Issue 9 of the Inside History Magazine is out now. Once again it contains an amazing mix of articles relating to the history of Australia and Australians.

Created as a magazine to for people with a passion for history and/or genealogy in Australia or New Zealand, this magazine is a cover-to-cover read.

In this March-April edition (issue 9) you’ll find the following:

– Read the amazing story of a reader wanting to reunite a family with an 1883 baby photograph with current family
– Shaun Micallef was featured in the first episode of Season 4 of Who Do You Think You Are? Australia. Read how the experience changed both him and his family
– Kate Matthew writes about the life of an Aussie governess: rowdy children, unbearable heat and distinct last of dances … was it better than being a governess in England?
– Emma Sutcliffe detours off the tourist track: secret history in Victoria’s goldfields and smaller towns

Issue 9 coincides with Anzac Day, and as such this is a special Anzac Edition of Inside History Magazine, which features a number of articles relating to military history and heritage:
– Your Memories, Your Voice tells the stories of people who were involved in World War II from aerial warfare over the Atlantic to the Home Front
– Read the amazing story of the mother who saw seven soldiers go to war
– the ‘Other Anzacs’ explains that some Anzacs may be missing from the records, and gives information on the best places to look
– Mission over Oslo is a nephew’s tribute to the World War II uncle her never knew
– History apps reviews three history apps that are available for your iPhone or iPad

And there’s much more – in fact there’s 74 pages of terrific features, practical information on family tree research, chances to network with other genealogists, competitions and product reviews.

Regular features of the magazine include:
– Postie’s here! (readers letters)
– Bob’s Your Uncle (network with other descendants and researchers)
– A cup of tea with … (Richard Neville, Mitchell Librarian, State Library of NSW)
– Latest news from the history and genie world
– History now (the best history events on this Autumn)
– Your history gives profiles of historical and family history societies (this issue covers the Whitehorse Historical Society, Victoria)
– What we’re reading … (the latest and greatest to hit the shops)
– One picture … 1000 memories (The story behind the image)

All of this packed into into one magazine guarantees you a great read. Still not convinced? Check out the sneak peek of Inside History Magazine Issue 9.


Copies of back issues 1-8 are available at $10.50 each. Click here for details.
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iPAD EDITION (available from the iTunes Store):
You can download a single issue for AUD$8.49 (19% discount on printed copy RRP)
6 month subscription (3 issues) for AUD$19.99 (36% discounted on printed copy subscription cost)
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(Note: to answer the queries I know I’ll get, there is an Android edition expected later this year)