Into Australian history or Australian genealogy? If you answered Yes, to either of those, you should be reading this magazine.

A relatively new magazine (it’s not quite 1 year old), Inside History is for people passionate about Australian and New Zealand genealogy, history and heritage.

The July-August edition (issue 5) of this bi-monthly magazine has just been released. In it you’ll find the following:

– It’s census time! How can you help family historians in the future?
– Discover the secrets to dating old photos
– How to research the history of your house
– We take a look at Tilly Devine’s neighbourhood
– How to find Chinese ancestors
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And there’s much more – in fact, 76 pages of terrific features, practical information on family tree research, chances to network with other genealogists, competitions and product reviews.

Regular features of the magazine include:

– Postie’s here! (your thoughts, your say)
– Bob’s Your Uncle: (Network with other descedants and resear ochers)
– Way back when … (Historical events and happenings)
– What’s on (Events on around the country)
– The book shelf (The latest and greatest to hit the shops)
– One picture … 1000 memories (The story behind the image)

All of this packed into 74 pages, guarantees you a great read. Still not convinced? Inside History even offer you a sneak peek of it.

You can buy Issues 1-4 from us:
Inside History Magazine Issue 1: Nov-Dec 2010
Inside History Magazine Issue 2: Jan-Feb 2011
Inside History Magazine Issue 3: Mar-Apr 2011
Inside History Magazine Issue 4: May-Jun 2011

Or, you can subscribe to the magazine by going to the Inside History website:
Aus $12.50 / NZ$15.00 per issue
Aus $31.50 / NZ $45.00 6 month subscription
Aus $63.00 /NZ $90.00 12 month subscription

‘Inside History’ is for people passionate about Australian and New Zealand history and heritage, whether it’s their family’s ancestry, or in a broader social context.