The National Archives of Australia has the records, now they’re after your help to trascribe them. While they already have millions of records online and searchable using RecordSearch, there are still thousands (if not millions) more unindexed. Through the new ‘arcHIVE’ website that the National Archives of Australia have set up, you can help them by transcribing records, and by doing so, it will allow them to be searched, and assists in these items being added to RecordSearch.

As a bonus, earn points towards NAA publications and copies of Archives files for your research. So, the more you transcribe, the more points you earn. Register and get started – all you have to do is start typing!

To see an example of the types of records that need transcribing you can click on their Browe > What’s New button, but below is an image of the screen that comes up.

At the time of writing they have 1704 documents there waiting to be transcribed. Each page is rated as Hard, Medium or Easy, and has a different colour banner heading on it, so it’s easy to see what is what. Clicking on a particular page brings up a large image making it easy to see and read. It also tells you more about the record and which department is came from.

So c’mon people, the National Archives of Australia has preserved these records and documents, now lets help make them searchable, so that they are useful for everyone. All that you need to do to get started is to set up an account, then you’re good to get started.