FamilySearch have been busy people (as always), as they’ve just added millions (2,180,763 to be exact) of Cheshire bishop’s transcript records online (without original images at this stage). This comes only a few days after 4,140,534 Cheshire parish register records were added to FamilySearch on July 8th.

If you’re researching your Cheshire ancestry, send the family out, stock up with snacks, and leave the catfood out so the cat can feed herself, as you’ll be glued to the computer for days (if not longer). FamilySearch will be your must-visit site, because in addition to the millions of parish records and bishop’s transcripts that they’ve just added they have:

– Land Tax Assessments 1778-1832
– Non-conformist Records 1671-1900
– Probate Records 1492-1940
– School Records 1796-1950
– Workhouse Records 1848-1967
– Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1606-1900
– Register of Electors 1842-1900

To date Cheshire one of the few English counties I don’t have any family in … yet! But if in my continued search I find them there, I know where I’ll be looking.