry; Surname histories: Crocker, Dodd, Henderson, Salter; Admitted to the asylum; Plan your family reunion; Revisiting Genes Reunited.

Issue 58 (December 2007)   SOLD
Parish Records Special Issue; 30 Christmas gift ideas for family historians; How did your family live?; Early military records; Discover hidden records online; The Wannabe Welshman; Terror from the skies; Finding birth, marriage and death certificates; Regional guide to South Yorkshire; Surname histories: Squire, Swales, Wildboar, Young.

Issue 59 (January 2008)  
Family history on your PC: find key records, organise your files, scan printed documents and more!; Trace records of the manor; Find relatives using your DNA; Researching surnames; A vicar gambled her money away; Standing proud against Napoleon; Regional guide to Lanarkshire; Researching dressmakers; Surname histories: Anson, Ash, Beasley and Skinner.

Issue 60 (February 2008) SOLD  
Find your Capital ancestors: Researching in Belfast, Cardiff, Dublin, Edinburgh and London; Build your family tree; A romantic past; My Canadian forebears; Regional guide to Northamptonshire; Surname histories: Berkeley, Castle, James and Rowe; Wheelwrights and the records; Irish property records; Discover local records online.

Issue 61 (March 2008) SOLD  
Forgotten treasures: Top 10 underused resources; Military photographs; Track down suffragettes; Find marriages online; Jewellers in the family; Get started with census returns; How to make gravestones more legible; Find your Welsh ancestors; A sea captain in the slave trade; Another writer in the family; A bandit in the family; Regional guide to Pembrokeshire; Surname histories: Catchpole, Norman, Walton and Wilkins.

Issue 62 (April 2008)   SOLD
Find your family’s wills; Theatrical ancestors; Jewish ancestors roots; Titanic stories and tracing shipwrecked ancestors; Regional guide to Dorset; Surname histories: Compton, Defoe, Dixon, and Osborne; Get started with birth certificates; Decipher old handwriting; Build and view family files; Search newspaper archives online; Prisoner of the Germans; Troubled times: Victorian life; A deserter in the family.

Issue 63 (Spring 2008 SOLD  
Most wanted: Criminal ancestors; Straw workers: the lives of hat and furniture makers and their records; Catholic records; VE Day; Regional guide to Refrewshire; Surname histories of Davidson, Hamilton, Rabbit and Wiffen; Get started with marriage certificates; Interview your relatives will; Family history bargains online; Record-breaking record taking; Fighting fascism from the docks; My bigamist ancestors.

Issue 64 (May 2008)  SOLD  
Census: the definitive guide; Tailors in your tree; Trace WWI heroes; Adoption records; Going postal: how your ancestors used the post; Get started with death certificates; Start your family history scrapbook; Get to grips with heraldry; Regional guide to Leicester; Surname histories of: Bloy, Coleshill, MacGregor, and Shurrock; Where was my father wounded?; A forgotten hero; Sparking a death sentence.

Issue 65 (June 2008) SOLD
20th-century ancestors; Carpenters in the family; Track down the British in India; Beside the seaside; Regional guide to East Yorkshire; Surname histories of: Douglas, Flambard; Garraway and Grierson; Get started with parish registers; Wind your wealthy ancestors; Find seafaring ancestors online; My family’s eureka moment; For King and Country; A bewitched ancestor?; How to preserve old records.

Issue 66 (July 2008)  SOLD  
Records of childhood; The war against independence; Find old maps; Doctor in the house; WW1 and WW2 Prisoners of War; Regional guide to Clwyd; Surname histories of MacNaughton, Paterson, Poole and Thatcher; My own bobbies on the beat; Terror of Easter Tuesday.

Issue 67 (August 2008)   SOLD
Records of employment; Olympic ancestors; Trace Australians online; How to organise your research; Discover hints and tricks to researching travelling performers (fairground workers, circus performers and gypsies); Rate books; Regional guide to Worcestershire; Surname history of Fletcher, MacQueen, Marshall and Stock/Stoker; Family secrets from Africa; Digging deep for my ancestor; Lessons in fraud.

Issue 68 (September 2008) SOLD  
Find money in your family; Laying down the law; Records of charity; The Great fire on London; Family history in Fife; Surname histories: Graham, Mortimer, Russell and Sampson; Get started with election records; Photograph old documents; Find your Scottish ancestors online; Medaling in my family history; Discovering an eccentric dentist; Grandad and his wives.

