Gift Ideas & Highlights

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Gift Ideas & Highlights under $10

Genealogists Never Make Mistakes Eraser – Stationery – $5.50
How about a handy eraser that you can put in your pencil case? This great quality eraser is retractable so you can keep it neat and clean, and because it has genealogy stamped on it, surely your family will leave it alone!

K & Company Questions to Ask Pad of Stickers – Scrapbooking – $6.95
Here is a perfect way to jump start stories and memories of days gone by! This die-cut designer pad of stickers delivers conversation and memory prompts in the form of general questions followed by journaling lines. Once completed, simply stick them on to your layout!

Moxxie 12×12 Double Sided Family Tree – Scrapbooking – $1.80
The front of this double-sided paper has boxes for 4 generations of a pedigree (yourself, parents, grandparents and great grandparents). If you use as is, it is simply doing the research, and then filling in the boxes.

A4 Journal Holder – Stationery – $1.10
Made from heavyweight polypropylene plastic, but still flexible, this magazine holder multipunched so it can be used in 2, 3 or 4 ring binders – and it makes storing your magazines in a binder so simple.

Creative Imaginations 12×12 Cream Scroll Die-Cut Paper – Scrapbooking – $3.50
The Narratives collection from Creative Imaginations is a combination of simple elegance, with an antique style, and each item in this range is coloured in classic cream and black.

7 Generation Pedigree Chart – Stationery – $4.50
This has always been a popular chart, and now it is finally back in print. This large chart is printed in green ink, and is on parchment paper, and features a tree in the background, with lines for you to fill in seven generations of your direct line family tree. It is perfect for framing or display.

Bumper Sticker: Genealogists Never Die, they Just Lose their Census – Scrapbooking – $5.00
After many requests, the publisher has had this classic quote made into a removable bumper sticker.

Handbook to the Colony of New South Wales 1858 – DATA CD – $7.50
This ‘Handbook to the Colony of New South Wales’ was one of a series of similar guides to the Australian colonies written by the editor of the Australian and New Zealand Gazette as information for potential emigrants.

EK Success Jolees Stickers: Trees – Scrapbooking – $7.50
You will love these 3D stickers from EK Success. Great “family trees” designed just for the genealogist! The pack contains three stickers, each with a tree of multiple layers.

A4 Accessories Holder – Stationery – $5.95
A useful A4 size envelope pocket with Velcro fastening, made from acid free polypropylene. Will hold loose items securely in 2, 3, or 4 ring binders.

Gift Ideas & Highlights $10 – $25

Kaisercraft Chipboard Family Tree – Scrapbooking – $14.95
This chipboard tree, which measures 29cm high and 30cm wide, comes cut out and ready for your to paint and/or craft. See the alternate photo to see how the tree can look with made up. With hanging photo ovals for three generations (you, parents and grandparents), this will be creating something unique and special for your family.

Gould Genealogy $20.00 Gift Voucher – Gift Voucher – $20.00
If you’re not sure exactly what to give someone, then our new ‘Gift Vouchers’ are the answer. It gives your friend, relative or colleague the chance to choose exactly what they want. So what could be better? Let them choose from our catalogue of over 10,000 products including books, maps, software, data disks, microfiche and stationery.

Social Media for Family Historians – C. Riley – $19.50
‘Social Media for Family Historians’ introduces more than 25 websites that can help family historians to communicate, share and collaborate with other family historians and with their own families. It covers new ways to communicate such as Sykpe and SecondLife; social networking sites such as Facebook and GenealogyWise; blogs and microblogs such as Twitter; sites for sharing family trees such as Ancestry and MyHeritage; sites for sharing photos and videos such as Flickr and YouTube; and community information sites such as wikis and social bookmarking.

Which Genealogy Program? – K. Farmer & R. Kopittke – $18.00
‘Which Genealogy Program?’ surveys the available family history programs available, and discusses their features. Dedicated sections compare aspects such as ease of use, help and support, the various reports available, data flexibility and convenience features, use of multimedia, source recording, file transfers, functions for ‘power users’, privacy controls, as well as the offerings in the Australasian editions. A general discussion of each program is followed by detailed tables of features and accompanying notes.

10 Generation Double Chart – Stationery – $19.50
This chart is often known as a “bow tie” or “butterfly” chart due to the shape. Your father’s ancestry spreads out to the left and your mothers to the right with you the middle plus room for your children in a further box below you.

