What is the Gould Genealogy & History 10:10:10:10 sale?
10th July  … 10 days … 10.00am … $10.00

Every day at 10.00am (Australian Central Standard Time) for a total of 10 days starting from Sunday 10th July, us at Gould Genealogy & History will announce on Twitter and Facebook, our new daily $10 special. Each item will be on sale for 24 hours.

I can guarantee there will be MASSIVE savings, and if that isn’t enough, as an added bonus, we’re making each of these items FREIGHT FREE for postage within Australia.

So if you, your friends or family are into Australian history and/or genealogy, spread the word, you won’t want to miss this opportunity.  Write it on your calendar … 10.00am next Sunday is when it all starts.

This offer is ONLY available for orders placed online through Gould Genealogy & History’s website.

Not a Twitter or Facebook user, be sure to join up and follow us to take advantage of this AWESOME sale!!

Here’s where you can find us on Facebook, and on Twitter.