Shake Your Family Tree Day 2013 Shake Your Family Tree Day is a day to celebrate your heritage at the National Archives of Australia’s open day, which is on Tuesday, 16 April 2013.

Each year the National Archives of Australia offers a day of guest speakers, seminars, expert advice and resources to inspire you to delve into your family history. Some states are offering tours through the archives, so if you get the chance, DO NOT MISS THAT! How often do you REALLY get to see what an archives office holds??

A number of the seminar talks relate to migrant ancestors, so you can learn how to find records related to your family’s story of arriving and settling in Australia.  You can speak to experts about resources that can assist with your search, and you will hear personal stories from fascinating guest speakers.

You’ll also get to hear about the National Archives of Australia’s new website Destination: Australia, which showcases more than 21,000 photographs of migrants in Australia following World War II.  And you just never know, but someone from your family could be among them.

As each state National Archives office hold their own event, click on the relevant link to find out the schedule of talks on for that state.
Please note: BOOKINGS ARE REQUIRED for the seminars, so check the contact details on the form you print out.








So make a day of it. Go and discover what your local National Archives of Australia repository actually holds, and see how they can help you with your research.