An Overview of Family Historian 5 [VIDEO]

CPL007-2T  Family Histoian 5Family Historian 5 is one of the few non-US created genealogy programs. Being a UK written and made product it has long been the Number 1 selling program in the UK, and is now gaining dedicated followers in Australia.

Family Historian is a program that is simply used for you to RECORD the information that you find, and to be able to view and print out that information in many, many ways. It is NOT a program that will go out and SEARCH for you as some expect a program to do these days. If that is the type of program you are after, this isn’t the program for you. Besides do you really want the program to search for you? Isn’t the searching for it yourself half of the fun?

Anyway the more I see this program the more I love it, and I think you will too. While is is a comprehensive program, Simon gives us an overview of the main aspects of the program in this video.

So after watching the overview video, you’re all fired up and want to give Family Historian a go, you can download a free 30 day trial of the program, or if you wish to go ahead and purchase your own copy you can do so from our store.

Family Historian is suitable for use on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems.

3 thoughts on “An Overview of Family Historian 5 [VIDEO]

  1. Anne Stafford says:

    Hi Alona
    I have booked for the next UTP cruise and was wondering if there will be any sessions on Family Historian.
    I have been using the programme for a while but have found it to have a fairly steep learning curve.
    There seem to be quite a few Australians moving to the programme.


  2. Anne. Family Historian is a great program and deserves an even stronger take up here. Jill Ball presented on it on the 3rd cruise. She will be on the 4th cruise too and can at least give you some tutorials in our planned Research Help Zone spots. We are however seeking cruise support from a number of possible cruise partners/sponsors, Family Historian included. If they do formally support this there will be scheduled sessions on the program. – Alan Phillips

  3. Anne Stafford says:

    Thanks Alan


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