Our New Zealand friends have seen what a great idea the Australia Day Challenge was, and that it provoked participation from a heap of people … and would now like to do the same for New Zealander’s, or those with New Zealand connections for Waitangi Day (New Zealand’s national day).

Held on February 6th, Waitangi Day is a day to celebrate much like our Australia Day. It brings together of the people of New Zealand and its usually a family day, often spent on the beach, or maybe have a barbecue with family and friends.

Seonaid from the Auckland Research Centre is putting the challenge out to New Zealand genealogy bloggers:

“we’d like to invite you to write a blog – post the link to your blog in the Auckland Research Centre discussion board on Facebook. If you don’t have a blog, perhaps post your story within this Facebook discussion board instead.

Write about:

– How different is our life from that of your early New Zealand ancestors?

– What stories can you tell us about their lives?

– or if you are first generation New Zealander or maybe a new Kiwi, perhaps you might like to tell us of your first impressions of New Zealand, and your experiences, good and bad of settling in here.

Of course, if you are Maori, and you want to blog from the perspective of your Maori heritage, rather than your early settler one, you are welcome to do that too!”

Not having any New Zealand connections myself, I won’t be participating, but I do look forward to reading the stories that people have about their early families.