Geographical Dictionary or Gazetteer of the Australian Colonies 1848
– DATA CD – $29.50
Part dictionary and part gazetteer, this is a magnificent reference work for locating places and geographical features around Australia in the 1840s.

New South Wales Telephone Directory 1939: Sydney – DATA CD – $29.50
This New South Wales Telephone Directory includes the city and surrounding suburb exchanges of Sydney including: the City North, the City South, Ashfield, Castle Hill, Liverpool, Manly, Sutherland and many more.

Queensland Government Gazette 1884 – DATA CD – $47.50
Tens of thousands of ordinary people and localities, small and large, are mentioned EVERY YEAR in Government Gazettes. But they offer researchers much more than simply names and places. They will help you reconstruct events and circumstances in the life of individuals and communities.

Tasmania Post Office Directory 1918 (Wise) – DATA CD – $29.50
This directory covers both Hobart and Launceston, as well as naming the trades and residents in over 450 towns and districts throughout Tasmania.

Torrens Valley Historical Journal No. 71 (June 2009)
– Torrens Valley Historial Society – $8.00
The volume continues on with references from ‘The Observer’ newspaper, which was a weekly paper that came out on Saturdays. All references which relate to the area of interest (Torrens Valley region) are noted, with the exception of the District Council reports and Parliamentary Debates.

The Colony: A History of Early Sydney – G. Karskens – $59.95
‘The Colony’ is the story of the marvellously contrary, endlessly energetic early years of Sydney. It is an intimate account of the transformation of a campsite in a beautiful cove to the town that later became Australia’s largest and best-known city.

On the Home Front: Melbourne in Wartime 1939-1945 – K. Darian-Smith – $32.95
What really happened on the Australian home front during the Second World War?
Kate Darian-Smith’s classic and evocative study of Melbourne in wartime draws upon the memories of men and women who lived through those turbulent years when society grappled with the tensions between a restrictive government and new opportunities for social freedoms.


Highways and Byways in the Lake District – DATA CD – $24.00
The Highways and Byways in the Lake District contains just over 320 printed pages, including a map of the Lakes marking the route taken by the author, Arthur Granville Bradley and more than 100 pen and ink illustrations by Joseph Pennell, providing as with all of the Highways and Byways series a wonderful mix of topography, local history and folklore, which perhaps more than ever allows the reader to rediscover parts of Britain that have long disappeared under a morass of concrete, which is perhaps fortunately less the case with the Lake District than other areas of Britain.

Acta Regia – DATA CD – $35.00
This is an account of the Acts, Treaties, Letters and Instruments between English Monarchs and foreign powers, as well as details of many Public Acts relating to various domestic matters. Covering hundreds of years – from the beginning of the reign of Henry I to the 10th year of the reign of Charles I, the book also contains biographical details of each monarch

Over 800 pages of information – a real treasure trove of English history. Includes a comprehensive index. An essential reference book for every historian.

The Brave Men of Eyam, Derbyshire – DATA CD – $25.00
A tale of the plague year, including three letters written by William Mompession. With over 260 pages this is fascinating reading for those with an interest in this Derbyshire town.

Reminiscences of Dollar, &c. – DATA CD – $20.00
Or … ‘Reminiscences of Dollar, Tillicourty, and other districts adjoining the Ochils, with notes on Progress, Scientific Discovery, and Invention of New Spinning Machinery, during the last Hundred Years’ to give it its full title. This is an interesting local history book about the Scottish village of Dollar in Clackmannanshire (home of the famous school Dollar Academy) and its surroundings. Written by William Gibson, and originally published in 1883.


Bibliography of the Gordons – DATA CD – $34.50
Written by John Malcolm Bulloch, and published 1924, he explains that the Gordons were and are a family with many cadet lines and an enormous number of family members scattered throughout Scotland. Therefore, compiling a bibliography of the books written by or about them is a daunting task indeed.

Two Scottish Soldiers and a Jacobite Laird and His Forbears – DATA CD – $34.50
Originally published 1898, this 191 page work contains three separate articles or chapters loosely tied to three distinct military experiences or careers. The first is an account of Bridagier Ferguson, a Protestant who was a member of the Scots Brigade assembled in the Netherlands for the ill-fated invasion of England and Scotland in 1685. He served with Monmouth then, and with Prince William in 1688. He was at Killiecrankie, but later joined the Cameronians and served with Marlborough in his campaigns in the early 18th century.

The House of Gordon – DATA CD – $34.50
Published in three volumes, from 1903-1912, this massive study of the Gordons in Scotland is a testimony to the importance of this great noble family which for centuries played such a major role in the national life and politics of Scotland.

A Brown Family Sourcebook – DATA CD – $34.50
“A Brown Family Sourcebook” is a collection of articles relating to the Brown Family compiled together on a CD-ROM.


3L Keepsake Envelopes (pack of 10) – Stationery – $5.50
These clear, self-adhesive and archival safe Keepsake Envelopes allow you to preserve special souvenirs and keepsakes on your layout without damaging the rest of the project.

Certificate Tabbed Dividers (set of 5) – Stationery – $14.95
Set of 5 tabbed dividers to enable separation of pockets in the certificate binder into your own grouping (i.e.: family groups, births, deaths, marriages etc.). Made from cream acid free card. Can also be used in the certificate binders.

Seven Gypsies Memorabilia Envelope Album – Stationery – $15.50
A perfect album for your small heirlooms. This 7 Gypsies string-tie album contains 10 envelopes in a spiral binder (measuring approx 5″ x 7″). The heavy weight cover is a perfect protection for the envelopes inside. You can embellish the outside of the envelopes with photos and stickers while storing memorabilia inside, or just write a note about what the item inside is, and where it came from.