Who Do You Think You Are Goes Global

‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ has grown from a one-off series to a global phenomenon, and has been instrumental in making family history an accepted modern-day hobby. It’s hard to believe that the UK ‘Who Do You Think You Are” is now poised for its eighth series. It is a firm favourite with the viewers, regularly pulling in a British audience of 6 million – and many more from overseas.

The March 2010 issue of the BBC Who Do You Think You Are? magazine has a long article about how the whole thing started, including the connection to Billy Connolly.

Alex Graham, chief executive of Wall to Wall, producer of ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ was there at the program’s inception, and admits that he had initially underestimated the ‘power of the document’ in relation to making celebrities cry when confronted with an original document or an original piece of evidence, which gives them a real sense of connection to the past.

‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ has been so successful that is has spawned many overseas versions, now becoming a global phenomenon.

The Wikipedia entry for Who Do You Think You are lists many overseas versions, as well as books of the same title. However the article in the Who Do You Think You Are magazine is more comprehensive listing the following:

America – set for first showing 5 Mar 2010 on NBC – 7 episodes
Australia – SBS channel first showed series 1 in Jan 2008; 12 episodes, 2 series. Series 3 commissioned, not in production
– first shown Oct 2007 on CBC TV – 13 episodes
Denmark – DR channel has 6 episodes in production
Finland – program format is under option
Holland – NED2 channel series in production
Ireland – first shown in Sep 2008 on RTE; 11 episodes, 2 series
Israel – Gil Productions for Israel Broadcast Authority, transmits from 4 Feb – 6 episodes
Norway – NRK channel has 8 episodes in production
Poland – TVP1 channel showed a version called ‘Sekrety Rodzinne’ in Nov 2006
South Africa – First shown in May 2009; 12 episodes, 2 seasons – for SABC2
Sweden – SVT channel first showed ‘Vem Tror Du Att Du Är? in spring 2009; series 1, 6 episodes. Series 2 in production – 5 episodes

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4 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are Goes Global

  1. An update from @robvandrie on Twitter is that the Dutch WDYTYA series called “VerborgenVerleden” (HiddenPast), will screen from Sept 2010 and will have 8 episodes. He’s also just finished the book that will accompany the “VerborgenVerleden” show.

  2. “I highly recommend this great program for everyone. It gives an excellent preview of the positive life enriching discoveries waiting to be found by each person who seeks to know about the bigger picture of where we came from.”

    For more about Sarah Jessica Parker and her family ties:

    After seeing the last episode with Matthew Broderick I wondered how different his portrayal in “Glory” would have been had he know about his Civil War Ancestor.

    I have a Revolutionary War Ancestor which is how I was able to get into the DAR. Now I would like to find a Civil War ancestor.

    Ancestor-at-a-glance charts I have added more fan charts at: http://familyforest.com/resources/55/fan-charts

    You may find someone you are searching for here.

  3. Can anyone tell me if Family Tree Maker 2008 can print charts in poster size as I am wanting to purchase it.

  4. @Greg, this would be a good question to ask on the FTM Message Board http://boards.ancestry.com.au/topics.software.famtreemaker/mb.ashx?dc=50

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