A free update for Family Tree Maker 2012 for Windows has just been released. This update includes:

  1. Some important improvements for syncing source citations, relationships, and accepted and rejected hints.
  2. Resolution of some data issues that were causing sync to fail in some cases
  3. Sync stability and performance improvements.

As you would expect the question everyone wants to know is “how do I get this free update?” As you’re a user of Family Tree Maker 2012 (Windows edition) simply open your program, and the update will be ready for download. If you need help with the upgrade (version, technical help is available by email or by phone 1800 251 838 (toll free from Australia) and 0800 442 100 (toll free from New Zealand).

While this update provides some helpful improvements, there is one issue they’ve found it can’t resolve as yet:

‘TreeSync has been so popular that on occasion it has temporarily overwhelmed our online system! During these times, your tree data has been safe, but syncing has been unavailable for a short time. It is very important to us that this popular feature is working for you at all times and we are working very hard towards improving the system to accommodate the huge and growing interest in this feature. But, if you should run into a problem with syncing, please wait a few hours and try again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.’

Keep your Family Tree Maker up-to-date, download this update. It’ll help eliminate any potential bugs you have (or may have) come across.