Tracing Your Family History in New South Wales – DATA CD – $25.00
If you are researching your family in New South Wales, and really don’t know where to look – this guide details the many different types of records useful for your research, together with where you can find them. A new feature in this edition, is that for the first time not only ‘hardcopy’ (or printed) sources are noted, but also the internet, and the all the amazing resources that are available for the genealogist researching in this Australian state.

New Cousins: How to Trace Living Descendants of Your Ancestors – K. Bali – $13.00
This book is a guide to descendant searching – that is looking for living relatives. It can be fascinating, rewarding, and potentially life-changing. Research can lead you not to dead ancestors, but to living, breathing relatives who share your genetic heritage – members of your extended family.

K & Company 12×12 Double-Sided Paper Pack – Scrapbooking – $25.00
K & Company has teamed with to bring you a beautiful, comprehensive, family history scrapbooking collection! Ideal for those creating a whole heritage album … this paper pack from K & Company’s range, contains 36 12×12 double-sided pages (3 x 12 different designs).

My Mind’s Eye 12×12 Life Stories Kit #2 – Scrapbooking – $24.95
Tell your Life Story with this collection, printed on Kraft paper in soft brown, reds and purples! With 2 die cut accessory sheets, 24 patterned papers, and 30 mini journaling cards you are sure to find something for your every scrapbooking need!

Binder and Slip Cover 40mm: Black – Stationery – $19.50
Binder and Slip Cover is identical to the other binders in 300 pack albums but with no pages and minimum graphics on cover. 40mm wide spine.

Gift Ideas & Highlights $25 – $50

Bound for South Australia: Births and Deaths on Government-Assisted Immigrant Ships 1848-1885 – DATA CD – $29.50
A richly illustrated CD-ROM which brings, for the first time, a complete listing of 323 voyages to South Australia between 1848 and 1885 under the auspices of the South Australian Government.

Parish Registers in Australia 1787-1990: A List of Originals, Transcripts, Microforms and Indexes of Australia Parish Registers – DATA CD – $29.95
This second edition, originally produced in book form back in 1990, which has long been out of print, has now been re-released as a facsimile on CD-ROM. It comprises 356 and indexes the location of 5,524 different Australian Parish Registers from 42 religions held at 153 record centres around Australia.

Personal Historian: Personal and Family History Writing Software – Software – $49.50
‘Personal Historian’ is software which assists you in writing personal histories about yourself and other individuals. It breaks this seemingly monumental task into small, manageable pieces and then reconstructs it into a complete, publishable document.

Who Do You Think You Are? Australian Edition: Season 2 – Software – $29.95
The episodes take us to all corners of Australia and around the globe, as each has secrets uncovered and histories are revealed along the way. Combining emotional and personal journeys with big-picture history, these inspiring and sometimes challenging stories remind us how Australian have come to be the people we are today. This series traces the family history of: Ron Barassi; Sigrid Thornton; Ben Mendelsohn; Christine Anu; Maggie Beer & John Butler.

Lands Guide: A Guide to Finding Records of Crown Land at Public Record Office of Victoria – book – P. Nelson & L. Alves – $49.95
The ‘Lands Guide’ is a comprehensive resource for accessing records relating to Crown land in the State of Victoria, and will be an indispensable finding aid for anyone doing research into Victoria’s land records.

Family Tree Maker 2011 Upgrade Australia and New Zealand Edition – Software – $39.95
Family Tree Maker 2011 provides users with the tools they need to build their family tree, record their memories, as well as organise their family photos, stories, videos and audio clips in a way that will help them easily capture and share the story of their ancestors. If you have an earlier version of Family Tree Maker, you can upgrade to the latest version now.

Domesday Book: A Complete Translation – A. Williams & G. Martin – $39.95
‘Domesday Book’ is one of the most famous documents in English history – and arguably in world history. Now available in one volume, here is the complete, authoritative translation from the original Latin of ‘Domesday Book’, together with an index of places and a glossary of terms used.

South Australia Pre-Civil Registration Deaths – DATA CD – $25.00
‘South Australia Pre-Civil Registration Deaths’ is a database bringing together the known material including some not so obvious records, to present all the deaths in the period leading up to June 1842 on the one listing.

