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Van Diemen’s Land – J. Boyce – $32.95 NEW EDITION
The author shows how the convicts were changed by the natural worlds they encountered. Escaping authority, they soon settled away from the towns, dressing in kangaroo-skin and living off the land. Behind the official attempt to create a Little England was another story of adaptation, in which the poor, the exiled and the criminal made a new home in a strange land. This is their story, the story of Van Diemen’s Land.

Free Passengers to New South Wales 1826-1837: Passengers, Crew and Military – DATA CD
This is the first in a series being published which will cover free shipping to New South Wales to 1842. This CD contains nearly 36,000 names of passengers, military and crew on passenger ships, whalers and trading vessels between 1826 to 1837. It also includes those who arrived on convict transports (but not convicts). This comes in 2 editions:

Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918 Vol VII: Sinai and Palestine – DATA CD – $34.50
Separated into 45 chapters, this book follows the work of the Australian Light Horse in the Middle East, after the battles in Gallipoli. With a chronology, many photographs, detailed maps and sketches this truly records the work of the Australian Light Horse. In almost 1000 pages, this is an amazing record of the Australian men and the battles they fought in WWI.

Greater Brisbane Area: Atlas and Directory of Residents and Streets 1931 – DATA CD – $27.50
This directory contains almost 50 street maps and includes a key map of the greater Brisbane area. Following each street map is a list of the streets and residents for that particular area.

South Australian Government Gazette Compendium 1851-1860 – DATA CD – $239.50
A collection of 10 CDs in this compendium cover the years 1851-1860.


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Westmoreland 1885 Bulmer’s History, Topography and Directory – DATA CD – $40.00
Containing just over seven hundred printed pages and republished here on fully-searchable CD-ROM, the Westmoreland Directory is introduced by an historical narrative of the county’s settlement followed by a description of its geography and geology.

Life in the Victorian Hospital – M. Higgs – $39.95
This well-researched and richly illustrated book describes the developments which paved the way toward today’s high standards of care in Britain and the Western world.

Highways and Byways in Hampshire – DATA CD – $25.00
Published in 1919, ‘Mr Moutray Read has written a well-nigh perfect guide-book’ was one review of this work. Another was ‘… In our judgement, as excellent and as a lively a book as has yet appeared in the Highways and Byways Series’. It contains over 90 illustrations by Arthur B. Connor, plus map.

A List of the Roman Catholics in the County of York 1604 – DATA CD – $25.00
Taken from the original manuscripts held in the Bodleian Library, with additional genealogical notes, this listing of Roman Catholic Recusants and Noncommunicants covers towns and villages all across Yorkshire. Hundreds of names are featured, together with useful family and biographical details. Includes indexes of persons and places. This is an excellent resource for family historians with Yorkshire Catholic ancestors. Transcribed and edited by Edward Peacock, F.S.A., 1872.


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Ogilvy Family History from The Scots Peerage – DATA CD – $34.50
Here are presented the genealogical and historical records of all branches of the Ogilvy family holding titles of nobility.

Memoirs of Clan Fingon – DATA CD – $34.50
This is a substantial family history of the Mackinnons in Scotland, beginning in the late Middle Ages, and moving down to the failure of the direct line in the 18th century, with additional chapters on dress, crests, and other family information. There are as well biographies of prominent members of the family from earliest times into the 19th century.

A Jacobite Exile – DATA CD – $34.50
Alistair and Henrietta Tayler worked as a team to record the history and activities of the Jacobites in Scotland during the 18th century, and their work, noted in the first half of the 20th century and later for its quality, has remained an invaluable source of historical information on some of the most important figures in Scottish history.

The Heriots of Ramornie from XVth to XVIIIth Centuries – DATA CD – $34.50
The Heriots of Ramornie were an ancient Fifeshire family of modest beginnings who over the course of many centuries slowly increased their lands and their position. They were seldom on the national scene and they held no national office in church or state. They were ardent reformers during the Reformation, adhering to the religion of John Knox but careful never to become too exposed to danger from those higher up. They carefully avoided passionate commitment either to the royalist or the parliamentary cause during the 17th century. Younger sons went into business, while the eldest son managed the estate. They lived a simple, pious, cautious life. There were more senior branches of the family in Berwickshire, and other branches were scattered here and there. This work, then, records the life and times of one branch of the Heriots from around 1476 to the end of the 19th century. Included is information on each generation of the family and its history and genealogy, as well as material on seals and arms.

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The McClung Genealogy – DATA CD – $34.50
The subtitle here provides valuable information on the purpose and scope of this publication. It is “A Genealogical and Biographical Record of the McClung Family from the Time of their Emigration to the Year 1904.” More to the point, it proclaims itself as a history of a Scots-Irish family, Protestant and indeed Presbyterian in religion, who moved from Galloway around 1690 to settle in Ulster in northern Ireland.

Genealogical Collections Concerning the Scottish House of Edgar – DATA CD – $34.50
This interesting and unusual history is concerned with the southeast of Scotland and with several families who interacted with the Edgar family or who were involved in events associated with that family.

A Claverhouse Sourcebook: A Collection of Materials Relating to John Graham of Claverhouse Viscount of Dundee – DATA CD – $34.50
John Graham of Claverhouse first and foremost claimed to be a military commander, a loyal soldier who accepted and carried out orders without overall concern for religious or political ideology. He served for decades on the continent, where he trained as a soldier of fortune, and he was respected both by King Charles II and his brother King James VII, and by Prince William of Orange. He was employed to maintain order in portions of Scotland committed to Covenanter or Presbyterian religious beliefs, and he was charged, often without proof, of atrocities against those Covenanters in the period after 1660 and the Restoration of King Charles II.