Anne DanielsWe’ve already profiled some of the wonderful guest speakers who will be on 4th Unlock the Past Cruise, but we’ve also got a heap more to come. So now I have the pleasure of introducing another of our overseas guest speakers … Anne Daniels from “Drawing On The Past”.

Anne will be joining us all the way from England, and shall be bringing her unique talent of combining old family photographs and ephemera together with drawings to create a truly unique family heirloom. And it’s the first time Unlock the Past have had their own artist onboard.

Ann will be taking design workshops and will also be available for ‘specially priced’ commissions onboard, so keep an eye out for further details of these closer to the time.


NAME:  Anne Daniels
DAYTIME JOB:  TV & Graphic Designer

Q1. Think back to your childhood … now what is your your favourite memory from that time?
No particular favourite memory, just the constant feeling of unconditional love from my parents – like being wrapped in a fluffy blanket.

Q2. There’s always ‘something’ that sparks an interest in genealogy/history? What was it that sparked your interest?
The notion of being able to create an heirloom by using the precious photographs and information that people work so hard to find out, only then to put it all away in a drawer or book.

Q3. How old were you when you developed an interest in this hobby?
54 yrs – you don’t have to use that though 😀

Q4. What countries across this big wide world did your ancestors come from?
Northern Europe, I think – I’m hoping to find out on the cruise!

Q5. Is genealogy/history your main job?

Q6. Do you have a genealogy mentor or idol? Someone who has deeply influenced you in your research along the way?
No – it’s not really applicable to my area of genealogy.

Q7. We all know that you family history can reveal some amazing things. Have any of your discoveries resulted in a life-changing experience?
Not yet.

Q8. What do you find most challenging about research?
The lack of information I have about my family.

Q9. If you had a time-machine what relative (past, present or future) would you most like to meet?
Don’t know them yet.

Q10. Still using that time machine, you’ve been propelled into the future five years, what do you see yourself doing?
In 5 years time I wish to have well and truly established my business ‘’Drawing On The Past’

Q11. What value do you think social media plays in genealogy these days?
Makes it a lot easier I assume.

Q12. What do you do when you aren’t doing genealogy or history?
Drawing and writing

Q13. What do you hope to get out of a genealogy cruise?
I hope to meet lots of interesting and inspiring people, to exchange ideas, make friends and forge business contacts.

Q14. Share with us a few (up to five) of the genealogy websites that you tend to spend the most time on?

Q15. Do you have any wise words for those just starting out in genealogy?


For those of you who are going on the 4th cruise, here is a list of topics that Anne is expected to be speaking on, based on the Preliminary Program:
– Imaging Workshop 1
– Imaging Workshop 2


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And to give you an idea of Anne’s work, here’s a few samples …

 Drawing on the Past Gallery 3

Drawing on the Past Gallery 1

Drawing on the Past Gallery 2