Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner: Where Can it Be Used?

Now the Flip-Pal mobile scanners are starting to get out there … but where can they be used?

We need your help as we’re wanting to create a list of organisations (societies, archives, museums and similar – big or small) which do (or don’t) allow use of the Flip-Pal scanners on their premises. This list will make it easier for users.

It will be a regularly updated list as we get information from Flip-Pal users and organisations themselves.

While I expect the list will focus largely on Australian and New Zealand organisations, we’re more than happy to list archives overseas (ie. UK, US etc. ) that others have had experience with as well.

You can send updates to us at any of the following:
Mail: Gould Genealogy & History, PO Box 675. Modbury, SA 5092
Phone: (08) 8396 1110
Email: inquiries@gould.com.au
Facebook: http://facebook.com/GouldGenealogy
Twitter: http://twitter.com/GouldGenealogy

To all the new users our Flip-Pal out there … happy scanning 🙂 … to existing Flip-Pal users, the fun just continues.

4 thoughts on “Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner: Where Can it Be Used?

  1. Recently was at the Library of Virginia and Archives.

    Specifically: In the Archives you have 2 choices for reproduction/image capture.

    1.) They do photocopies for you, believe it was 50 cents per page and 25 page limit per day.

    2.) Use your camera. Must sign waiver.

    They did not mention scanners, they only mentioned cameras. So, I have to guess that scanners were not allowed. I did not ask, I used the camera and available light. No camera stands or tripods allowed, no standing on chairs allowed.

  2. Thanks so much for the feedback Carol.

  3. I just talked to the Research Room at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra to ask about use of the Flip Pal there. I was told no, only hand held cameras (iPads / iPhone type ok too) with no flash.
    I explained about how the Flip Pal works and she said the policy had been made a couple of years ago. She said she would suggest that whoever was going to the NSW ACT conference have a look at how it worked so they could consider its use.
    Fingers crossed.

  4. Hi Jackie, thanks for this info. We’re all crossing our fingers that the archives offices in time will ok the use of the Flip-Pal scanners on site. Time will tell. But thanks so much for the feedback.

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