The big news on the genea-grapevine recently was that Millennia (the company behind both the Legacy Family Tree software program and Family Tree Webinars) has just been sold to MyHeritage.

Is this good? Is this bad? Since the announcement a few days ago, I’ve seen support for it as well as criticism against it. Personally I figure we’ll all just have to wait and see what it means for users.

Both Legacy and MyHeritage released Press Releases about the sale, and you can read those here:
Legacy Family Tree Has a New Home with MyHeritage
MyHeritage Acquires the Legacy Family Tree Software Program and Webinar Platform

But just to highlight a portion of what the Press Releases say, here’s a snippet from Legacy’s Press Release:

Is MyHeritage acquiring Legacy Family Tree in order to kill it? No. Legacy Family Tree will continue and is already planning together with MyHeritage the next version, Legacy 10.
What happens with the Legacy Family Tree team after this acquisition? MyHeritage is retaining the entire Legacy team and giving them better terms so they could focus on improving Legacy.

And MyHeritage writes …

“We consider Legacy’s products to be highly complementary to our wide range of features and services. The acquisition will introduce MyHeritage users to Legacy’s valuable genealogical webinars, and will also provide Legacy’s hundreds of thousands of users with improved resources and access to new services.”

But I wanted to direct you Thomas MacEntee’s post on the topic, as it’s well thought out, and works through numerous facets, many of which others hadn’t thought of I’m sure. So it’s worth a read.

The announcement of the sale comes literally days after we we had advice from Legacy that they are no longer selling their Legacy Family Tree program through resellers, so no doubt it’s all linked.

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