The Flip-Pal mobile scanner has seen huge success in the US, and is the latest must-have item in both the genealogy and crafting world. FINALLY us Aussies get to see what all the hype is about, as we at Gould Genealogy & History have been given the rights to import this amazing scanner (together with the associated bits) into Australia.

For those of you who haven’t already seen a Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner, either from someone you know, or demonstrated at an event, here’s a good Introduction to Flip-Pal video, that was created by Legacy Family Tree as part of their webinar series. Trust me this is no ordinary scanner – it will totally WOW you.

The webinar is long, running for just over 1.30hrs, but if you watch it from the beginning to about to 40 minute mark, and you’ll know all about Flip-Pal.

You can find a listing of Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner and related products on our online genealogy store. For more information visit the Flip-Pal web site.