Family Historian 4 Australian and New Zealand Edition – Now Available

It has been a long time coming – but we can now say that Family Historian 4 Australian & New Zealand Edition is now in stock.

Containing the same program that comes in the Family Historian 4 (UK version), the extras that come it make it “Australasian-ised”.


  • Family Historian 4 program CD
  • Australian Shipping 1788-1968 (CD) – $59.95 A collection of over 240,000 arrivals and departures of ships at Australian ports between 1788 and 1968
  • Australian Dictionary of Dates and Men of the Time (CD) – $39.50
  • New Zealand Directory 1866-67 (Stevens and Bartholomew) (CD) – $34.50
  • 90 day subscription to

The publisher’s offer a free trial of the program:
– if you DON’T already have a previous version of it installed click here
– if you DO already have a previous version of Family Historian installed read this first

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