Issue 69 (October 2008)  
Find more records on the internet: get the most out of your subscriptions to Ancestry, The Genealogist & more; Gamekeepers and rangers; Servants’ records; Rage against the machines; Regional history of Huntingdonshire; Surname histories of Arnot, Galloway, Lawrence, Nurse/Nursery; Get started with The National Archives; Use family history society websites; The Barnardo’s photo scandal; A glamorous life at sea.

Issue 70 (November 2008)  SOLD  
Trace your World War I heroes; Papermakers and rag sorters; Railway records; Halloween’s dark past; Regional guide to Bradford; Surname histories of Christie, Clews, Huggins, Simpson; My family’s own fly boy; Messenger on a motorbike; A poisonous ancestor.

Issue 71 (December 2008) SOLD  
Records of marriage; Christmas traders; Records of heraldry; Why did Cromwell cancel Christmas?; Regional guide to Leinster; Surname histories of: Airey, Benn, Packard and Swann; Find Irish ancestors on the internet; The secret past of a pyrotechnist; Setting my sights on my ancestor; A terrible judgement.

Issue 72 (January 2009)  
Immigrant ancestors: Discover your family’s origins and trace their journey to a new home; Journalists, sub-editors and typesetters; Equity court records; The impact of radio; Regional guide to Angus and Dundee; Surname histories of Jillings, Littlejohn, MacCarthy and Rogers; Search family trees on the web; Was my relative a pirate?; My ancestor’s explosive past; Shot down in his prime.

Issue 73 (February 2009) SOLD  
Missing from the Parish; How bakers earned a crust; Records of slavery; Fighting Napoleon; Regional guide to Stoke-on-Trent; Surname histories of: Dunlop, Evans, Jackson and Stevenson; Get started with photographs; Find parish registers online; A Zepplin bomb killed my ancestor; A family’s fight to survive.

Issue 74 (March 2009)  
1911 Census online: Your complete guide; Dentists, toothers and kind-hearts; Bastardy records; Followers of fashion; Regional guide to Munster; Surname histories of Beal, Lund, Moody and Stewart; Get started with directories; Life-long protector of the poor; Searching for a Scottish link; Did he fake his own death?

Issue 75 (April 2009) SOLD
Trace your London ancestors; Beyond the 1911 census; Politicians and chartists; The doomed rebellion; Regional guide to the Lothians; Surname histories of Cruickshank, Mainwaring, Stanton, and Wetherall; Find your criminal ancestors online; The Bombay marine; A new life in Australia; My petty thief ancestor.

Issue 76 (Spring 2009) SOLD
Records of the poor; A World War I smuggler; Australia and the Pacific Islands; From rags to regiment; Track your family through Property records;  Getting started with DNA testing; Make a grave rubbing; Trace your titled ancestors; Find your Royal Navy ancestors online; The Irish fight for independence; Regional guide to Plymouth; Surname histories: Gray, Hutchinson, Major, Thorn; Skeleton in the Cupboard: An Army deserter.

Issue 77 (May 2009) SOLD  
Beyond the Parish: Find records that predate parish registers; My mum was a child slave; Exploring India and South Asia; Middle East peace-keeper post-WWI; Trace child migrants; Get started with Scottish research; Trace your WWI ancestors; London records at Ancestry; Find lost grave inscriptions; Ancestors on strike;  Regional guide to Ayrshire; Surname histories: Bruten, Hopkins, Thoroughgood, Wharton; Skeleton in the Cupboard: My dodgy banker.

Issue 78 (June 2009)
Buried treasures; Bigamy in my tree; Slavery to farming – the African adventure; Vanishing act; Find Irish church records; Get started with old maps and plans; Publish your family’s story; Learn the language of your ancestors; Discover your ancestral homes; Use social networking sites; Trace D-Day heroes;  Regional guide to Nottingham; Surname histories: Murphy, Newport, Proud, Robertson; Skeleton in the Cupboard: A vicar’s convict son.

Issue 79 (July 2009) SOLD
Map out your surname; Exploring North America – a New World; On a mission from God; Singing by royal approval; Travel documents: follow your forebears on holiday; Get started with family history software; Do your research in the garden; Find your West Wales ancestors; Find records of work; How Victoria changed Britain; Regional guide to Dyfed, West Wales; Surname histories: Farrell, Huggett, Hunting, Radcliffe; Skeleton in the Cupboard: My boozy ancestor.

