Top 100 Genealogy Websites for 2013 Announced

I know it is still early January, but GenealogyInTime Magazine have just released their list of Top 100 genealogy sites for 2013.

Having done their annual review, they have ranked the top 100 genealogy websites from around the world.  Many old favorites made the list, as well as some interesting new genealogy websites.  And there were some rising stars that made significant gains this year. Sadly we didn’t make the cut again this year … maybe next year, eh?

Apart from just seeing who made the list, and who didn’t the annual review also provides some interesting insight into emerging trends in the field of genealogy. So to find out what is hot and what is not, checkout their article.

Below you’ll find the Top 10, and it’s no real suprise to see that is at Number 1, but I am suprised at the placement of some of the others. Note, for this list, I did omit a few of their extra columns, so to see these, and the other 90 top genealogy sites, checkout the full article.

1 records USA pay
2 family tree USA pay
3 Find A Grave cemetery USA free
4 FamilySearch records USA free
5 family tree USA pay
6 records UK pay
7 records USA pay
8 GeneaNet forum France free
9 records USA pay
10 MyFamily forum USA pay


Discover all this and more at GenealogyInTime Magazine, the world’s most popular online genealogy magazine and one of the world’s largest free genealogy websites.


5 thoughts on “Top 100 Genealogy Websites for 2013 Announced

  1. What a shame that Australia is always left out, we are so lacking in access to family history research records here.

  2. The only reason Australian records arent mentioned is that the article was probably written by an American magazine? There are some wonderful Oz and UK sites.

  3. Michele and Lina, I would say that there are two factors as to why there are very few Aussie sites appearing in the Top 100. The first being that the statistics counter they use (Alexa) is not used by many Aussie sites, so therefore they don’t get counted. And secondly Australia just doesn’t have the same quantity of people researching that the US does. It’ll be interesting to see the changes this time next year.

  4. Merron … ooh thank you. Unfortuntanetly time doesn’t allow me to post everything I want to (I really need to become a full-time blogger), but it is great to know that my posts are appreciated.

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