Unlock the Past’s DNA Down Under roadshow was certainly talk of the town throughout August – at least it was if you’re into genealogy and In Australia.

Headed by Blaine Bettinger (aka The Genetic Genealogist), well-known international author and presenter, he along with Australian genetic genealogist, Louise Coakley (Genie1 website) toured Australia for just over 2 weeks, speaking at 6 venues (Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbrourne, Canberra and Sydney). They were joined by a bunch of other presenters at different venues along the way, each giving talks about their own unique facet on the wide-ranging topic of DNA.

From the basics, to terminology, to mapping, to adoption, to phasing, to ethics, to DNA myths and so much more … it was all covered.

The reports from the genealogy bloggers who attended will give you an idea of what the event was like, and what they learned. There’s plenty of reading here. I realise that more reports may well still be waiting to written, and this list will be updated to include those.

Alona Tester on the Lonetester HQ blog writes:
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Win Your Way to DNA Down Under (posted on 2 July 2019)
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Chez Leggatt on the Links in a Chain bog writes:
DNA Discover Journey Begins – Day 1 (posted on 31 July 2019)
DNA – Day 2 (posted on 7 August 2019)
DNA Downunder – It’s almost time (posted on 24 August 2019)
Day One DNA Down Under (posted on 30 August 2019)
Day Two DNA Down Under (posted on 31 August 2019)

Eric Kopittke on the German Family Matters blog writes:
DNA – can it assist my family history research? (posted on 14 July 2019)

Fran Kitto on the TravelGenee blog writes:
How many DNA talks can you attend? (posted on 28 April 2019)
DNA Helps Break Down Brick Walls (posted on 25 June 2019)
DNA: Fun with GEDmatch Estimated Eye Colour (posted on 12 July 2019)
How fast the world of genetic DNA is changing! (posted on 24 July 2019)
10 things to remember from DNA Down Under (posted on 9 September 2019)

Helen Connor on the GenieQ blog writes:
DNA Journey (posted on 7 August 2019)

Janelle Collins on the Janelle’s Family Tree Addiction blog writes:
DNA Down Under Ambassadors Related! (posted on 10 May 2019)
So much for bagpipes……how I used DNA to find Henry’s family (posted on 7 July 2019)
Time’s running out! (posted on 6 August 2019)
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Jennie Fairs on the Family Leaves and Branches blog writes:
DNA Down Under Roadshow (posted on 12 April 2019)
DNA and Blaine T. Bettinger (posted on 23 June 2019)
DNA Down Under, Done Well (posted on 29 August 2019)
DNA Ethics (posted on 30 August 2019) 

Jennifer Jones on the Tracking My Family blog writes:
Exciting News – DNA Downunder Conference (posted on 12 April 2019)
DNA Downunder Conference Information (posted on 22 April 2019)
DNA Downunder Conference Update (posted  24 June 2019)
DNA Downunder Conference Update (posted on 17 September 2019) 

Jill Ball on the GeniAus blog writes:
DNA Reinforcement (posted on 28 April 2019)
Getting ready to Dive Deeper (posted on 9 July 2019)
Blaine Overload? (posted on 27 July 2019)
Get your genes in order (posted on 7 August 2019)
Like a Sponge (posted on 25 August 2019)
Positive Overload (posted on 29 August 2019)
World Class Event in Sydney (posted on 4 September 2019) 

Judy Webster on the UK/Australia blog writes:
Why I’m going to DNA Down Under (posted on 7 June 2019)
How I Found Sarah Sheppard’s Parents (posted on 21 July 2019)
Why we enjoyed DNA Down Under (genealogy conference) (posted on 15 August 2019)

Lilian Magill on the Lilian’s Tree blog writes:
DNA Downunder. Have You Seen This? (posted on 13 April 2019)
DNADownUnder, an interview with Blaine T Bettinger (posted on 15 June 2019)
An Interview with Helen Smith, speaker at DNADownUnder (posted on 21 June 2019)
Connected DNA and Shelly Crawford (posted 28 July 2019)
Trying to Find Connections, Part 1 (posted on 1 August 2019)
Trying to Find Connections, Part 2 (posted on 16 August 2019)
Trying to Find Connections, Part 3 (posted on 24 August 2019)
DNA Down Under Day (posted on 29 August 2019)
DNA to the MAX, days 2 and 3. MAXed Out! (posted on 6 September 2019)

Maggie Gaffney on the iwiKiwi blog writes:
DNA to the Max – Sydney 2019 (posted on 5 September 2019)

Melanie Dunstan on The DNA Connection blog writes:
Interview with Louise Coakley: DNA Downunder Speaker (posted on 7 July 2019)
Day One DNA to the Max – Sydney (posted on 29 August 2019)
DNA to the Max – Sydney (posted on 1 September 2019)

Patsy Daly on Patsys Paddock blog writes:
DNA Down Under – un alpabetising the cemetery list (posted 31 August 2019)

Pauleen Cass on the Family History Across the Seas blog writes:
DNA to the Max (posted on 30 August 2019)
Of Learning and Checklists (posted on 14 September 2019)

Robbie Stockfeld on the Test Patterns blog writes:
DNA Down Under (posted on 25 July 2019)
DNA Downunder Comes to Melbourne Next Week! (posted on 12 August 2019)

Rosemary Kopittke on the Kopittke Research: Family History Research in Australia, England and Scotland blog writes:
Why should I research my DNA? (posted on 14 July 2019) 

Samantha John on the Lyfelynes Family Historyblog writes:
DNA Downunder – Genetic Genealogy Comes to Town (posted on 24 August 2019)

Shauna Hicks on the SHHE Genie Rambles blog writes:
Brisbane DNA DownUnder Report Aug 2019 (posted on 17 August 2019)
Sydney DNA Down Under Report Part 1 Aug 2019 (posted on 4 September 2019)
Sydney DNA Down Under Report Part 2 Aug 2019 (posted on 7 September 2019)

Sharn White on the FamilyHistory4U blog writes:
DNA Downunder (posted on 25 April 2019)
Countdown to DNA Downunder in Sydney (posted on 24 August 2019)

Seonaid (Shona) Lewis writes on the Hunting Ancestors blog:
Six Years Between Blogs … (posted on 3 September 2019)

Sue Wyatt on the Oer the Seas We Go blog writes:
DNA downunder (posted on 4 September 2019)

Susie Zada on the Geelong and District blog writes:
Unexpected side-effect – DNA Downunder (posted on 14 July 2019)
DNA – massive progress!  (posted on 12 August 2019)

Susie Zada on the I Just Love History blog writes:
DNA Downunder – early bird closing (posted 27 April 2019)
Test more and Click more – DNA Down Under (posted 28 July 2019)
DNA – the perfect ‘marriage’? (posted 15 August 2019)