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Men of Mont St Quentin: Between Victory and Death – P. Stanley – $35.00
In the hands of Peter Stanley, one of Australia’s leading military historians, a famous battlefield in France becomes unforgettably connected with Australian men and their families in the long aftermath of the Great War.

Capital: Melbourne When it Was the Capital City of Australia 1901-27 – K. Otto – $39.95
In 1901 the Australian colonies came together to form a new nation which, for the next twenty-six years, was governed from Melbourne. It was a small city, a place where people knew each other – not just the people who mattered, but those who didn’t yet – where small changes loomed large and the import of big changes could scarcely be imagined. Yet in the extraordinary first quarter of the twentieth century, as the world lurched headlong into a new era, this overgrown town, in all but name the nation’s capital, oversaw the birth of modern Australia.

The Convicts of the ‘Eleanor’: Protest in Rural England, New Lives in Australia – D. Kent & N. Townsend – $49.95
The convicts transported on the ‘Eleanor’ in February 1831 were not hardened criminals. The men on board – impoverished agricultural labourers and rural craftsmen from the counties of Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset – were transported because they were ‘Swing rioters’ – men who dared to demand a modest wage-increase and the preservation of winter work threatened by the threshing machine.

Queensland Police Gazette Compendium 1926-1930 – DATA CD – $79.50
This CD contains 5 years worth of Queensland Police Gazette issues all on the one CD.

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Civic Record of South Australia Set 1921 and 1936 – DATA CD – $49.50
These volumes provide a wealth of information about the history of the City of Adelaide and of South Australia, and the development of councils throughout the surrounding suburbs and country districts. The volumes also provide a history of Colonel Light, the first Surveyor General of the state, a section containing information on the Governors of South Australia and the Mayors of Adelaide, as well as describing South Australia’s history, beginning in 1836.

Hobart Government Gazette 1906 – DATA CD – $47.50
Bankruptcies, lists of Board members, Dissolution of Partnerships, Foreign Company notices, Government notices, Proclamations, Mining notices, Land acquisitions, rentals, sales and leases are all included, Neglected children department, Probate and Administration notices, Trade Marks, Public works and roads, private notices, and appointments of hundreds of jobs … these are just a few of the types of records included in this vast resource.


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The History of Richmond, Yorkshire – DATA CD – $35.00
“The History of Richmond, Yorkshire” includes a description of the castle, friary, Easby abbey and other remains of antiquity in the neighbourhood. In over 440 pages the history of Richmond is told. Written by Christopher Clarkson, and printed by and for T. Bowman at the Albion Press.

Chapelry and Church of Saddleworth – DATA CD – $25.00
“Chapelry and Church of Saddleworth”, was written in 1915 by Alfred J. Howcroft. This is an interesting account of the history of the Chapelry of Saddleworth, on the borders of Yorkshire and Lancashire. It includes chapters on the ancient parish of Whalley, the township of Quick, lists of vicars, curates and churchwardens, charities and endowments, nonconformists etc. Accompanied by 12 illustrations.

The Roffensian Register, Kings School, Kent 1835-1920 – DATA CD – $25.00
Published in 1920, the Register of the King’s School, Rochester, Kent. Contains names of all members of the school from 1835-1920. Also includes names of Headmasters from 1552, Second Masters from 1599, Governors’ Exhibitioners from 1550, Gunsley Exhibitioners from 1618, etc.

Durham Parish Registers: Esh 1567-1812 – DATA CD – $20.00
Transcripts of the registers of the ancient chapel of Esh, in the parish of Lanchester, and the Bishopric of Durham. Covers the period 1567-1812 and includes various Papist and Dissenter baptisms.

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The Manchester Historical Recorder – DATA CD – $25.00
Published in 1874 this publication gives an analysis of the municipal, ecclesiastical, biographical, commercial and statistical history of Manchester, from 500BC – 1874, chronologically arranged.

Eton School Register, Berkshire 1893-1899 – DATA CD – $25.00
Eton College in Berkshire is one of the oldest and most famous public schools in England. This Register covers the years 1893-1899, and contains fascinating biographical details about the scholars, updated to the publication year of 1901 – several are listed as serving currently in the Boer War.

Miscellanies Lancashire and Cheshire Vol. III – DATA CD – $25.00
Published in 1896, and printed as Vol. XXXIII for the ‘Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents Relating to Lancashire and Cheshire’.


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Marchmont and the Humes of Polwarth – DATA CD – $34.50
The Hume family is one of the oldest and most illustrious in Scotland, and the family long has been associated with the national history of that country. This is a study of Humes of Polwarth, a parish in Berwickshire, midway between Duns and Greenlaw.

Macbeth: King, Queen, and Clan – DATA CD – $34.50
Perhaps with the exception of Robert the Bruce, no Scottish king is so famous as Macbeth ? and yet, what do we really know about him? If our only reference is Shakespeare’s play, then he was a power-hungry monster, taking life and throne from the rightful king. His queen was even worse. But, as John Macbeth here shows, he was of an ancient Celtic family, the hereditary ruler of Moray, and a popular leader with a strong personal following. This is an excellent introduction to the murky history of Macbeth, his queen, and his clan down through Scottish history.

Sutherland Family History from The Scots Peerage – DATA CD – $34.50
Here are presented the genealogical and historical records of all branches of the Sutherland family holding titles of nobility that is included in Sir James Balfour-Paul’s monumental work “The Scots Peerage”.

Pollock Genealogy: A Biographical Sketch of Oliver Esq., of Carlisle, Pennsylvania 1776-1784 – DATA CD – $34.50
Originally published 1883. 63 pages, this facsimile of the book is a thorough genealogical study of the various Pollock families settling in Pennsylvania in the colonial period. As well as the descendants of Oliver, there is extensive material on the descendants of John, James, and Charles Pollock, brother who emigrated from Coleraine, Ireland about 1750, and the descendants of Samuel Pollock of Chester and Dauphin Counties.