The Unlock the Past guide books grew out of the need to have good quality, introductory Australian-orientated books for family history.

Thanks to all the wonderful authors that Unlock the Past has partnered with over the past 7 years, their range has grown to over 75 titles … and has gone well beyond Australian shores.

You’ll now find everything from researching South Australian history, to finding your sporting ancestors. From where do I start with my family history, to understanding Australian military jargon and acronyms. From Irish land records, to New Zealand newspapers. From getting started with DNA, to using Evernote as an organisational tool, and even learning how to cite your sources. There really is something for everyone, at every level of research.

Partly due to the growing number of international authors who now write for Unlock the Past, and partly due to the wide variety of topics, including many ‘general’ topics, the international interest in these books continues, and is highlighted by the fact that the Unlock the Past range of titles is now locally printed and sold in England through My History, in Canada through Global Genealogy, and Maia’s Books in the US, and as ebooks through Gen Ebooks.

We are excited to announce that during April, Gould Genealogy has the whole Unlock the Past guide books range on sale! So take this opportunity to buy the one, two or more that you’ve been wanting, and save yourself some dollars.

Unlock the Past guide books
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And as a super special offer to our customers, we are offering the Australian History & Genealogy Handbook to you for just $1. This book normally sells for $24.95, and it is a resource that everyone who is researching their Australian and New Zealand ancestors should have on their shelf.

This is not a HOW-TO book, but rather a collection of articles on a whole range of topics relating to Australia and New Zealand history and genealogy. Everything from key websites, to BDMs, the the bombing of Broome, to researching your family in the Hawkesbury region, as well as online genealogy courses, tips for the time poor, Queensland pioneer’s and so much more.

A valuable reference work, not only for the content of the articles, but also for the directory which contains of 1700 people and organisations around Australian and New Zealand in the history and genealogy field.

As it said, it’s all yours for just ONE DOLLAR if you order before the end of April. You can check it out here.