Title: Sewerage Records: An Untapped Magnificent Resource
Author: Susie Zada
ISBN: 9780980776065
Year: 2010
Other Data: colour photos
Item Code: UTP0141
Printed Book: paperback, 36 pages, $14.00, more information
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Sewerage is not something we instantly associate with our ancestors, nor is it a resource that many people have high on their list for checking. By the time you have reached the end of this book, your view on sewerage and its value to our family and local history research should have changed.

One of the major benefits of sewerage records is that they do not discriminate between large mansions and small mining cottages, grand theatres and factories, exclusive private schools and smaller local public schools. Where a public sewerage system has been installed it is all encompassing – our ancestors are on a level playing field.

The information and tips provided relate to sewerage records in Australia and New Zealand, however you can apply the same approach to countries around the world – where a sewerage system has been installed, there will be records.

Why Sewerage Records?
Before You Start
What you Might Find Using Traditional Records
Where Are They?
The Major Cities [Australia & New Zealand]
What Your Might Find
Case Study
– Municipal Directory
– History of Sewerage Authority
– Key Plan
– Base Plan or Detail Plan
– Field Book
– Individual Plan of Drainage
– The Current House
Compiling a List of Sewerage Records
Making Your local Records Accessible