We’ve been starting to get inquiries from customers asking us “what’s happening with Family Tree Maker 2013? and “when do you expect to have it”?  Well, now we finally have some answers for you …

Ancestry.com has quietly announced there will be no major upgrade for Family Tree Maker this year. However, the company does plan to add numerous improvements to the present version: Family Tree Maker 2012.

What’s happening with Family Tree Maker 2013?
In short there won’t be one. Ancestry have decided to skip the usual yearly release, and work towards the 2014 edition instead. However they will have extra updates available for Family Tree Maker 2012 users. These will be free and can be downloaded from the Family Tree Maker website.

Does this mean that there will also be no new Family Tree for Mac edition yet?
Yes, that’s right. There will be NO new version of FTM in the imminent future. This means US, UK and Australian PC and Mac editions.

So what’s the bonuses features for Family Tree Maker 2012 Users?
The Family Tree Maker website lists the following are “some of the great changes” available now for Family Tree Maker 2012 users:

– Numerous enhancements to TreeSync so syncing your tree to Ancestry.com is faster and more reliable
– A new Family View Report that displays a person’s ancestors, spouse, and children together (similar to the Family View in the People workspace)
– A new Undocumented Facts Report that lists people’s facts that have no source documentation
– The ability to merge info from multiple versions of the same fact
– New source templates for the 1940 U.S. census and improved support for city directories
– Dozens of report enhancements including performance improvements and new options in the relationship chart, family group sheet, Individual Report, Notes Report, Data Errors Report, Outline Descendant Report, Media Item Report, photo albums, Media Usage Report, Documented Facts Report, and calendar
– And there are more enhancements to come in the next bonus update – so stayed tuned.

If I purchase Family Tree Maker 2012 now, will the extra new features be included on the installation CD?
Sorry, no. If you purchase a copy of FTM 2012 you will still need to go to the FamilyTreeMaker.com website, and get the update.