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The centenary of the beginning of World War I, together with the commemoratons of the Anzac Diggers landing at Gallipoli, has created an incredible amount of interest in military history.

Along with a heap of new military records that have been released, there’s also been many new books. It is two of these new titles that I’m highlighting here.

Totally unique in their concept, and full of biographical information – they are a welcome addition not only for military historians, but more so for those whose ancestors are listed in them.


Title: Lost Boys of Anzac
Author: Peter Stanley
Media: paperback, 384 pages
Year: 2015
ISBN: 9781742233970
Item Code:
Price: AUD$34.95
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Australians remember the dead of 25 April 1925 on Anzac Day every year. But do we know the name of a single soldier who died that day? What do we really really know about the men supposedly most cherished in the national memory of war? Peter Stanley goes looking for the Lost Boys of Anzac: the men of the very first wave to land at dawn on 25 April 1915 and who died on that day. There were exactly 101 of them.

They were they first to volunteer, the first to go into action, and the first of the 60,000 Australians killed in that conflict.

‘Lost Boys of Anzac’ traces who these men were, where they came from and why they came to volunteer for the AIF in 1914. It follows what happened to them in uniform and, using sources overlooked for nearly a century, uncovers where and how they died, on the ridges and gullies of Gallipoli. – where most of them remain to this day. An we see how the Lost Boys were remembered by those who knew and loved them, and how they have since faded from memory.

‘Lost Boys of Anzac’ offers a startlingly original account of the landing on Gallipoli, relvealing in poignant detail how one day of battle led to decades of grief: a powerful new way of looking at Australia’s history of the Great War.

