Everyone loves a price drop, and us genie mad people, love it even more when it’s on genealogy products! Well duh!

So the good news for today is that the always popular 3rd edition of the National Burial Index for England and Wales has now dropped in price to $59.50 (AUD). And no, this is not just a temporary special, but an actual price drop.

The National Burial Index (known as the NBI to many) is a collection of 18.4 million burial records transcribed and indexed from local parish records (Anglican, non-conformist, Quaker, Roman Catholic and cemetery burial registers) throughout England and Wales. You can view a coverage map, which shows the number of entries included for each county for each edition of the National Burial Index (NBI1, NBI2 and NBI3).

If you’re unfamiliar with the title, with this you have access to an index which does for burials what the International Genealogical Index does for baptisms and marriages. With the support of most members of the Federation of Family History Societies, other organisations and individuals, the NBI is now recognised as an essential finding-aid.

The project began in the Spring 1996, with over 5 million records and with attention focused at first on the 1813-1837 parish register records but those from all periods are now included.

This third edition of the National Burial Index presents the following information – if given in the original source:

– Name/s of deceased (forename and surname)
– date of burial (from 1538 to present day)
– age
– parish (details of where the event was recorded)
– county (pre-1832 county)
– attribution code (the recording group, society or individual)
– and whether or not the records have been checked and corrected

The detail in the Index is purposefully limited, so at to encourage you to then get in touch with the Society or individual who transcribed the records to obtain further information. Please note no monumental inscriptions, or details of death registrations are included.

The NBI has always been a great resource for those researching burial records in England and Wales, and with the increase of around an extra 6 million records since the 2nd edition, how can that not be useful?

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