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Victoria’s History Week is on, and for those in Melbourne and regional areas of Victoria, this is the week to truly get out and discover the history that lies in your state.

Co-ordinated by the Royal Historical Soctiery of Victoria which was formed over 100 years ago and is a community organisation committed to collecting, researching and sharing an understanding of the history of Victoria, History Week runs from Sunday 16 October, through until Saturday 23 October, and there are literally 100s of events on around the state.

This History Week you can…

– see the fascinating change in Melbourne’s suburban life at the stunning new Remembering the ‘Burbs 1850 – 1960 exhibition
– meet well-known lawyers, murderers, a slain police officer and robbery victims now at rest in Bell Street
– don your walking shoes and discover fascinating insights into one of Australia’s most celebrated artistic families – the Boyds – including their art, creative passions, and their immense contribution to Australian cultural life
– explore the stories of early Victoria’s many wild colonial boys, including the St Kilda Gang, the Plenty Gang and the Kelly Gang
– discover the history of Melbourne’s edgy seaside suburb, St Kilda, through two very different lenses
– discuss the meaning and power of place in Australia’s historical narrative
– commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Melbourne Olympics and step into the shoes of an Argus Newspaper sports journalist
– be transported back to Marvellous Melbourne with one of Australia’s most influential historians
– join makers from all over of the Yarra Ranges to recreate a time when clothes were made to last
– enjoy an online exhibition of stirrers with style and learn other stories of women leaders

And much so, so much more!

What’s on?
For the full listing of events, be sure to check their calendar. This allows you to browse, as well as filter by days or by region to help you locate what’s on when and where.

More info?
And if you have any queries, you can get in touch with the RHSV at:
History Week 2016
c/o Royal Historical Society of Victoria
239 A’Beckett Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
T: (03) 9326 9288
E: info@historyweek.org.au
W: http://historyweek.org.au

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