Family Tree Maker User Group in South Australia – hopefully

Last week in our newsletter we made a call for expressions of interest in Family Tree Maker user groups around Australia.

From our feedback there are a few people in Adelaide who would be interested in getting a Family Tree Maker User Group started. While we did have some response from our newsletter entry – it is not enough to warrant starting a group at this stage … so if you would be interested “please do let us know”, otherwise it may not happen.

You can send a email to Alona at, or otherwise phone advising of your interest (08) 8396 1110.

Apart from more interest in a group, it will also need someone who is reasonably familiar with the program to demonstrate it to others. You don’t have to be an expert, just someone that knows their way around it reasonably well. If this is you please contact Alona at the above details.

We would love to see a User Group start up. These are important as you can learn lots about the software and also family history in general from interaction with others who are using the same program.

14 thoughts on “Family Tree Maker User Group in South Australia – hopefully

  1. Sharon Norman says:

    Hi Alona,
    Is this to be an online group. It sounds interesting. I have this software, which I received as a present last year. I have not used it much as I find the Ancesty’s online tree much easier to use. When I have used this programme I have found the split screens (with online hints) etc quite a distraction. Maybe I have not been using it properly! I must admit I have not spent much time trying to work it out as the online version seemed far more easier, quicker and less distracting. Has anyone else commented on this type of thing? It would be great to know others comments.

  2. Hi Sharon … no this is to be a group that actually meets regularly (hopefully) – but maybe in time if it does get going, online could be a possibility.

  3. Sharon Lowry says:

    I started out with PAF which was very good but didn’t give me the printout I wanted so I was given an early version of FTM which I loved, then upgraded to FTM2006 (brilliant), got FTM2009 and hated it, however 2009 is the first one my husband has used and he likes it (silly man LOL) I won’t be upgrading to 2010 but would be interested in a group in Adelaide if I don’t need a cut lunch and a compass to get there.

  4. Sharon L. many thanks for your response. We’ll see what happens …

  5. The group sounds interesting, if it does start up I would like join.

  6. Hi Alona
    I have Version 11 of Family Tree Maker and find that this on the whole is very easy to use there are one or two things on there that I would like to be able to use but have not been able to sort out how to use them as yet.So this is where I would find a F.T.M. group very good for helping each other I have already sent you an e-mail re my interest in joining. regards Beryl

  7. thanks Beryl and Athalie for your feedback – hopefully we will have the numbers to get something happening.

  8. Hi Alona,

    I have FTM2008find it quite easy to use, but would love to learn more. I would certainly be interested if a user group for FTM is available. Cheers Kerry

  9. John Harkness says:

    I would not be able to attend meetings but if the group included on line information I would join.

  10. Shirley Radford says:

    I would be very interested in joining a group

  11. Hi Kerry, John & Shirley – thanks to you all for your comments. To John, I doubt the group at least start out as a online support group – but you never know …??

  12. Hi Alona, This is the first time I’ve ever communicated with you by Email. The idea of a user group for FTM sounds like a good one to me, as I’ve had some of the same questions as the other users, and agree with the thought that a group would be a great help in answering a number of these questions. Please put me on the list. Keep up the good work. Regards Fred.

  13. Hi Alona,
    I’m still using an older version of Family Tree Maker, but would certainly be interested in joining a group. Perhaps it would be meeting at Gould? A group meeting is great not only for helping to solve difficulties with the programme, but for exchanging ideas and information also.
    Regards, Ann

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