The makers of Legacy Family Tree have recently sent out details of an important update to Legacy Family Tree 9 users. NOTE: This is FREE, but it is also required to continue being able to use Legacy 9.

So what has been fixed?
For version, there hass for a whole heap of minor fixes, a few new features as well as a critical update. The full list here:

Priority Fix – All of our Windows security certificates have been updated and will be good for the next 3 years. If you do not update by midnight on January 24, 2020 Legacy will not work until you update

Backup – After an update, the backup file path goes back to the default – FIXED

Backup – If your backup location is a partitioned drive, Legacy will reset the location back to the default – FIXED

Backup – Local Backup Location is not being remembered unless you use File – Backup – FIXED

Chronology View – Problem with RIN/MRIN option – FIXED

Chronology View – Problems with handling Private birth dates – FIXED

Chronology View – Timelines set to Limit Events to Lifetime of the Individual are actually set to Average Life Span – FIXED

County Verifier – County verifier has broken links – FIXED

Dates – Incorrectly displays Calculated dates – FIXED

Descendant View – Highlight line in Descendant View is not following Windows Setting color. – FIXED

Events – Event date keeps wrong date when canceling – FIXED

Events – Random runtime error 3021 – FIXED

Events – Shared Events – Add life span to the “People who share this event” dialog box – NEW FEATURE

Events – Shared Events – Suggestions to improve readability – Tooltip now has full names – FIXED

Family View – Individual Tags temporarily disappear after you have set the Ancestor Colors – FIXED

Family View – Spouse List – Unlinking multiple marriages to same person with remove both entries – FIXED

Family View – When opening the Spouse list, the spouse on the screen in the Family View is not the one highlighted – FIXED

FamilySearch – Click Here to register at FamilySearch link takes you to the main LDS website and not to the registration page – FIXED

FamilySearch – Problem that Legacy FamilySearch merge failures do not adequately tell why – FIXED

FamilySearch – The ability to filter the list by the color of the chains – NEW FEATURE

FamilySearch – Unable to merge duplicates – FIXED

Gedcom Export – Problem with Gedcom export of Private Marriage – FIXED

Help File – “What’s in the Legacy Version 9 Deluxe Edition” Help message 9-0108 : 60622 is out of date. – FIXED

Help File – Remove Map references from the Help File – FIXED

Help File – Topic 9-0108 – Spelling problems – FIXED

Hints – Problem with Hint Results for FamilySearch with French version – FIXED

Index View – “Unknown” is showing where there are blank entries – FIXED

Locations – Message for GeoLocation Database Proximity Search needs to be improved – FIXED

Marriage List – If a female has more than one spouse, then the “Link to Parents” does not work correctly – FIXED

Marriage List – Print Private individuals ON by default – FIXED

Media Gallery – Add Media – Incorrect Message if file not found – FIXED

Media Gallery – Automatic name change for duplicate filenames in Media Gallery doesn’t work – FIXED

Media Gallery – Closing the Media Gallery using the Windows X discards changes without warning – FIXED

Media Gallery – If you change a date in the Media Gallery sometimes it does not reformat the date to match the Options – FIXED

Media Gallery – Media added as a document in source detail looks for a picture when you manually try to relink the media – FIXED

Merge – Add Date last modified information to General Tab – FIXED

Notes/Text/Comments – Cause of Death field smaller (less characters) than advertised – FIXED

Notes/Text/Comments – If you use braces (curly brackets) { } in certain notes fields the braces will disappear when you save the note – FIXED

Options – Colors – Problem with User Color Settings – FIXED

Options – Customize – Remove Option 8.8 (no longer needed) – FIXED

Picture Center – The Remove command fails for Event and Marriage Photos – FIXED

Potential Problems – Potential problem for burial before death does not recognize estimated dates – FIXED

Potential Problems – Shift Right click does not work to change the Potential Problems settings – FIXED

Potential Problems – Shift-right click does not immediately remove the Potential Problems icon when you globally exclude something – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – Calculated dates do not expand abbreviation or lose capitalization in the middle of sentences in Reports – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – Find A Grave ID is printing twice – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – Invisible Spouse blocks creation of a descendant line in a Descendant Book Report – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – Repetition of Story in Ancestor Book Report – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – RINs missing for direct Descendants – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – Stories misplaced for Spouses in Descendant Narrative Report – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – Stories with photos – photo positioning incorrectly – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – Story Placement & Various Omissions in Ancestor Book Report – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – Story placement and related issues in Descendant Book Report – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – The first event is single spaced and the rest are double spaced – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – When you turn off duplicates it shows the wrong page number for the main entry – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – With include Children’s stories checked, Stories are included in Child List when that Child will have a main entry – FIXED

Reports – Book Reports – Wrong gender used sometimes when only one parent is known – FIXED

Reports – Books & Charts – Calculated date abbreviation doesn’t honor Option 5.7 setting – FIXED

Reports – Books & Charts – Descendant chart shows wrong page number for main entry when you have boxes turned on – FIXED

Reports – Books & Charts – If someone is marked invisible their descendants are not in reports, despite them not being in the line – FIXED

Reports – Books & Charts – Problem with Event Sentences in Marriage Events – FIXED

Reports – Books & Charts – Quoted Name is not removed from [MainPerson] in Shared Event Sentences – FIXED

Reports – Chart Style – Format Issues with pictures linked to Stories in the Individual Chart Report – FIXED

Reports – Chart Style – Individual Report – Problems with Privacy for Deceased spouses and children – FIXED

Reports – Options/Settings – Compiler Information screen – The date field is editable but will default back to the current date – FIXED

Reports – Options/Settings – Family Group Report event notes privacy settings not sticking – FIXED

Reports – Options/Settings – Legacy does not remember where you saved your report options – FIXED

Reports – Options/Settings – Notes/Stories Tab – Problems with Clear button and graying out – FIXED

Reports – Options/Settings – Some reports are missing the Printer Setup button – FIXED

Reports – Options/Settings – Source Picture Options not always greyed out when pictures not allowed – FIXED

Reports – Options/Settings – Story Options not greyed out in reports that do not display stories – FIXED

Reports – Options/Settings – View Last Report – If the Source Labels Report was the last one viewed, it will not display, the one previous will – FIXED

Search – Search field “Never Married” needs to be updated to “No known marriage” for consistency – FIXED

Search Internet – Internet Search Using WorldConnect (Rootsweb) Does not work – FIXED

Sources – Basic – Basic Style source will not retain your choice for “Formatting of Title” – FIXED

Sources – Basic – Period appended to text of details when cited – FIXED

Toolbars – Remove Map Family from the View toolbar – FIXED

User Interface – Menu items not correctly translated to Norwegian – FIXED

Web Pages – Individual web page creation missing information on people – FIXED

How to Update …
For Legacy Family Tree Deluxe Edition users, all you have to do is connect to the Internet, start Legacy 9, then and click on the “Install and Download Now” link on the Legacy Home tab. If you using the free Legacy Family Tree Standard Edition you will need to go to and follow the instructions.

So be sure to download the update to get the best Legacy ever!