Last week in our newsletter we made a call for expressions of interest in Family Tree Maker user groups around Australia.

From our feedback there are a few people in Adelaide who would be interested in getting a Family Tree Maker User Group started. While we did have some response from our newsletter entry – it is not enough to warrant starting a group at this stage … so if you would be interested “please do let us know”, otherwise it may not happen.

You can send a email to Alona at, or otherwise phone advising of your interest (08) 8396 1110.

Apart from more interest in a group, it will also need someone who is reasonably familiar with the program to demonstrate it to others. You don’t have to be an expert, just someone that knows their way around it reasonably well. If this is you please contact Alona at the above details.

We would love to see a User Group start up. These are important as you can learn lots about the software and also family history in general from interaction with others who are using the same program.