Issue 80 (August 2009) SOLD
Explore Britain’s past; Trace your female line; Catholics in the 18th century; Exploring and exploiting the West Indies; Letters from Lady Byron;  Insolvent ancestors: you can find a wealth of information on your strapped-for-cash ancestors; Get started with the parish chest; Make a family history radio show; Back up your family research; Find ancestors in court; Find forebears in the news; A dark history of hanging; Regional guide to Southampton; Surname histories: Corin, Marsh, Napier, Skeleton; Skeleton in the Cupboard: My family of rebels.

Issue 81 (September 2009) SOLD
Back to school; Par for the course; My own hero at Trafalgar; Trace your war heroes: Records of service; New links in New Zealand; Scottish land records; Get started with computing; Make your own time capsule; Discover your Welsh roots; 1918, the greatest plague in history; Regional guide to Hull and North Yorkshire; Surname histories: Blanchard, Harding, Pike, Smollett; Skeleton in the Cupboard: A drunken drowning.

Issue 82 (October 2009) SOLD
Family history’s future; Your research puzzles solved; Under siege in South Africa; Lists and Muster Rolls; My English Orangeman; Freemasons and clubs and their records; Get started with your family memories; Preserve your old newspapers; Track down your nonconformists; An agricultural labour of love; Regional guide to Scottish Highlands; Surname histories: Dwyer, Grundy, McDermott, Mole; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Jewel thief in the tree.

Issue 83 (November 2009) SOLD
Search smarter with parish records; My family’s scarlet fever tragedy; Trace your war heroes: Medals records; My forbear fought at Waterloo; Merchant seamen: the men who sailed in Britain’s commercial fleet and the records they left; Chat with your family for free; Wills and probate; The West Midlands; The birth of the National Healthcare Service (NHS) and how it changed your ancestors’ lives; Surname histories: Blanchett, Henshaw, Pilgrim, Pott; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Troublemaker in my tree.

Issue 84 (December 2009) SOLD
100 Vital Websites; Related to Sweet Fanny Adams; War graves and memorials; Communists at the creamery; Clans and tartans; Get started with local archives; Make a family history Christmas card; Find and use old stamps; Regional guide to Greater London; A Victorian Christmas; Surname Histories: Gold, Postlethwaite, Saunders, Wilberforce; Skeleton in the Cupboard: A love triangle with a twist.

Issue 85 (January 2010) SOLD  
Pass down your family’s story; Flying to a tragic end; Trace your war heroes: Casualty lists and rolls of honour; He survived a shipwreck; Asylums and mental hospitals: records of staff and inmates; 15 reasons to join The Genealogist; Get started with organising your research; Publish your research at MyCanvas; Find immigrant ancestors; Regional guide to Greater Manchester; Keeping you posted: mail workers; Surname histories: Billam, Henry, Herald, Knight; Skeleton in the Cupboard: My ancestors swapped wives.

Issue 86 (February 2010) SOLD  
Who Do You Think You Are? Live; Trace your living relatives; Wrecked on the rocks; Trace your war heroes with war diaries and operational records; Tragic potter turned private; Secret censuses – census substitutes; Get started with BMD records; Make your own handy storage; Help make records accessible to all; Regional guide to West Yorkshire; The War of Spanish Succession; Surname histories: Jewell, O’Shaughnessy, Rhodes, Tulloch; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Life in the madhouse.

Issue 87 (March 2010) SOLD
Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2010; Genealogy for free!; Ancestors on the high seas; Trace your war heroes with pension records; Delving into a Danish past; Trace apprentices: Track down  the records of your ancestors’ time spent learning their trades; Get started with census websites; Preserve your old photographs; Find your ancestors’ marriages; Regional guide to Hampshire; Man’s best friends: We look at how our relationships with animals have changed over the years; Surname histories: Laugher, Mason, Raleigh, Webb; Skeleton in the Cupboard: An unlawful marriage.

Issue 88 (April 2010) SOLD
Your Family Tree Awards 2009; Where did they go?; My family’s own soap opera; Trace your war heroes: Prisoner of War records; Fighting on the Artic Front; Cops and robbers: Police Records; Get started with old documents; Show off your family heirlooms; Use record offices online; Regional guide to Essex; The Great Plague: 1665 London; Surname histories: Dennis, Emmett, Phillips, Rhys; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Framed for assault.

Issue 89 (Spring 2010) SOLD
Have you found the right one?: Expert advice on how to research accurately and eliminate mistakes; A boy soldier’s tragic death; Trace your war heroes: Women at war; A test of faith; Discover Insurance records; Get started with pre-1837 records; Organise your research notes; Discover the Victorian church; Trace Scottish kin; Regional guide to Staffordshire; Changing rooms: What can your ancestors’ homes tell you about their lives?; Surname histories: Amery, Amis, Bagshaw, Wall; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Tracing arson and incest.

