What’s Happening With Family Tree Maker 2017?

So what’s happening with Family Tree Maker 2017? In short … the world is still waiting for it.

It was about a month ago when Ancestry together with MacKiev, announced that TreeSync on Ancestry would be disabled, with MacKiev’s new FamilySync being implemented, and following that Family Tree Maker 2017 would be released.

Alas as is the way with software, things don’t quite as planned, but it’s getting there, with fixes and continued testing throughout the last month.

Part of MacKiev’s 20 April update report says:

“Results from expanded beta testing this week showed 94% are now able to sync (up from 89% last week) with all but the largest of trees. And Ancestry continued to roll out modifications to their connection systems to help ensure that syncing works reliably for all users. The last major Ancestry system update will be live tomorrow (Friday) and we expect to start building our part over the weekend and have it ready to test and put into builds early next week.”

So you’ll see that MacKiev are being cautious and are wanting it released when it is right ready. So while the delay is frustrating a number of users, you have to admire them for not releasing a product before it’s ready as we all know what happens then (just look back at what happened when FTM 2008 was released).

And to answer one other question …
Q. Can’t Ancestry just turn syncing back on while we are waiting?
A: No. We couldn’t test the FamilySync system while TreeSync was still running and we still can’t. So TreeSync has to remain off while we prepare FamilySync for release.

So sit tight, and it will come. But you can keep up to date with the latest developments from MacKiev on their own Support page: https://support.mackiev.com/ and on the Family Tree Maker Facebook page.

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10 thoughts on “What’s Happening With Family Tree Maker 2017?

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  2. Am not impressed! Under Australian conSumer law they are surely in breach of consumer rights? . They have advertised a product which still does not have a release date, originally stated to be a few days or a week or so but now two months down the track…. have accepted and pocketed customers dollars ( two months ago in my case), and when contacted can only offer a refund and a claim that if a consumer is still interested in their product will have to pay full price even if they have had previous versions?

    The version sent on line were interim is 2014 not 2017, 2014 which one has and which had glitches and still does not work. No synch available which preciously existed with prior versions and for which people paid so no longer have features for which they paid?

    In attempting to download from ancestry trees the files seem to be huge and take hours to download ( tree number about 6000people and some 300 records?

  3. Hi Glen, MacKiev are accepting people as new beta testers, which then not only gives you access to try out the new version, it also then allows you to sync with your Ancestry tree online. So rather than waiting till it’s released, that is an option. But as you can understand they want to make sure their software works 100% with Ancestry’s sync, rather than just ‘mostly’, hence the delay. You can find the link to sign up to be a Beta Tester here: http://www.mackiev.com/familytreemaker/betatest/qualification/index.html?ext=yes.

  4. Pegleg

    Tree sync is off again what is going on mackiev when will this issue be resolved and we can finally get to use the product was enjoying using only the partial 2014.1 tester but now that has gone into decline.

  5. Jason Gaudet says:

    It now mid-July 2017 and still no FTM 2017. Today, I went into Mackeiv and bought the 3-unit family pack figuring that FTM 2017 would be out since the last time I looking into it was back in May. Guess what, it is still not out!? So now they have my money and I am awaiting the release. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. Our community has waited for the newest version of FTM and when Ancestry abandoned us for their DNA product, we have hopes in Mackeiv.

  6. Have I got this wrong or what? I have been using FTM3 for Mac and syncing to ancestry. Earlier this year it stopped syncing as the software had been sold and I have to wait for the 2017 launch. Now I have to pay for a service that used to work which no longer works because FMT have changed ownership. Is this breach of contract? What is stopping FTM from changing the terms and conditions again and wow I have to buy another version in 2018…..

  7. Hi Richard, Ancestry released FTM Mac 3 version back in 2014. Once FTM was sold to MacKiev back in January 2016, they spent a year doing fixes and updates, and then released FTM Mac 3.1 which was free to everyone who had Mac 3. Since then MacKiev have been working FTM 2017 which they’ve just released. And unless you paid for FTM Mac 3.1, yes you do need to pay for this version.

  8. Pamela Wayys says:

    I have FTM 2014.1 have paid for 2017 but have not received it. Nor can I upload or down load. The error message says ‘No internet connection’. I don’t have any trouble downloading emails etc or other programs only FTM. They have my mney and I don’t have what I paid for. Any suggestions???


  9. Hi Pamela, As you’ve ordered your program from MacKiev, you’ll need to get in touch with them about getting your FTM 2017 I’m sorry. While they don’t have phone numbers advertised, you might want to get on to their Customer Chat to get it sorted out.

  10. William Schmalz says:

    I bought the new ftm2017 USB stick yet have not received it yet. They said they were still making them. How long before I receive mine.

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