The names of the 101 Australian’s who were killed on that day:
William Bentley (also known as ‘Barney’) Allen, clerk, S, Heywood, Vic, CofE
William Richard (also known as ‘Dick’) Annear, 39, commercial traveller, S, Subiaco, WA, CofE
Charles James (also known as Rappie’) Backman, 30, boilermaker’s assistant, S, Adelaide, SA, Cong
Richard Hamilton Baker, 20, bank clerk, S, Sandgate, Q CofE
Cecil ‘Thomas Barrack, 30, engineer, S, Chatswood, NSW, CofE
Frank Batt, 31, miner, S, London, UK, CofE
William Charles Belson, 22, architect, S, Malanda, Q, Pres
William John Bradley, 30, labourer, Newport, UK, CofE
Charles George Brown, 22, labourer, S, Newmacher, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Pres
Albert John Byrne, 24, electrician, S, Broken Hill, NSW, CofE
Hugh Calderbank, 32, motorman (tram driver), M, Perth, WA, CofE
Thomas George Carroll, 23, contractor/farm labourer, S, North Fremantle, WA, RC
Joseph Henry Cooke, 32, accountant, M, Wickepin, WA, CofE
Tom Courtney, 19, engine cleaner, S, Ipswich, Q RC
Alfred (also known as ‘Lizzie) Crowther, 26, iron moulder, S, Wayville, SA, CofE
Frederick Dann, 30, carpenter, S, Melbourne, Vic, CofE
John (known as Jack) Davey, 19, labourer, S, Woombye, Q, Meth
John Dow, 25, miner, S, Perthshire, Scotland, Pres
John Curry Duckworth, 36, labourer, M, Perth, WA, Pres
Wolverton Mason Edgar, 36, lumper, S, Great Bulling, Hants, UK, CofE
Charles John Falk, 30, clerk, S, Yatala, SA, CofE
John James Ferguson, 19, labourer, S, Perth, WA, RC
George Clement Ferrett, 29, wheelwright, S, Blinman, SA, CofE
James Fielding, 26, labourer, S, Sheffield, Yorks, UK, CofE
Edward William Fitzgerald [Edward Edwards], 37, agent, S, Kalgoorlie, WA, CofE
Thomas Walter Ford, 19, medical student, S, Brisbane, CofE
Herbert Howard Kentwell Fowles (also known as Bert), 21, schoolteacher, S, Zillmere, Q CofE
William James (known as Billy) Gibbons, 34, labourer, M, Adelaide, SA, CofE
John Woodside (known as Jack) Gibson, 26, labourer, S, Canada/India, CofE
Anthony Simpson (also known as MAO Gilpin, 24, ironmonger, S, Ballarat, Vic, CofE
Albert Glatz [Alexander Glades], 27, miner, S, Kapunda, SA, Pres
Kenneth Douglas (known as Ken) Gordon, 28, clerk, S, Port Pirie, SA, CofE
John Lewes Davidson Gower, 29, clerk, S, Littlehampton, SA, CofE
George Charles Gracey, 28, motorman, S, South Brisbane, Q, CofE
Harry John Graham, 19, sheep farmer, S, Barcaldine, Q CofE
James Joseph Grant, 22, shipping clerk, S, Brisbane, Q RC
Keith Eddowes Green, 21, shipping clerk, S, Mitcham, SA, CofE
Percival Charles Greenhill, 26, labourer, S, London, UK, CofE
Wilfred Carl Hill, 22, labourer, S, Concord, NSW, CofE
William Albert (also known as ‘Fatty’) Hobson, 25, potter, Stourbridge, Worcs, UK, CofE
Cuthbert Oliver Holcombe, 33, farmer, S, London, UK, CofE
John Holden, 19, farm hand, S, Bromley, UK, CofE
Henry (known as Harry) Jackson, 20, carpenter, S, Coen, Q, RC
Leslie Job, 19, telephonist, Perth GPO, S, Fitzroy, WA, CofE
William Johnston, 21, clerk, S, Edinburgh, Scotland, Pres
Leo James Kerswill, 21, hide and skin cleaner, S, Newman Park, Q, Bapt
Patrick Kiely, 28, engineer, S, Cork, Ireland, RC
Leslie John (also known as Langey) Langdon, 28, farmer, S, Melbourne, CofE
James Llewellyn (also known as ‘Lyn’) Lewis, 20, bank clerk, S, Port Adelaide, SA, CofE
James Mulcaster Lovatt, 33, farmer, S, Bettwys-y-Coed, Wales, Meth
Robert Stirling Mackie, 19, draper, S, Clydebank, Scotland, Pres
Frederick Dennis Mangan, 27, telegraph operator, M, Dublin, Ireland, RC
Harold Osborne Mansfield, 32, miner, S, Parkside, SA, CofE
David Joseph McCarthy, railway porter, S, Woolloongabba, Q, RC
Francis Ronald Reid McJannet, 23, farmer, S, Kununoppin, WA, Pres
Alexander McPhail, 25, farmer, S, Glasgow, Scotland, Pres
Albert (also known as ‘Peter’) McConnachy, 25, miner, S, Renmark, SA, CofE
Keith Mitchell, 18, labourer, S, Lancefield, Vic, Bapt
Joseph Russel Moir, 24, farmer, S, Taranaki, NZ, Protestant
Donald Munro, 19, bricklayer, 5, Thurso, Scotland, Pres
George Alfred Nicoll, 35, accountant, S, Sydney, NSW, CofE
Edward Castle Oldham, 38, gentleman, S, Hackney, SA, CofE
Michael John O’Sullivan, 19, clerk, S, Rosewood, Q, RC
William Thomas Payne, 19, clerk, S, Brisbane, Q, Wesleyan
Ambrose Stanley Pearce, 20, carpenter, S, Quorn, SA, Meth
James Willis Plummer, 20, horse trainer, S, Yorketown, SA, RC
William Alexander Pollock, 37, labourer, S, Glasgow, Scotland, CofE
William George Price, 19, jeweller, S, Newcastle, NSW, Bapt
Patrick Thomas Pyne, 19, postal assistant, S, Strathalbyn, SA, RC
Walter Reeves, 24, labourer, S, Cambridge, UK, CofE
Henry John Riekie, 35, grocer/bread carter, M, Subiaco, WA, CofE
William John (also known as John or jack’) Rigby, 22, clerk, S, Yeronga, Q, CofE
Sydney Beresford Robertson, 28, law clerk, S, Ipswich, Q Cong
John Rundle, labourer, S, Kalgoorlie, WA, Meth
George Alfred Rush, 24, labourer, S, Nelson Bay, NSW, CofE
Victor Joseph Sanders, 34, overseer, Toowoomba, Q, CofE
Harry Sawley, 22, painter, S, Southport, Lancs, UK, Wesleyan
Basil Archdeacon (also known as Archie’) Scott, 23, motor mechanic, S, Northam, WA, CofE
Guy Allen Sharpe, 26, civil engineer, S, Poona, India, CofE
Hurtle Charles Shaw, 26, blacksmith, S, Hindmarsh, SA, CofE
William Haswell Shelton, 21, farmer, S, Murgon, Q Meth
Godfrey John Sherman, 24, bank clerk, S, Sydney, NSW, RC
Raymond Ferres Shirley, 22, law clerk, S, Brisbane, Q CofE
Richard Smith, 33, tinsmith/fitter/silversmith, S, Birmingham, UK, CofE
William Millar Smylie, 21, motor mechanic, S, Belfast, Ireland, Pres
Rupert James Sparrow, 22, horse driver, S, Broken Hill, NSW, CofE
George Spence, 32, carpenter, S, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Pres
Edward Harvey Statham, 34, contractor, S, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, CofE
Joseph Stratford, 34, labourer, S, Lismore, NSW, CofE
Charles Joshua Sussex, 34, labourer, Richmond, Vic, Pres
Frederick John Thompson, 33, traveller, S, Feilding, NZ, Pres
Edward James Thrum, 22, painter, S, Sorrento, Vic, Pres
Ernest Percy (also known as `Wakka) Walker, 23, sleeper cutter, S, Lillimur, Vic, CofE
William Frederick Walker, 22, labourer, S, Shipton Winslow, Bucks, UK, Anglican
William John Walsh, 33, tinsmith, M, Brisbane, Q CofE
William John Wilcox, 23, labourer, S, London, UK, CofE
Percy Williams, 21, miner or grocer?, S, Kalgoorlie, WA, Meth
Arthur Edward Wise, 22, iron moulder, S, Woolloongabba, Q, RC
Roy Wyld, 26, fireman, S, Semaphore, SA, CofE


