Unlock the Past guide booksOur sister-company Unlock the Past recently celebrated their fifth birthday, and in that time they have hosted numerous genealogy Expos and Roadshows around Australia, and have cemented their place in the world of genealogy cruising – having already run 5 of them, with another 8 already in the works, but they have developed a wide range of guide books.

The guide books are what I want to talk about here.

What started out as a need for some genealogy books that relate to Australians and Australian research, has now grown to be more than 50 titles.

Of those 50 or so titles, most are written by Australians, but there is a growing number of overseas authors who have offered to write books for Unlock the Past as well. With the number of books increasing, the topics covered by them has also increased, and no longer covers just Australian research and records, but also books relating to British, Irish, Scottish and German research, as well as numerous “General” titles like citing sources, preserving oral history, how to preserve your family heirlooms, how to read old handwriting, and what old medical ailments are just to┬áname a few.

All of these books have been produced by us and posted out to customers, and while we’re happy to send orders to anywhere in the world – there was growing need for them to be available internationally through other means as unfortunately the freight from Australia isn’t cheap!

So Unlock the Past have made their books available through various new sources. and partnerships

Firstly for those in the UK you can now purchase the Unlock the Past guide books from My History, and for those in Canada and the US you can obtain copies from Global Genealogy. Each of these companies will be printing copies of the Unlock the Past guide books themselves, which will not only save time and freight cost for you.

These titles are also available as ebooks for instant download for viewing on your desktop computer, laptop and mobile devices. You can find these on the Genealogy Ebooks website (www.gen-ebooks.com). And of course they are cheaper too.

My History is easily one of UKs largest genealogy outlets, and one of the busiest, as they attend events most weeks of the year. Apart from offering a large chart printing service, they also sell genealogy software, data CDs, archival products, and now the Unlock the Past guide books as well as others.

Global Genealogy in Canada have been around for a very long time, and one of the few true genealogy retails stores left in the world (kind of like us). Largely catering to the North American market, they sell books, data CDs, archival supplies as well as charts.

Both Gould Genealogy and Unlock the Past are excited about these partnerships, and we do hope that you find these books of interest.

For the full list of Unlock the Past guide books click here.