Australian Soldiers’ Pocket Book 9th edition – DATA CD – $19.50
The ‘Australian Soldier’s Pocket Book’ was published in 1943 during the Second World War. This small pocket-sized book could be carried everywhere and provided Australian soldiers with a wide range of useful information about the requirements of war service and many other important details.

New South Wales Telephone Directory 1946: Section 7, North and North-Western Districts – DATA CD – $14.50
This particular volume of the New South Wales Telephone Directory covers the North and North-Western districts in New South Wales, which includes over 250 exchanges, including: Armidale, Beaufort, Boggabilla, Collarenebri, Dundee, Emerald Hill, Glen Innes, Goondiwindi (Qld), Gunnedah, Hanging Rock, Inverell, Jeogla, Kerringle, Lightning Ridge, Merrywinebone, Moree, Narrabri, Orita, Pilliga, Quirindi, Rob Roy, Sapphire, Tamworth, Tenterfield, Texas (Qld), Uralla, Warialda, Wee Waa and Yooroonah.

Queensland Government Gazette 1876 – DATA CD – $47.50
The Government Gazettes were weekly newspapers (although there were extra issues produced as well), and this CD contains all issues that were released for the year 1876. Full of fascinating information, both historical and genealogical, you will find information such as government notices, public works notices, land sales, tenders notices, appointees to government positions, appointments of magistrates and Justices of the Peace, crown land leases, deceased estates, dissolution of business partnerships, bankruptcy and insolvency, notices or rewards for lost or stolen property and stock, unclaimed letters, unclaimed property (railways) and so much more.

South Australian Records Prior to 1841 – DATA CD – $19.50
‘South Australian Records Prior to 1841’ contains records, information and a brief history about the individuals who discovered, explored and named parts of South Australia.


Yorkshire Parish Registers: Sheffield 1560-1719 – DATA CD – $35.00
Transcripts of the parish registers for the town of Sheffield, in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Now updated to contain three volumes.

Yorkshire Parish Registers: Huggate 1539-1812 – DATA CD – $25.00
Transcripts of the parish registers for the village of Huggate, in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Covers baptisms, marriages and burials from 1539-1812. Complete with name index and place index. Transcribed by Miss Edith Hobday in 1901.

Old English Customs Extant at the Present Time 1896 – DATA CD – $25.00
Written by P.H. Ditchfield, this title gives an account of local observances, festival customs and ancient ceremonies surviving in Great Britain as at 1896. It provides descriptions of the ancient folk-customs still being performed in villages the length and breadth of England.

Tracing Your Criminal Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians – S. Wade – $39.95
Did you have a criminal in the family, an ancestor who was caught on the wrong side of the law? If you have ever had suspicions about the illicit activities of your relatives, or are fascinated by the history of crime and punishment, this is the book for you.


The Red and White Book of Menzies: The History of Clan Menzies and Its Chiefs
– DATA CD – $34.50
The 19th century sought to provide a complete chronological account of the descent of great Scottish families from earliest times onward. This monumental work is best consulted for the period after the time of Lord Robert, Lord High Chamberlain of Scotland, ca. 1177-1266. It continues in increasing detail through the 62nd Chief, Captain Neil James Menzies, providing for each chief valuable information, both genealogical and historical. Additional material is provided on the tartans, rules for weaving the various Menzies setts, the various arms and armorial bearings of branches of the family, mottoes, war cries, badges, banners, pipers, bards, piobaireachds, and much other information nowhere else available. According to the clan society itself, though, considerable caution should be used when dealing with the earlier materials.

The Irvines of Drum and Collateral Branches – DATA CD – $34.50
“This work is intended to give not only a genealogical list of ‘The Barounes of Drum’ and their descendants, but to sketch, through them, the social and political position of those barons in Scotland who although not Peers, were yet classed as part of the nobility of the land.” So begins Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Forbes Leslie in his estimable history of the Irvines of Drum. He begins with a discussion of the region of Drum itself, and then moves on to the name and arms of Irvine. His extensive genealogical account of the family then begins with Alexander Irvine, who was granted a charter by King Robert Bruce (but about whom little else is known), and continues from William de Irwin of Drum (ca. 1332) in strict chronological fashion down to Alexander Forbes Irvine, the proprietor of Drum at the time the book was originally published. There is as well much supplemental material, including Ane Account of the Family of Drum from 1404, a list of charters and deeds in the archives at Drum, collateral branches of the Irvines, parish ministers bearing the surname of Irvine, and more.

Hamilton Family History from The Scots Peerage – DATA CD – $34.50
Here are presented the genealogical and historical records of all branches of the Hamilton family holding titles of nobility.

History of Stirlingshire – DATA CD – $34.50
This enormous study of Stirlingshire written by William Nimmo, and later corrected by William Macgregor Stirling, provides chapters on most matters of interest to Scots of the day.

Inverurie and the Earldom of the Garioch – DATA CD – $34.50
Inverurie was the name of both a town and a parish in Garioch district, Aberdeenshire, with the town situated at the confluence of the rivers Ury and Don. It therefore is part of the history of the northeast of Scotland.

Edinburgh – DATA CD – $25.00
Published in 1906, this book written by M.G. Williamson and illustrated by Herbert Raiton provides the reader with a historical and topographical account of the city of Edinburgh, and contains over 50 illustrations.


Bumper Sticker: Genealogy, When You Confuse the Dead and Irritate the Living – Sticker – $5.00
Here is a fun one for you. Removable bumper sticker.

Bumper Sticker: Genealogists Never Die, they Just Lose their Census – Sticker – $5.00
After many requests, the publisher has had this classic quote made into a removable bumper sticker.

A4 Library Album – Stationery – $42.50
If you’re after a classy-looking, good quality, hard cover binder to store your photographs or documents, this is for you.

Premier Certificate Binder – Stationery – $137.00
Covered in acid free library buckram and lined with acid free paper, this new box binder enables the storage of certificate in a safe enclosed container which will stack or stand on shelves. It will hold up to 40 pockets safely and securely and will take both our Polypockets and A4 Landscape Pockets. It is a safe archival storage binder for your precious birth, marriage and death certificates.