Worldwide Honour Roll Project

honour roll in the Gumeracha District Soldiers Memorial Hospital

honour rolls in the Gumeracha District Soldiers Memorial Hospital, South Australia

Back in 2013 Heather Rojo, of the Nutfield Genealogy blog fame, started her Honor Roll Project.

To explain just what it is Heather says  …

“The Honor Roll Project is an effort to transcribe and photograph military honor rolls. The transcribed names make the soldiers available for search engines, so that descendants and family members can find them on the internet. It is a simple, but very rewarding project.”

Initially she kept the list updated on her blog, which you can view here. However she has just created a new separate website for it titled, appropriately, The Honor Roll Project.

Now she’s put the call out far and wide, worldwide in fact, for people who have photographed and transcribed honour rolls. You know those big wooden boards in schools, town halls, hospitals, some workplaces, RSL halls, and so on with soldiers names on them, or other memorials or monuments in your town that lists those who fought and/or died in war. She’s asking people to submit a link to their blog or website if you have the photo and transcription of them online.

a portion of the honour roll at the Freemasons building, North Terrace, Adelaide

a portion of the honour roll at the Freemasons building, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia

And if you have information about honour rolls, but they’re not online, Heather says …

“if you don’t have a blog, email the photo and transcription here and we will get it posted on a blog and listed at the project.”

With some collaboration, this can be a fabulous worldwide resource for honour rolls. So let’s all spread the word.

You can find details on how to submit your link on the Honor Roll Project site.

Please note I have taken the liberty of writing the word honor as honour (adding in the ‘u’) in some places in this post, since we’re in Australia.

honour rolll in the Old Treasury Buiding, Adelaide

honour rolll in the Old Treasury Building, Adelaide, South Australia

2 thoughts on “Worldwide Honour Roll Project

  1. Thanks for promoting the Honour Roll Project! I hope to receive more contributions from Australia this year!

  2. My pleasure Heather. Thanks for a great project. And I agree, I hope you get a whole heap of contributions from Oz and NZ!

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