Jubilee History of Queensland 1900 – DATA CD – $29.50
With over 80 sketch images (mostly portraits, but also some scenes), this is a remarkable work preserving the history of Queensland and Australia up to 1900.

Six Months in South Australia 1838: With Some Account of Port Philip and Portland Bay – DATA CD – $27.50
Written by T. Horton James in 1838 a short time after the settlement of the Colony of South Australia, the book describes and offers advice about the journey to Australia, detailing the daily routines on ships for well-to-do gentlemen. Hints are also given about particular things to be aware of, like the appetite being generally ravenous at sea and the consequences of eating twice as much as usual! T. Horton James gives detailed descriptions about South Australia, debunking a lot of myths perpetrated by others. His description of landing at Port Adelaide makes for amusing reading.

Tasmania Post Office Directory 1919 (Wise) – DATA CD – $29.50
Henry Wise’s Tasmania Directory of 1919, is basically 750 pages of names, addresses and occupations of those in Tasmania during this year 1919.

Torrens Valley Historical Journal No. 73 (September 2009) – Book – $8.00
You will find notices on local weather, local fairs, details of local societies and meetings, sport days, weddings, land sale, auctions, school news, court notices and much more. The weekly football, cricket and table tennis reports have been omitted as they are voluminous and repetitive. This volume covers entries from ‘The Mount Barker Courier’ from 1952 and 1954. An index is included for easy reference.


Highways and Byways in Buckinghamshire – DATA CD – $25.00
Written by Frederick Griggs, this is one of the volumes in the ‘Highways and Byway’s series of county histories. A contemporary review by Clement Shorter, WORLD states that this is ‘ … a thoroughly delightful little volume. Mr Frederick L. Griggs contributes a copious series of delicately graceful illustrations.’ The publication contains over 80 illustrations and a map.

The English Village Community – DATA CD – $35.00
A masterly study of the development of the English village – its organisation and agricultural field systems – in Roman, Saxon and Norman times. Also includes chapters on the tribal systems of Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and a comparison with western European village structure.

Yorkshire Parish Registers: Howden Part II 1542-1772 – DATA CD – $35.00
Edited by G.E. Weddall in 1905, this volume contains transcripts of the parish registers for the town of Howden, in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It covers marriages 1659-1702 and burials 1543-1659. Including various burials of Knedlington and Boothe beginning in 1543, Skelton and Laxton beginning in 1541 and Saltmarsh, Cotnes, Methm, Yockfleet and Field Houses beginning in 1545.

London 1910 Kelly’s Post Office Directory – DATA CD – $49.50
A large book of almost 3500 pages, this 2 CD set resource contains residential street (listing names and addresses), commercial and professional, and more directories for London and its suburbs. It also contains detailed information about the principal seats, council, magistrates and a large colour map.


The History of Ulster: From the Earliest Times to the Prestent Day – DATA CD – $49.50
This massive four-volume history of Ulster provides a detailed history of the long and complicated evolution of affairs in the northern counties of Ireland, particularly from the perspective of the English-speaking world.

The Diocese of Killaloe: From the Reformation to the Close of the 18th Century – DATA CD – $36.50
The Diocese of Killaloe from the Reformation to the Close of the Eighteenth Century republished here on fully-searchable CD-ROM must appeal to anyone interested in the local history and religious history of the diocese and also to those interested in the local history of Clare, Limerick and Tipperary.

Families of County Clare – M. O’Laughlin – $69.95
Finding information on your family history in County Clare just got easier. This hardbound, illustrated book focuses exclusively on families of this county. One volume from the Irish Families Series, it includes: Catholic and Protestant; native Irish; settler families from England, Scotland, and Wales; County Map; Coats of Arms; and more … Information contained here-in dates from the earliest times to the modern era.

Families of County Cork – M. O’Laughlin – $69.95
Focusing exclusively on families of County Cork, this volume, one in the Irish Families Series includes: Catholic and Protestant; native Irish; settler families from England, Scotland, and Wales; County Map; Coats of Arms; and more. Information contained here-in dates from the earliest times to the modern era.


The Baillies of Scotland and America – DATA CD – $34.50
Containing various publications (or articles) relating to the Baillie family, compiled together on a single CD.

An Inquiry into the Genealogy and Present State of Ancient Scottish Surnames – DATA CD – $34.50
William Buchanan’s groundbreaking book “An Inquiry into the Genealogy and Present Stare of Ancient Scottish Surnames” was one of the first of the great histories of the Highland clans. Originally published in 1723, it predated James Logan’s “The Scottish Gael” by more than a century and Frank Adam’s “The Clans, Septs, and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands” by nearly two.

Descendants of Simon Fraser of Laggan, Inverness-shire – DATA CD – $34.50
The “Descendants of Simon Fraser of Laggan, Inverness-shire, Scotland” covers not only the descendants in Scotland but also the allied families in Canada and United States.

Kerr Family History from The Scots Peerage – DATA CD – $34.50
Here are presented the genealogical and historical records of all branches of the Kerr family holding titles of nobility taken from The Scots Peerage by Sir James Balfour-Paul.

Other Countries

Bloody Gallipoli: The New Zealanders’ Story – R. Stowers – $100.00
With ‘Bloody Gallipoli’, Richard Stowers has created a highly readable and often tragic account of this doomed campaign from the New Zealand perspective.

Baxter’s Guide: Biographical Sources in the India Office Records – I. Baxter – $24.00
First published in 1979, and now in it’s 3rd edition, this book is now generally referred to as “Baxter’s Guide”. This has become an essential reference work for all who research the history of their families who served in India. Although modest in size, it brings together a clear set of references to the enormous number of biographical sources scattered amongst the 15km of shelves of the India Office Records.

A Tree Without Roots: The Guide to Tracing British, African, and Asian Caribbean Ancestry – P. Crooks – $24.95
An instructive guide to those interested in finding out more about their family connections with the Caribbean Islands, it nevertheless offers techniques and approached to anyone researching their ancestors round the world.

Vanished Armies: A Record of Military Uniforms in European Counties During 1907-1914 – A. Haswell Miller & J. Mollo – $49.95
Painted in the early 1900s by A.E. Haswell Miller, a Scottish artist and army officer with a fascination for military dress, this unique collection of British and European military uniforms now appears in print for the first time.