The whole social media scene is something that we ventured into during 2009. If you’re new to it, it is rather scary … posts, followers, tweets, fans  … what is everyone on about? But for those at least even slightly familiar with the concept of Facebook (which generally seems to be the favoured social media site), you probably find it a very useful way to keep up with the happenings of family and friends.

Along with keeping up with what your family and friends are doing, it is a great way to keep up with the latest from companies, products or even celebrities. You can generally do this by “becoming a fan”, which means you then receive advice of all announcement updates from that person, company, group or product.

To date we have only ventured into the world of Facebook and Twitter, but there are numerous other social media sites available to users.

We use our Facebook page to announce key new products, regular specials and events. We also have Facebook ONLY offers from time to time, post useful links to key genealogy websites, and have discussions on various topics. The greater portion of our info listed on Facebook relates to genealogy in Australia.
If you wish to become a fan of Gould Genealogy on Facebook, visit us here.

Twitter is a little different to Facebook, and it does take some getting used to. Firstly you create an account and then find people you would like to follow. An easy way to do this is to type in the word ‘genealogy’ and see who comes up. You can click on each, read their last few posts, and their little bio – and if it is someone you would like to know more about, you click on the “Follow” button. Another way is to use White Pages type places for users of Twitter such as:

For each person you follow, you will see each of their ‘tweets’. Along with this (unless you create a locked account), others can follow you, and therefore see anything you tweet. It does mean that word about anything can spread incredibly fast from one person to thousands.

Being interested in the genealogy scene worldwide, I find it fascinating to follow people from all counties, and hear about the new records that are available, or the latest happening in their area. Twitter has proved a very useful tool for us to keep up with the latest happenings in the genealogy scene, while also advising our ‘followers’ of the latest news, products, specials, events and more – to keep them informed.

I follow people from all around the world on Twitter, and as a result the information tends to be quite global, as well still including relevant Australian genealogy info and happenings.
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As a general rule there are very few occasions where the same information is duplicated on both Twitter and Facebook – I keep them different on purpose.

So apart from email newsletters, blog posts, and printed catalogues, we are trying to keep up with the latest ways to keep our customers informed. So if you are wishing to delve into to world of social media (or are already there), look us up, we hope we can keep you informed as to what’s happening in the genealogy scene.