Season 3 Who Do You Think You Are? Australia, Coming Soon

The BIG news just announced is that Who Do You Think You Are?: Australian Edition Season 3 will begin screening on SBS on Sunday the 28th of November.

Following the lives of six more Australian celebrities, you will be able to watch each, as they are taken on a journey to find their roots!!

  • Magza Szubanski
  • Tina Arena
  • Shane Bourne (comedian)
  • Rod Marsh (cricketer)
  • Georgie Parker
  • Paul Mercurio

So write it on your calendar folks … SBS, Sunday 28th November.

The other good new for fans of the Who Do You Think You Are? Australia show, is that a 4th Season is currently in the works.

If you missed seeing Who Do You Think You Are? Australia Season 1 or 2 you can buy the DVDs from us … and remember they make a great gift too.
Who Do You Think You Are? Australian Edition: Season 1
Who Do You Think You Are? Australian Edition: Season 2

2 thoughts on “Season 3 Who Do You Think You Are? Australia, Coming Soon

  1. Laura Halvorsen says:

    Hi WDYTYA Team and guest/host Magda
    Firstly I feel a little ripped off, didn’t know it was coming on and by the time I got to see it there was about 20 minutes or less left, anyhoo no matter if it’s the UK, US or OZ version history is very interesting to say the least indeed esp when you get to see it of a celebrity, it personalised them more instead of just a character on the tv or big screen. My grandfather was Norwegian and also fought in the underground and received a certificate of gratitude from the King of Norway, there is a medal but he never claimed it and as he is not alive nor his wife (my grandma) nor second wife.. Anyhoo God bless you and your family Magda your father was a courageous man. You know one funny thing the united nations formed as a result of the WWII, there hasn’t been one day of peace on this earth since then! No-one was ever supposed to be murdered again/genocide. Yet then about four decades later in Rwanda more than a million people were murdered! Sorry, off track again, when Magda said she now understands why her father and grandfather got on so well, is her grandfater her maternal grandfather? Where was he from?
    Thank you so much for your time – kind regards – Laura

  2. Thanks for your comments Laura. The SBS website is currently allowing viewers (at least in Australia) to view previous episodes of WDYTYA Aus, which does include last night’s episode of Magda.

    You can view them here:

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