Legacy Family Tree 8 is coming, there’s no question of that! The WHEN is what everyone wants to know, including us … but the publisher’s will “release it when it’s ready”, so please don’t ask me for any more details. But it’s getting closer as the publisher’s of Legacy have been giving us an insight to the new features that you’ll find in Legacy 8, and I wanted to share there’s with you.

Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed
In this article the makers of Legacy tell you the updated Family View and Pedigree View screens, both of which have had a facelift, as well as showing you the new Ribbon bar. For the full details …

Legacy 8 - Family View

Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed – Q&A
In this article Legacy creators answer a bunch of questions from users about Legacy: Will there be a charge for Legacy 8? Will I still be able to customise by own colours? Where is the Tagging go? What about FamilySearch Family Tree? What will the Colour Coding look like with the new colour schemes? For the full details …

Legacy 8 - colour scheme

Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed – Migration Mapping
Here we learn about Legacy’s new Migration Mapping feature. Genealogists know how important it is to trace an ancestor’s migration, and for years, Legacy Family Tree users have been able to visualize migration patterns by looking at Legacy’s Chronology View. The chronology shows the ancestor’s movement year-by-year. But with Legacy version 8, you have a new method of visualizing the migration, as it will now animate the ancestor’s movement throughout time. For the full details …

Legacy 8 - Mapping

Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed – Instant Duplicate Checking
A brand new feature that will be in Legacy 8 is the “Instant Duplicate Checking” feature! Now, when you are adding new individuals, Legacy can instantly check to see if perhaps they are already in your family file, helping you avoid inadvertantly adding duplicates. Instant Duplicate Checker will now catch any possible duplicate data entry. For the full details …

Legacy 8 - Possible Duplicates

Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed – Shared Events and Automated Sorting
One of the features users have requested is “Shared Events”, and the news is that is will be included in Legacy 8. In the new version rather than having to retype the event for each person, you can simply click on the “Share Event” button and select the other people with whom you wish to share the event.  For the full details …

Legacy 8 - Shared Event

Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed – Potential Problem Alerts and “Gaps of Unusual Size”
Legacy creators have written “the pinnacle feature in the Legacy 8 is already making its impact in the world of genealogy. This new feature will change the way every genealogist looks at their data. It will begin to prevent bad data from being shared with others and published online. It will cause us to be a little more careful about what information we accept and add to our family files. It will help us more easily visualize the potential problems with data from online databases. And it will even help you find missing ancestors that you did not even know existed.” The Potential Problems feature is a red circle with a white exclamation mark in it that shows up possible issues. When you click on it, you the come up with details an options. For the full details …

Legacy 8 - Possible Duplicates

Legacy 8 - Possible Duplicates 2

Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed – Sources
The creators of Legacy Family Tree believe in the phrase “Genealogy without documentation is mythology.” In the new Legacy Family Tree 8, they haven taken Sources to the next level. They understand that not all sources are created equally, and therefore, all sources should be carefully evaluated for the kind of source they are (original or derivative), the nature of the information they contain (primary vs. secondary) and the kind of evidence they provide (direct vs. indirect vs. negative). For the full details …

Legacy 8 - Sources

Legacy Family Tree 8 Revealed – Origins and Migration Reports
Iamgine being able to view the statistics of where you ancestors came from. Now you can thanks to Legasy’s all new Origins and migration reports. Say you were born in Australia, and your spouse was born in New Zealand, then go back a generation or two or three … and you find that you have more countries coming into the mix. Go back a few more, and you are likely to have more still. It does make for a fascinting chart. For the full details …

Legacy 8 - Origins

So if any or all of the above looks exciting and intriguing to you, hang tight, as Legacy 8 will come “soonish”. And as soon as we get further details, we’ll  get it listed on our website. In the meantime you might like to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter (top righthand corner) as details of it will be there as soon as we know.