Tracing Your Second World War Ancestors – S. Fowler – $39.50
This book is designed to help both the complete novice and the more experienced researcher to find out what resources are available for those that were in World War Two in the English forces, as well as where and how they can be accessed. They include the National Archives at Kew, the Imperial War Museum and Regimental Museums.

Single and Free: Female Migration to Australia 1833-1837 – E. Rushen – $39.50
The life-experiences and writings of the women demonstrate that they were drawn from a wide cross-section of nineteenth century society. They were eminently suitable as domestic and agricultural workers and as future wives for the women-hungry colonies.

Gift Ideas & Highlights $50 – $100

Legacy Family Tree Training Video CDs Volume 1 and Volume 2 Set – DATA CDs – $69.50
Suitable for beginners right through to advanced – and covering everything from first time entry of data, through to tagging, chronologies, and photographs … everyone will learn something using these video training CDs. Simply place a CD in your computer, and it will start playing. From time to time it it suggests you pause it to try a feature out yourself, and then allows you to resume.

Historical Records of New South Wales Volumes 1-7 – DATA CD – $69.50
The set of seven volumes covering the period 1762 to 1811 tell the story of exploration, convicts, the administrators, the military, and others associated with the colony of New South Wales during the early days. The extensive collection of journals, logs, personal and official letters, the despatches, State papers, maps and illustrations provide an interesting insight into all facets of the colony.

Legacy Family Tree 7.0 Platinum Australia/New Zealand Edition – Software – $79.95
Legacy Family Tree has a long history of being an easy-to-use, good quality genealogy software program. Now with the release of the new Version 7, comes a new package, an Australia/New Zealand specific version.

Families of County Kerry – DATA CD – $69.95
‘The Book of Irish Families Great and Small’ begins this series, and covers thousands of families from all of Ireland. ‘Families of County Kerry’ greatly expands upon the coverage given in that book and adds several hundred new families. In this way both books compliment each other. An outline of the history of the county as it relates to Irish families, and to Irish research, is included, along with an exhaustive enumeration of thousands of Kerry families, sure to help any family researcher.

Ireland 1870 Slater’s Directory: Compendium of All Sections – DATA CD – $95.00
Slater’s Royal National Directory of Ireland was published in Manchester and London in 1870 and encompasses almost 1,200 pages of text and more than 120,000 names.

Topographical Dictionary of Ireland 1837 – DATA CD – $79.00
Lewis gives details about every parish, town and village in Ireland, including numbers of inhabitants, the economy, history, topography, religion and parish structures, administration and courts, schools, and much more. He also gives the names of the principal inhabitants (generally landlords, merchants and professionals).

Fox’s History of Queensland 1919-23 – DATA CD – $79.50
‘Fox’s History of Queensland’ is similar to the Cyclopedias that were published for most states of Australia around the beginning of the 20th Century. These (including Fox’s) are a vast resource of historical and biographical information – consisting of information on the people, towns, industries, professional, commercial and social institutions and much more. ‘Fox’s History of Queensland’ is the largest of these publications and is extremely rare to find copies.

Aldine Centennial History of New South Wales 1888 – DATA CD – $69.50
Published in 1888, William Frederic Morrison produced the ‘Aldine Centennial History of New South Wales’ in a two volume set as a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated record of the history of New South Wales and its prominent inhabitants.

Picturesque Atlas of Australasia 1886-88 – DATA CD – $59.50
Published in Sydney in 1886-88, the enormous, multi-volume ‘Picturesque Atlas of Australia’ was an attempt with words and pictures to describe the Australia of the time. Its publication was one of the most significant cultural projects in 19th-century Australia. Writers, artists, academics, and politicians came together to prepare a book of unprecedented grandeur and ambition, and a publishing company was established to publish it. The 1100+ engravings on steel and wood contained in the Picturesque Atlas were among the finest engravings to be found anywhere in the world at this time, and many of the illustrations were specially commissioned works by leading Australian artists of the era, for the publication.

Grantees of Arms Volumes 1 and 2 – DATA CD – $50.00
Published by The Harleain Society in three large books. Volume one contains the names of those granted the right to bear arms to the end of the seventeenth century. The second and third books cover the years 1687 to 1898. The Heralds at the College of Arms consider these books to be one of the most important reference sources available to them and we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to make them available on CD to historians and genealogists all over the world.