The Lost Boys of Anzac, and the ANZAC Hospital No. 1 at Harefield books

The Lost Boys of Anzac, and the ANZAC Hospital No. 1 at Harefield books


Title: The ANZAC Hospital No. 1 at Harefield and the Australians Who Died There and Elsewhere but who are Buried at Harefield 1914-1918
Author: Tanya Britton
Media: paperback, 60 pages
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780992792220
Item Code:
Price: AUD$19.95
Link to website

A little-known village on the outskirts of London commemorates Anzac Day every year – as it has done for generations. Harefield, in Middlesex, was the site of an Australian World War I hospital, and more than 100 diggers who died there still lie in the village cemetery.

It all began when ex-pat Australian Charles Billyard-Leake donated his manor house to the Australian Government to use as a wartime hospital. Nurses arrived from Australia to prepare for the first patients who began to arrive from the Western Front in June 1915. And as increasing numbers of casualties were admitted, a series of huts was erected to accommodate them. At its peak, Harefield could accommodate 1,000 patients and by the end of the war, a staggering 50,000 injured diggers had been treated there.

This book is a history of the Anzac Hospital at Harefield during World War One together with biographical details of the Australian servicemen who died there and elsewhere, but who are buried in Harefield churchyard.

Example entry:
McCULLOUGH, Reginald Joseph
Reg was born at Bendigo, Victoria where he enlisted on 15th November 1915. He embarked on HMAT ‘Anchises’ on 16th March 1916 at Adelaide. 2203, Gunner, 14th Bde., Australian Field Artillery. Died on eczema and syncope on 30th December 1919, aged 25. Son of Joseph and Elizabeth McCullough of Goyne Road, Epsom, Victoria.

Here’s the list of those in this book:
Abberton, Edmund
Adkins, Charles
Alford, Roy Hensley
Anderson, Alfred Alexander
Anderson, William Leith
Armstrong, Ernest George
Austin, William John
Barnes, Keith
Bartlett, Joseph
Bassett, Leslie John
Baufoot, James Cornelius
Bice, John Gilbert
Blake, Richard Charles
Bone, Gordon Walter
Bradford, Clement Everly, MM and Bar
Bucknall, Guy
Clarke, Walter Allen
Clements, Frederick
Clifford, Harry William
Clover, William Crellin
Connor, Roy
Cookesley, Clifford
Copton, William
Dale, Joseph John
Dennis, John Williams Howard
Dickinson, Ruby Droma
Dines, Charles Stewart
Duddle, William Colbert
Dynes, Terrence William, MM
Eastham, Herbert James
Elliott, Ernest Robert
Elliott, Michael
Farthing, Arthur Vincent
Feild/Field, Gustav William
Flaherty, Patrick Bryan
Fletcher, John Duncan
Genge, John Wesley
Giddens, Percy Albert
Graham, Melville Adrian
Grubnau, Michael
Hall, Charles Samuel
Hartley, Frederick Charles
Hayden, John Arthur
Herron, Edwin George
Hingst, Leslie Christian
Hitchin, William Thomas
Hobbs, Arthur John
Hogarth, Joseph
Howlett, James Reuben
Ivett, William John
Johnson, John Stobart
Johnston, Andrew David
Jones, Oscar Harold
Keegan, Roderick James
Kelly, George Amber
Kelly, John Patrick
Kelly, Walter
Kempf, Thomas Vivian
Kennedy, Percy
Knell, Edgar Norman
Knox, Leopold Upton (Leslie)
Koop, Frederick William
Lakie, Douglas Vowles
Lange, Leo Julius Edward
Leitch, William Douglas
Lingley, William Lauderdale
Little, John Henry
Luby, Reginald
Lucas, Percival Cecil
Luff, Charles John
Manns, Thomas Henry
Marshall, Frederick, John William
McCalla, John Thomas
McCarthy, James Desmond
McCullough, Reginald Joseph
McDonald, James
Macdonald, Norman
Mackay, Hugh Grant
Menzie, Frederick Bertram
Mickels, James Henry
Moffatt, Mervyn Francs
Moore, Horace William George
Moore, Joseph Tregellis
Naylor, John
Noble, George Franklin
Osborne, William Lyle
Power, Leo Joseph
Regan, Thomas
Richards, Albert Stanley
Riley, William Michael
Robinson, Raymond
Rowlands, Cecil Rupert
Rugg, Frederick
Scott, George Alexander
Seton, Miles Charles Cariston
Sharp, Oswald Graham, MSM
Shirlaw, Hugh William
Smith, Bert
Smith, Clement Showers
Stevens, Charles Edward
Sutherland, William John
Taylor, Arthur John
Teakel, Clarence
Thornton, Mervyn Willoughby
Touchell, Thomas Daniel
Tuck, William
Wake, Robert Sidney
Walton, Charles
Waring, Frederick Charles Macleod
West, Charles Herbert
Wilkinson, William