Issue 90 (May 2010) SOLD  
The digital revolution; Election special; A wife’s horrific death; Trace your war heroes: Badges and insignia; Adventures with Apaches; Commonwealth gap: How to overcome the difficulties of entries missing from parish registers 1642 and 1660; Get started with interpreting your surname; Create your own family website; Finding difficult deaths; Regional guide to Glasgow; Life after VE day; Surname histories: Conway, Strode, Trotter; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Running away from debts.

Issue 91 (June 2010) SOLD  
For the record: exclusive insight into charges at TNA; Top 50 time saving tips; Killed in South Africa; Trace your war heroes: Photographs and portraits; Finding the silver lining; Farming records: Our guide helps you find the records of your agricultural labourers; Get started with family history fairs; Trace your Welsh ancestors; Find Republic of Ireland records; Regional guide to Lincolnshire; Rise and fall of child labour; Surname histories: Barr, Berington, Tucker, Wade; Skeleton in the Cupboard: An unprovoked attack?

Issue 93 (August 2010) SOLD
Wills: The definitive guide; Pushing the boat out; Ancestors in prison; Tragedy on the Tilford Road; Name changes: how to unearth name changes; Get started with your ancestors’ occupations; Discover parish registers; Trace your noble pedigree; Research in County Antrim; Chaos on the Crimea; Surname histories: Fraser, MacCabe, Manners, Savile; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Unbefitting a gentleman.

Issue 94 (September 2010) SOLD  
Ultimate guide to graves: Miner on a mission; Boarding school; Tracing teacher; High street history; Get started with writing up your research; Get involved with your favourite websites; Track down your ancestors from Hertfordshire; Horror in London: Jack the Ripper; Surname histories: Waddell, Haydock, Eatock, Turvile; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Debt drove her to despair.

Issue 95 (October 2010)
Inside: Records offices; A Family Divided; Hospitals; Killed by captives; Quarter Session court records; Get started researching Poor Law records;  Find WWI officers; Trace Merchant seamen; Track your ancestors in Lancashire; Surname histories: Chisholm, Coyners, Luke, O’Connor; Skeleton in the cupboard: Murder, money and mystery!

Issue 96 (November 2010) SOLD
War cemeteries: Find out how excavated WWI casualties from Fromelles were identified and reburied; 55 research problems solved; My dad the Nazi-hunter; Universities; Solving a family portrait puzzle; Tax records; Get started with nonconformist records; Get more from family history forums; Trace North American family; Track down your ancestors from Lanarkshire; Shakespeare’s legacy; Surname histories: Elliott, Finch, Needham, Warner; Skeleton in the cupboard: Terrified of treatment.

Issue 97 (December 2010) SOLD
ScotlandsPeople; New ways to search parish records; Unknown soldier; Orphanages: find out how to trace the lost and abandoned children in Victorian orphanages; Danger on the Nile; Death duty records; Get started with marriage certificates; Prepare and scan your family photographs; Local family history; Track down your ancestors in Dorset; Enemies within; Surname histories: Goodall, Manning, Oughton, Twysden; Skeleton in the cupboard: Diseases and deceit. [this magazine has a few loose pages]

Issue 98 (January 2011) SOLD
TNA’s budget cuts; Man on a mission; Roaming ancestors!; Army camps; Going underground; Death duty Medieval records; Get started researching poor ancestors: Find old newspapers: Find Australian emigrants; Regional guide to South Yorkshire; Christmas traditions and customs; Surname histories: Ewan, Fawkes, Fox, and Vaux; Family fraudster.

Issue 99 (February 2011) SOLD
Simple steps for better research; Military heroes: Victoria Cross and George Cross recipients honoured; Family history software special; Sailing a stormy sea; Ancestors at sea; Feuding family; Ancestors at sea: tracing forebears who may have been at sea when the census was taken; Medical records; Get started with old maps and plans; Get started!; Looking online for London records; Researching Norfolk; Scouting for relatives: Boy Scouts and the documents; Surname histories: Gage, Gall, Redhead, Tweedie; Skeleton in the Cupboard: Mistaken identity.

Issue 100 (March 2011) SOLD
YFT turns 100: Birthday letters; The 2011 Census; Surviving the plague; Huguenot ancestors; The bomb catcher; 1911 Census Centenary Special; 1911 Military returns; Get started with migration records; Find Irish family online; Researching Liverpool; Skeleton in the Cupboard: A tragic family affair.