Celebrities Revealed for Who Do You Think You Are? Australia Season 4 (2011)

Well we’ve reached the latter part of the year, and that seems to be when SBS screen their Who Do You Think You Are? Australia TV show. Today they announced who the celebrities for this year’s Season 4 will be …

Shaun Micallef – comedian
Michael O’Loughlin – AFL legend
Melissa George – actress
Kerry O’Brien – journalist
John Wood – actor
Vince Colosimo – actor

As of yet I don’t have any starting date, but keep an eye in our email newsletter, or on Twitter or Facebook, as we’ll annouce it everywhere when we find out.

And if you’re truly loving this series, you’ll be pleased to know that Who Do You Think You Are?  Australia Season 5 is in the works.

3 thoughts on “Celebrities Revealed for Who Do You Think You Are? Australia Season 4 (2011)

  1. Robert Herbert says:

    Lefty O’Brien, Wood and to some extent Micallef may be of some interest, but the others are typical of the nonentities SBS has previously talked into participating.

    The SBS version of Who Do You Think You Are has been an extremely disappointing copy of the original, largely because of the subjects, but also because the producers fail to follow all lines.

  2. Love this show, can’t get enough of it. Everyone has such an interesting story to tell. Wish I could do mine… Good luck to everyone on their search.

  3. Can’t wait to see Shaun, this will be really interesting.

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