I Seek Dead People T-Shirt – Limited Time Offer

We have had several requests asking us to import the “I Seek Dead People” t-shirt from our supplier in the US, so have decided to make it an open offer to everyone, for a limited time.

And I’m sure it’ll prove popular, as don’t you think that is something all die-hard genealogists are going to want, I mean need …

Here’s the details:
Material: 100% cotton preshrunk, it does have a little stretch.
Style: regular crew neck t-shirt, with standard short sleeves, and is a suitable style for males or females.
Size: the t-shirts seem to be a little on the big side, so if you order your regular size, it’ll fit you comfortably. Please note these shirts are long.
Colours: black only, with white writing.
Description: Emblazoned on the front in big white writing, so everyone can see is “I Seek Dead People (I’m a genealogist)”.
Ordering: The cost includes GST. This is a limited time offer, and orders for this must be received by Sunday November 6th 2011.
Cost: $29.50 (inc GST), +$7.95 freight for delivery within Australia.

Sizing: The sizing is marked as M, L, etc … to make it a bit easier we’ve bought one of the M, L, and XL, and judge to be the equivalent of of standard Australian sizing.
Medium = large 12
Large = large 16
X-Large = large 18
2 X-Large = 20

Delivery: To keep costs down we are going to do just one order to our supplier, which will be sent straight after we close off ordering. We would hope to receive supplies around the end of November/early December.

This is a limited time offer, and orders for this must t-shirt be received by Sunday November 6th 2011
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8 thoughts on “I Seek Dead People T-Shirt – Limited Time Offer

  1. Meredith Bell says:

    Thanks for the info and the link but – how much will it cost?

  2. oops – $29.50 is the cost of the t-shirt. I figured people would click on the links to go to the page … but anyway I’ve added it here now. 🙂

  3. SUE O'DONNELL says:

    The cost was written above.

  4. I need one of these t-shirts!

    How do I order?

  5. If you click on ths size hyperlinks, it takes you to the shirt to order.

  6. did that.

    tried again – added it to the cart, but can’t checkout.

  7. oh dear, I’m sorry Catherine. The only thing I can thing that could be causing that, might be the browser you are using. The has been a few instances of IE9 and Chrome doing strange things with our site. Feel free to send a direct email to me to order it if you wish (alona@gould.com.au). I’ll just need your names, address and t-shirt size.

  8. thanks Alona.

    I’m a previous customer.

    email should be waiting for you in the morning.

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